January 31, 2015

Heavenly Rays

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“Now I commit you to God and the word of His Grace, which can build you up and give you an inheritance among all those who are sanctified.” Acts 20:32

The weather here has been grey and foggy much of the month, but the sun has peeked out with glory this week! At one point I found myself praying for people who live in the PNW more. I don’t know how they go so long without the sun! There is something magnificent about the sun’s rays…they heal. A wounded eagle will perch himself on the highest rock he can find and bake himself in the sun to cure what ails him. Oh, how we can learn from the eagle! The Rays of God warm the heart, heal our wounds and cure our disease. But we must bask ourselves in the Radiance of His Glory. This will require getting closer to Him. Climbing higher to meet him. Not climbing like Corporate America, but by taking the “high road” leaving our comfort zone and ordinary behind. Get uncomfortable, stretch your limits and climb! There are Heavenly Rays waiting for you! ~Nicole

January 15, 2015

Is God Thankful?

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Has it ever occurred to you that God is thankful? It’s kind of hard to wrap my head around that. But if He desires us to be full of thanksgiving then we must be filled with gratitude. The deeper we go in gratitude the more we become a reflection of Him. If we are reflecting Him, then thankfulness must be in Him. It is an attribute of His heart. With this, my mind naturally begins to think or realize something astounding and powerful…

God is thankful for you.
God is thankful for me…

I already understand His Love to a certain measure. But how can this be? He is God! Lofty, High and Lifted Up! Creator of all the heavens and the earth. But as it settles in my heart somewhere down deep I know it is His heart communicating this Truth to me. He is happy he made you. Let it sink in… In fact, I am quite certain that your heart makes His heart sing.

“Come, take my yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart and you will find rest for your souls. For My yoke is easy and My burden light.”
Matthew 11:29-30

The Lord treasures your heart and is thankful for you. Don’t forget it. ~Nicole

January 14, 2015

That’s My God!

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“I listen carefully to what God the Lord is saying, for He speaks peace in His faithful people.” Psalm 85:8

His wisdom has no measure, His greatness is Infinite. No mind can grasp Him, yet every heart can hold Him.
That’s my God!
He is above all. He is the Bridge for every gap or lack. He is the all time greatest Vision Caster and Dreamer. He is awesome beyond measure.
That’s my God!
He knows all, can do all, Repairer of Broken Walls and Restorer of streets without dwelling. He can take the shaken, forsaken, the broken and He can make them Unbreakable! He looks at the devil and laughs.
That’s my God!
So why do we look to man made means of fixing things when He is a Divine Protector, Legislator, Personal Rights Investor?
That’s my God!
He gives strength to the weak and power to the powerless.
That’s my God!

Put that in your pocket today! ~Nicole

January 6, 2015

Natural Shine

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“Be imitators of God…” Ephesians 5:1-2

I walked into a dark room in my home the other night that had low lighting from a bunch of led light candles. When I walked in I was carrying a small, votive candle that was already lit and I sat it on the counter. I immediately noticed something that shouldn’t have surprised me, but did. The one tiny flame of the candle outshines the light of the many led lights in the room. Why? Because natural light shines brighter than synthetic light. I was surprised because it was so small a candle and I have 14 led light candles in this particular room, but it was still brighter! That’s how it is with you. God designed you and put you here for a purpose. You could never be like anyone else. You’re too big for that…you’d break the mold and the amazing would unfold. God’s Prized Possession! Let that natural light burn bright by just being yourself! ~Nicole

January 1, 2015

New Year Blessing

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Be blessed, One and All.
Be blessed, in the big and the small.

Pray believing what you pray.
Because miracles happen every day.

Believe that every day could be like New Year’s Day…full of Hope & Belief.

Have a Happy, Healthy, Safe and Joy-filled Holiday. Happy New Year.

With Love, Nicole