July 18, 2014

Knock On Wood

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“For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.” Jeremiah 29:11

When we first moved in our home I was looking at a catalog with a picture of a family room. I was browsing for design ideas for a custom fireplace mantle. At the time I wasn’t planning to buy, just getting an idea of what I wanted. We have a friend my husband used to coach who now does beautiful wood work and I planned to hire him to replicate my idea. As I flipped the magazine pages my eldest son, who had to be 8 or 9 at the time, was looking with me. The homes in the magazine were very beautiful but not extravagant by any means. He pauses for a moment then asks me, “Do you think we will ever have a nice house like that?” I asked him, “What made the house in the photo nicer than ours?” He said, “Because it has carpet.” An internal grin quickly erupted across my face. My whole life I lived in a house with wall to wall carpet and always thought hard wood floors were amazing and breathtaking. That’s what I wanted. I finally had it. Our entire house has hard wood minus the bathrooms and laundry room. The only stitches of carpet to be found are on area rugs I have accented with.

I immediately placed my thoughts into the mold of his mind. Why is carpet better? Of course! Where do children spend a lot of time? On the floor! Wood is hard. Carpet is not. Floor rugs don’t have the plush padding below, making it even more cozy for little bodies.

Life is all about perspective.

Our own body is like a house. It holds and protects our mind, spirit, soul. We each are so unique and unbelievably talented. Many times we are so used to what our house has we think or dream about changing it. I pray you don’t. The only changing you need is to become all God has designed you for…to be the best custom original maximizing every ounce of your potential. See, we’ve all done it…we get side tracked and focused on the spots on our rug versus holding fast to the One who is working the spots off of our heart. Be your own kind of beautiful. It provides great comfort for those you influence most.

I think that’s pretty incredible.



July 16, 2014

Keep Moving forward

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Words are like a permanent marker…they don’t erase very easily and sometimes not at all. I had a difficult 24 hours and what happened in that time was a powerful example of the power of our words.

Less than 24 hours ago I visited with a friend who just returned from an amazing mission trip reaching people with the gospel of Christ on the Mediterranean Coast. She shared also of a powerful step of faith that reached many souls right here at home. She then proceeded to tell me it was all because of me she was where she was with God. She told me how God has used me to teach her, encourage her, inspire her. She then told me that she believed that I could do anything…I could do ANYTHING!

Within the last 24 hours I had another person belittle my idea as I shared a vision or a desire.

Within the last 24 hours I had another tell me my flaws and that I wouldn’t succeed unless God blessed me despite me or I changed.

After the first experience, I went home and began to tackle two very overwhelming projects I had been delaying. After the second experience I found no productivity only hurt feelings and regret that I had share my heart. After the third I cried.

God always accepts us as we are, but each of us is a tremendous work in progress. It’s how we approach inspiration to grow and become more that makes the difference. Be a Differnece Maker by means of encouragement. Lead by example. Shine from within. Love all as though they were your closest friend. If not for yourself, for Jesus. Oh how He loves us all and believes we can achieve the Exteaordinary.

Believe God.
Take Hope.
Own Courage.
You can do the Impossible…you can do anything!


July 5, 2014

Sigh or Sing?

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“My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness.” 2 Corinthians 12:9

Are you sighing or singing? If you believe the Bible is the spoken word of God and you believe that Jesus is Lord who came bringing Victory, then you have everything you need to be, do, see, become Amazing. So why do you sigh your whole day through? Why do you lament your discomforts, displeasures, and dissatisfactions? Place your focus where it belongs. It is possible to daily pursue a deeper level of who you are meant to be by earnestly trying! Yeah it’s hard! Yeah people will mock you and tell you it can’t be done! Yeah people will misunderstand and all the responsibilities of life will present their challenges…BUT….
We serve a God of Glory who wants to see His Beloved Church spread her wings and fly. Soar! Just because it isn’t status quo, it’s out of your comfort zone, or nobody has ever done it before…that may be all the more reason why God wants you to do it!
It will be amazing.

I have had several people just this week share things they want to try or do but their own reasoning/evaluations or the criticism of others has them wondering. In each case I encouraged them to try. Don’t let someone else’s lid keep you under. If two or more gather in His name we shall receive what we ask for in prayer. Doesn’t the Holy Spirit count? Everyone was against Moses, but God was with him. Joseph was alone in a pit and forgotten in prison, but God was with him. John the Baptist roamed about looking odd to everyone, but the Promise of the Messiah lived in him.

Whatever is in your heart to do, do it. Of course it will be hard, but overcoming the difficult is part of the reward.

After all, a praise party will attract more people than a pity party any day of the week. Stop sighing and start singing!


July 4, 2014


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We serve a God of No Limits.


