July 31, 2015

the Power Of ONE

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“Be loving and tender to all.”
-John Wesley
(Ephesians 5:1-2)

John Wesley was the founder of the Methodist denomination. He had a brother named Charles who grew up to write countless hymns and poems. Both were the son of Susanna Wesley. Susanna’s husband was away on business much so she began teaching her children of the Bible in her own home on Sunday evenings. What she intended to be instruction in Godly living for her children, grew to become an in home Bible study to more than 200 people! Just think how God used this Mom to make a difference in her own family that exploded into something amazing for many in a day and age when women did not enjoy the same equality we have today. You never know how God intends to shape and mold your children or how He intends to use your parenting/instruction to reach the hearts of countless others. Be open to the lead of God. He has a plan in place and in the serving position he sees your face!


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    Power of One
    The Spirit lay this piece I wrote several years ago on my heart this morning as I reflect with joy on a phone conversation I had with my oldest child last night. For a parent, for me, there is no greater joy than to not only see my children honoring the Lord, but to see them in tune with their spiritual gifts and how to use what God has given them coupled with their physical gifts, talents and abilities. Years ago, almost two decades ago now…the Lord petitioned my heart and asked Something very grand on my life and my willingness to sacrifice for the King of Kings. He called me to a different kind of surrender. I agreed, with much fear and trembling, I knew the magnitude of what would be asked of me, but I craved nothing more than deeper intimacy with my King. For several years after that decision the Spirit would move on my heart in the middle of the night and I’d get up to worship and listen to him. He spent years laying a foundation in me like nothing I’d ever been taught or seen and it was all things amazing. He cleaned out my spiritual house and spoke Love, acceptance and promises to my soul. But there was one thing He’d always repeat and I treasured more than anything else He promised and that was what He would do through my children. As a result of my obedience we have trsvsiled through some very difficult circumstances, but as my kids are near grown I look at who they are and how they think and what they see–both with the natural eye and the eyes of Spirit–I see God’s promise come to pass. I realize some of the hardest things we endured were pivotal in shaping my children into stoic warriors for Christ who rely just as much on the eyes of their spirit as they do their physical eyes. I am so touched, so moved, so proud. Trust God with your children. Think of them with every act of obedience that may bring you challenge, difficulty or sacrifice. It will be worth it when you see the fruit cultivated in their life. Our legacy is our one true mark on humanity. Be blessed today..you and your children both. ~Nicole

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