September 6, 2015


Posted in Uncategorized at 6:40 am by Broken & Brave

“When God breaks through in power, we must follow through in process, in transition.” -Graham Cooke

When God brings revelation to our heart and speaks a promise from heaven within us…He must first begin with a revolution in us. Once the revelation is made and we step fully forward by faith into the new dimension required for the promise to come to pass, then and only then can the Promise be made manifest through us and for us.

Sometimes the pressing forward is difficult. We cling a little to the old for fear of being without it because we’ve been there so long and it’s comfortable. But when God calls your heart and says I am doing a new thing in you and for you because I want to use you…it is imperative to release and move forward. Whatever it is God is calling you to, have courage and know He moves before you making a way where you haven’t been or cannot see. He’s got your best and promises to bless. You can trust Him 100 percent. Keep moving forward. Release. Receive. He’s a good, good God and He wants to give you good things. ~Nicole


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