Are you blazing new trails or are you following the road of mediocrity? To blaze a new trail is to dare to thrive and be alive with adventure, passion and purpose. To dare to step out into the unknown and explore new territory requires a stoic faith, determination and belief that stirs up from somewhere down deep.


But what if the cost is too high?


That, is part of the thrill and risk, because what if the cost isn’t too high? What if you dare to believe and step out…go…do…achieve and you find yourself successful? What if your success launches an avalanche of success for others as well? It were as though your destiny were crying out to others, go this way, too, and you will be even more successful than I!


Once a new path is paved, then it is made for others to journey on as well, only a little easier and little faster will they progress. With this the volume of those who begin to believe to dare to try increases.


What began with your tiny seed of belief grows from ONE to many. What began with your small inclination of Hope grows from ONE to DUPLICATION. What began with a Spark of Enthusiasm and Positive Belief grows from ONE to build MOMENTUM for yourself and those who choose to put their belief in you and walk as you have walked, tread as you have tread, done as you have done. And so, it has begun…all out massive action breads success for a collective multitude of those who decided to do so much more than just look on…but decided to blaze a new trail where no one else has ever gone. Because you had others who decided to join along, you become unified in heart, mind and spirit. You walk, think, breath a unified message of Hope, Health, Healing, Prosperity, Purpose-giving the hopeless, the unhealthy, the poor in pocket and the poor in spirit a reason to believe again. Together, you find a place of SUSTAINED MOMENTUM. You are in the zone and nothing is going to stop you now.


You see my friend, it is like this, it only takes a spark to kindle a fire. If the fire, like in a fire pit, is a blaze of burning coal and there are many coals all huddled in tight, then the light and heat of the blaze can truly ignite and increase. However, if a piece of coal or wood rolls away or is separated from the collective fire, their fire begins to fizzle and heat is lost. Unity is strongest when we are a collective front, all burning together as ONE flame, to create a fire so hot it sets everything around ablaze.


God is an All Consuming Fire.


God created us to be loved, to receive His love, then to spill it all around like a blazing fire that can warm even the hardest hearts or most broken of souls. It possesses the power to heal the dying, mend the wounded, restore streets that have formerly had no dwellings. Only God…with Him alone is such a unity possible. Only with Him do we receive the courage to press on and explore uncharted territory.


I live in a city that was founded by the grandson of one of the Signers of the Declaration of Independence. This glorious morning I sit and write is the 4th day of July…a celebration day of our Independence as a Nation. Just think, all those years ago there were a group of men and women who banded their hearts in ONE accord and adopted a mindset called “decided”. They decided they wanted more. They had already come so far to explore new territory and create a new world, a new life, creating a dynamic legacy to come. They decided that wasn’t enough…their desire was to inherit their full blessing and experience total and complete liberty. Freedom.


What do you aspire for today? What is it in your heart that burns with the kind of passion that can’t be controlled? Has God perhaps set you on a course of uncharted waters that will require extra courage, faith, hope and a kind of love to equip your heart to get it done? It could be anything, better health, debt freedom, healthy relationships, greater assets, better opportunities for your children than you had for yourself. What is it? Perhaps it drifts through the clutches of your mind right now.


Don’t let it go.


It may only be a spark right now…Don’t be afraid to stoke it. Trust God to contain it as He will guide and direct it, but let it grow.


“When you set yourself on fire, people love to come and see you burn.” ~John Wesley


I hope a morsel of what I have said will encourage your faith, belief, hope and courage to pursue the God given desires laid up inside of you. After all, what is the alternative but to do nothing. With nothing, nothing wrong can happen and disappointment may be avoided (but not guaranteed). In fact, many of the things you fear happening won’t ever happen at all. It’s an effective method of prevention the Enemy of your soul has been using for years. When nothing is multiplied with nothing, all you get is more of the same.


I once had the opportunity to hear an Olympic gold medalist in men’s downhill skiing share his story of risk down a steep mountain (so steep you couldn’t see anything beyond the tip of the ski) to achieve Olympic history and his life long dream. Many men broke legs on that hillside, Olympic dream shattered. Other men did not proceed down the hill at all, they turned about and tapped out, pulling back from all they had dreamed, dared and prepared for. One such man who failed to try recapped his story to the gold medalist and said this (paraphrased), “I wish I’d stuck it out and tried down that hill. The men who broke bones, their bones healed, but regret never heals.”


No regrets. No limits. Live your life Extraordinary as God ordained you to do. With enough reason and purpose, truly nothing can hold you back but you.


“But my righteous one will live by faith, and if he shrinks back, my soul has no pleasure in him.” Hebrews 10:38


This is not easy to do, I know, but the reward is truly limitless. God is ever before you to encourage and inspire you to take just one step more, then again, and again.

You are a pioneer.

Stake your claim and raise your flag.

The Banner over you is Love.