November 23, 2015

Forward Thinkers Pioneer

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Forward Thinkers are Pioneers who go before and usually carve a path for others to follow along.

God goes before you. He blazes a trail. He clears the path. He is a Mighty mountain mover. He makes ways where there are no ways. He makes highways in the wasteland. He brings beauty from ashes. He has enough love to fill the heart of the masses, yet is ever powerful to overcome your circumstances. Join Him on the road less travelled. Going first requires sacrifice, but take my advice, the view is nice.

Is there something in your life God has designed for you to carve the path for others? How can you reach out to people today and make their day go smoother? Sometimes, all it takes is looking outside of your own life, your own needs, your own perspective and you begin to see that you are planted in something much bigger than yourself. It is the place where Legacy dwells. Embrace it! Eternity is far too big or grand to waste your Inheritance on temporary gain or comfort. Take a chance and believe for greater to unfold in your life. It just might be what others around you need! ~Nicole

“Go through, go through the gates! Prepare the way for the people; Build up, build up the highway! Take out the stones, Lift up a banner for the people’s!”

Isaiah 62:10

November 22, 2015

Forward Thinking

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A Forward Thinker does things differently. They take a chance and move ahead whether or not it is popular or common. Forward Thinkers are Pioneers who go before and usually carve a path for others to follow along. Forward Thinkers are progressive in nature. It would be outside themselves to be anything different. Forward Thinkers are people of Vision. They see with their minds eye, their heart and soul long before anything is ever seen in the natural. Forward Thinkers know how to sacrifice. They understand that sometimes they have to give up a little bit now to have a lot more later.

Jesus Christ was the greatest Forward Thinker humanity has ever known. He saw a need in the human condition so He placed himself with honor into a seat of submission, leaving His Throne of Grace to take on a human face in an effort to save the human race. He took the chance that you would believe in His Name. He knew he’d walk the earth without accolades or fame, but He didn’t come for that. So He endured lovingly the sting of Calvary. He did this for you. He did this for me. He gave Himself up so you could go up. He died so you could live.
Embrace His gift and watch yourself reign Victoriously with Him. The Author and Perfecter of our Faith. Be touched by Heavens Kiss.
Be blessed and rest in Him.

“Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.”

John 15:13

November 14, 2015

Unshakable Faith

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Unshakable Faith

“For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.” Ephesians 2:10

The Bible says we were “knit” into our Mother’s womb (Psalm 119).
It says God knows the number of hairs on our head (Luke 12).
He saw us in the secret place (Matthew 6). He knows everything about us (Psalm 147).
In all humanity no two thumbprints are alike, yet all of mankind is created in God’s image(Gen. 1).
I dare say it is near impossible for our finite thinking to wrap our heads around an infinite God. He works in mysterious ways and continues to blow us away with Goodness for Mercies sake.

Even when life doesn’t make sense you cannot let your faith shake. When life looks one way, hang onto Gods Word which says the opposite.

I know I have green eyes. The kind of green that has high levels of yellow. When I wear certain colors the the green seems to intensify. But they are still green. It is a fact.

I write with my right hand, but I am not right handed. I am highly ambidextrous, but most things are more comfortable with my left hand. Most likely I was taught to be different than I am as a child, but the fact that I am left dominate emerges. It is a fact.

If you love the Lord your God with your whole heart and believe in His Word and you see evidence of His redemption in your life your faith backs your belief, you cannot waiver with doubt. Jesus is the Son of God, He is in control and His Word is infallible. It is a fact.

Cling to faith. Cling to Hope. If He can uniquely create all of humanity, there is nothing to surprise Him, catch Him off guard or throw Him off course. He’s got you! ~Nicole


November 5, 2015

Stand Tall

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I was attempting to rest before the Lord and just “be” when I opened up my Bible and it fell right to the story of David and Goliath. I had just been praying and seeking God’s face for a specific area my husband and I have been praying. So, it occurred to me to read this passage and pray it through when the Power of this passage hit me in a way I had never seen before. I immediately reached for my pen and began to transcribe my heart.

After, I lay for a quick physical rest and fell fast to sleep. I was then immediately awakened and clearly heard the Spirit of God speak to me, “I’ve given you a pen USE IT!” So- here is what my heart said…

“Then Jesse said to his son, David, ‘Take now for your brothers an ephah of this dried grain and these ten loaves, and run to your brothers at the camp. And carry these ten cheeses to the captain of their thousand, and see how your brothers fare, and bring back news of them.'” 1 Samuel 17:17-18

Sometimes our Heavenly Father sends us into a situation that turns out to be an opposing giant in our life. We can be tempted to think, “if I hadn’t obeyed my Father I wouldn’t be in this situation.” But because we love our Father, as David did so his, we obey, just as David.

Your giant could be difficulties at work, or maybe a health scare, maybe your household is turned upside down or your finances in disarray. Your giant could even be something opposing your faith. But God, Abba Father, knew what He was doing when He picked you. He knew it was you He wanted to send with provision for the situations of life at hand. Your entire life is a Divine Assignment when your heart is in proper alignment with Heavens Signature Pen. He knew…

Though you may seem small in your situation or the least of your resources…He knew you were really great. He sees what’s inside. He knows He crafted you with superb ingredients. He knows the kind of food you bring to every avenue of this life you lead.

So, He put His Word in your heart and it extols the Lord. When you share your heart others are fed. It doesn’t matter what you do for a living or what your giant is- you’ve been sent to the battle line to face it, overcome it and sustain others from your experience. God has you strategically placed right where you are at for His purpose sake.

Run to the battle line, do not shrink back, and watch your Father pull a sling shot from His pouch, face the Giants of life through you and with one shot knock them out!

All by the power of the Cross. Embrace the journey…
It is meant to be extraordinary!


70 “He chose David his servant
and took him from the sheep pens;
71 from tending the sheep he brought him
to be the shepherd of his people Jacob,
of Israel his inheritance.
72 And David shepherded them with integrity of heart;
with skillful hands he led them.”

Psalm 78:70-72