August 26, 2015

Under Pressure

Posted in Uncategorized at 6:37 am by Broken & Brave

My Grandmother used to have this stainless steel pressure cooker that’s she only used for making pot roast. It was delicious! My Mom did the same. So when I was a girl, I could always tell pot roast night by the sound of the little steam valve on the top that would release the steam from the pot and would make a little whistle noise. If you’ve never had pot roast from a pressure cooker you’ve missed out. Not even a crock pot can compare in the moistness, tenderness and flavor the meat yields from this contraption.

Sometimes life is full of pressure. It builds all around us or maybe it comes from within us. You can try to stuff it down or push it out, but the steam will release somehow just like that pressure cooker. The key is doing it appropriately. This is so much harder than we think, right?

When life feels like a pressure cooker and you see no relief in sight, you can lift your eyes to the sky, praise the one who is in control of all things and you can remind yourself of all the strength, character and virtue God is further developing in you. The greater the pressures you will know the greater your outcome He intends to yield…just like that pot roast, you will bring a brilliant flavor, tenderness and moisture to the table of every day life and everyone you greet.

Gods got you and He is merely making you stronger. Hold on a little bit longer. He’s got you! I know you’ve got what it takes with all that’s a stake to rise higher than you ever have before.

Expect the great while you wait! ~Nicole


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  1. Nicole, Thank you… This is just what I needed today! God works through your words.


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