March 26, 2014


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I live in a “guy” household. My one daughter is nearly grown and rarely home anymore, so gone are the days of fairy tale princess’ and dress up with dolls and Barbie. I kind of miss those days. Now, it’s all super heroes, dirt, mud, loud and lots of discussions about bodily functions. Boys. I adore them and wouldn’t have it any other way. Yeah, they make a huge mess and are full of energy, but I adore it all.


I want my boys to grow up to be men. Not just any kind of man, but men of worth, notability, charity, integrity and chivalry. I want them to know what it truly means to be a man. That will always start, for me, with the heart. Above anything I can teach any of my children, I want to teach them the essentials of good character. For all the other things, the education of the mind will always fall subject to the education of their hearts. How do you teach young boys to care about the contents of their heart?


I think children learn best by example of course, but I also believe that it has to be presented in a way that they can relate to and adapt into their thinking and their life. I must impact their heart and mind if I want to make a lasting impression on their character.


My boys love all the super hero comics that have now been made into movies. They love the Avengers. Right now they are counting down to the release of the next Captain America movie as my eldest boy wants to see it for his birthday coming up next month. It’s so fun to sit and talk about the adventures of the Avengers with them! All the talk reminds me of when the first Captain America movie came out. I enjoyed the film just as they (movies are so much more fun to watch with children, don’t you think), but after I recognized and took advantage of the incredible opportunity I had to present to them the importance of being great for God and how the heart is what counts most.


If you didn’t see the movie…the main character is a man of no special appearance or physical ability. In fact, he had many health problems and limitations. He was considered weak by the military standards and was rejected over and over. He was picked on a lot and beat up even more. But he had courage. He was brave. He was hungry with desire to serve. He never quit or gave up on the idea of serving his country. He goes on to be discovered by a scientist to transforms him physically through scientific experimentation to become super human. All questioned the scientists selection, but he refuted over and over that he knew what he was doing. As the movie goes on we learn that it was the main characters heart that drew the scientist to him, not his exterior ability. The scientist knew that once blessed with strength, size, speed, fame and notoriety the man was in danger of changing. The worth of his true self, his heart, is what was going to make the difference between whether he would be a man who did super things for others or a man who only did super things for himself.


I was able to use this analogy to teach my boys that they can do anything they set their heart to. That God had wired each of them with destiny and purpose, but in order to most fully walk in destiny and the power of the Holy Spirit they would need to stay true to the purity of their heart. My boys were like little sponges and they soaked it all in and asked me very good questions about being super for Jesus. I loved every moment and went to bed that evening with my heart full of gratitude to my King for my tiny treasures.

“And there he goes, a Hero, a Savior to the world

Here he stands with scars in His hands

With love he gave his life so we could be free

The Savior of the world…

                                    …The Savior of the world.”



You too can be a Mighty Super Hero for God. He has equipped you. Wired you. Prepared you. Groomed you for your destiny. We can all be God’s Super Heroes. Keep in mind, not the kind of super hero that is a man or woman who is a “super star”. Quite the contrary, men and women whose greatest bragging right is their connection and redemption by a God who is pretty super. I love it. Stuff like this is what makes my heart sing.


You are PACKED with extraordinary potential that is essential to the building to the kingdom of God. Our children need to know how powerful they really are. So many search out witchcraft looking for power and control in their lives…but this power leaves them empty and without peace. God’s freeing power and ability leaves us powerful and this power is laced with Grace and Liberty and above all else Peace that frees us to be who we are created to be.


Believe all of this for yourself, then pass it on to your children (if you have them). The power to over come is available to everyone.



March 3, 2014

Seven Mindsets of a Champion

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It’s a fantastic Monday! A great day to focus in on what matter in life and taking the action steps necessary to possess the mindset of a Champion! What are some attributes of a Champion?

The Mindset of a Champion:

1. Champions have goals.

A Champion sets clear and definable goals, puts them to paper with dates and breaks them down into smaller goals always leading to the ultimate goal.

2. Champions know where they are going.

A Champion has a purpose. You were placed on this earth with a purpose that reside in the depths of your heart. Only you can determine your purpose, I’d like to think with God’s help, you will find it and the doors will open for you to fulfill that purpose. When you are moving in and toward your purpose you feel a sense of satisfaction and contentment. You are gifted to work within that purpose. Though you can grow and cultivate other abilities, you are born to glide within certain areas of concentration.

3. Champions know their value.

A Champion is secure in who they are and they know that they have value. There is no one else like you and there isn’t another human being who can do exactly what you can do. Find your purpose and thrive in it, because the rest of us need your skills! Life is too short to marinate in a bath of insecurity.

4. Champions understand the power of team.

A Champion knows to surround themselves with people who add value to their life and will encourage them toward their goals. Avoid those with a voice of negativity! Dream stealers do just that!

5. Champions take responsibility for their actions.

A Champion will not require or ask anything of others they wouldn’t be willing to do themselves. They are quick to give away recognition and understand that if they are the leader, “the buck stops here”. When they make a mistake they own it, correct it and move forward.

6. Champions understand the power of relationship.

Champions understand the importance of not only communicating with their team, but how to take interest and invest in the individuals on their team. They value others and let them know their worth. Relationship is a key component to the strength of any team. Trust and respect will take any team far.

7. Champions are willing to leave their comfort zone and operate in the faith zone.

Sometimes you have to give up a little now to go up and forward. Champions are risk takers, they are willing to get uncomfortable now to achieve the desired result. In order for things to change, you have to change, otherwise nothing ever changes! Imagine yourself five years down the road. If everything remains the same, what do you see and do you like it?

YOU are a Champion! I believe in you without a doubt! Whatever you desire to achieve, hope for or imagine could be, I would like to help you through encouragement. The rest is up to you…it’s time to quit with the Chumpions and get with the Champions! Stay away from the whiners and go with the winners! You’ve got what it takes, now get to work!