July 27, 2016

Practice Peace & Patience

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Have you ever had to wait for something? Maybe you had to wait for someone? When I was a girl we went to church on Sunday. My Dad, being a very prompt and punctual fellow, would be ready well before my Mom. As she finished preparing herself for the morning my Father would sit in our living room and play records on the record player of various worship tunes. He would sit at the end of the couch and just softly sing. These are some of my best childhood memories…

Sometimes when we have to wait we become impatient or disinterested in what we were waiting for. We give up. We take a new road. But we can all learn from my Father who chose to wait patiently for the appointed time by singing a song of Worship and lifting his heart to Him.

God knows right where you are today. You may be facing a health crisis, financial crisis, waiting to hear about that job interview or just longing for a change in a dry season of life. Worship you way through. The King of Heaven has got you. ~Nicole

“Blessed are they that wait for him.” Isaiah 30:18

July 24, 2016

Action Steps of Courage

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Your Courage Counts;
Don’t be Overwhelmed

A step forward can be great gain when we use it to give Glory to His Name. You’re steps are Chosen. His Path for you clear. He has seen each one before you ever took one. Think about that. Have confidence in that! You can only bubble over with the Hope and Glory knowing you will have a Banner Year! No matter what you face today-it is building in you a foundation for brighter days…if you will just keep going!

Hope has an anthem and it sings in my heart. What is it that Hope has infused in your heart? Sing it! Use it to make a difference. God put you here to add value to the world. Do not count yourself out. Do not discount your value.

YOU COUNT in countless ways! ~Nicole

“Seek the Lord, and His strength; seek His face evermore.”
Psalm 105:4

July 18, 2016


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Compassion meets people where they are at…

Jonah was a prophet of God. He was a Messenger sent by God to deliver whatever message to the people on behalf of the Lord to edify, encourage and also correct when necessary. Jonah was sent to a land called Nineveh where the people were behaving very wickedly. God sent Jonah because he loved the people of Nineveh and wanted to help them learn to do life a better way for they had no direction. They lacked wisdom in Truth. They simply didn’t know they were doing all the wrong things they were doing. Because Jonah didn’t want to go the Lord sent a large fish to swallow Jonah where he could have some quality alone time with God to get his priorities right.

See, to whom much is given much is required. Never believe that God gives you gifts, status or ability for your own personal glory or gain. He gives what he gives and expects us to steward it for his eternal flame.

Jonah had a choice-follow his flesh and do what he wanted or follow his faith and go as God directed. Jonah went as directed, God showered Grace and Compassion on him, too. He knew what he had to do and he went to Nineveh, delivered the word of correction and the people repented and changed!

What is God asking you to do? Does he keep sending you to a job where you feel unmotivated, under appreciated for all your loyalty and dedication? Do you have a family member who seems to take constant advantage of you? Does the threat of disease or illness linger in your presence like an unwanted guest? Sometimes God sends us to something and allows us to walk through something because it’s the best way to get to the other side of disappointment, despair and concerns and cares. Never forget he goes through with you-

Don’t be afraid.
God is on your side & should the tide arise…

So will you.

No matter how you feel about God. He is crazy about you. He loves you.


“Trust in the Lord forever, for in the Lord Jehovah is everlasting strength.”

Isaiah 26:4

July 13, 2016

“I got it!” -God

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Do not worry about your life. God cares and keeps watch over everything. Nothing surprises him. Nothing too hard or intimidating for him. The world may seem in disarray, but he is still well and able to save your every day!
Be. At. Peace!
He’s got you! ~Nicole


“In love a throne will be established;
in faithfulness a man will sit on it—one from the house of David—
one who in judging seeks justice
and speeds the cause of righteousness.” Isaiah 16:5



July 11, 2016

Know Your Assignment

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“In love a throne will be established;
in faithfulness a man will sit on it—
one from the house[a] of David—
one who in judging seeks justice
and speeds the cause of righteousness.” Isaiah 16:5

God had designs on the life of young David. A shepherd boy in the making by mans definition, but this was only partly true for God has defined and designed his life for greater things. He was called to Shepherd the Land. He was called to be King.

God knew the heart of the boy and the depth of soul in the man. But he wasn’t made king overnight-God had to season his heart and mind to be a deeper reflection of Christ so he could handle the depth and breadth of the mantle-for Kingdom’s sake.

This is how it is with us. When things don’t go right or well,  people tend to grumble and fuss. They begin to wonder where God is-can he be trusted? Has he forgotten? Is he punishing?

But this is not the case at all.

The Lord administers discipline to those he loves because he loves. It is a form of protection. If there is anything I have learned in my life of Faith obedience-living by Faith-it’s the power of God’s TIMING.

He is the cultivator of all things good, pure and fruitful.

He wants to get the most abundant fruit in our heart and lives so he prunes and sculpts us according to the call. The bigger his plans for you the harder the tests will be…and they usually have a bit of longevity in addition to intensity. This is to develop our ability to push through and persevere. He wants his Bride to have a “No Quit Mindset”.

Do not be discouraged. (Deuteronomy 31:8)
Do all things without complaining.(Philippians 2:14)

God takes every trial, test or difficult thing we go through in life and it is like the mortar for the molding. He then sets about to reprogram our thought process.

Experience leaves pathways in the mind and heart and we naturally cling to them as new experiences arise. Our brain is like a big filing system. We assimilate and accommodate. But under the guiding hand of Christ he resets our mind and heart and we begin to think and do more like him. The more we yield to his refinement and drop our guard toward it- the easier it goes. If we are stubborn to it he takes it slow. He won’t force us to live our Divine Destiny. He gives us the choice. The more we trust and obey, the more we receive abundantly. The more we resist, the more blessing is lost. Obedience is imperative to the Victorious life of a Believer!

Trust God. Let him remold the patterns of your mind. He can take the challenges of your childhood, your relationships, your family life, work life or any care in life and use it to help design your life. Under his care, he walks with you there, and is using it to groom you for greater things. He is with you even now.

David continued to trust God through many barren years full of battles and bloodshed. Through it all he did not waiver in his devotion to God, nor renounce his promises. He stuck it out and look at what he received!  God went to work, delivered him and set a crown on his head. He will do the same for you. So polish that crown, hold your head high, keep your heart gentle and greet the world head on with a smile.

You’ve been made for more.


July 2, 2016

Message In A Bottle

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“Repent therefore, and turn again, that your sins may be blotted out,” Acts 3:19

You are The Bride of Christ.

You have been carved from His Tree of Shame & Humility.

I woke at 3am. Wide awake like I’ve enjoyed a full night sleep. Though I did crash from exhaustion early last night, I always know my  Beloved, my Savior, my Treasure is up to something when He wakes me at Night. I love the ministry and mystery of the Holy Spirit…

Now that you know I was reading at 3am you won’t be surprised by how I received the inspiration for this post…

The Lord whispered to my heart the above penned: “You are the Bride of Christ. You have been carved from His Tree of Shame and Humility …”

I began reading many scriptures regarding shame and guilt. Every human deals with regret on some level, some more than others. I was trying to capture the essence of where God was taking my pen when I read Acts 3:19. My 3 AM eyes saw, a bit on the groggy side, saw “…that your sins may be bottled” instead of “blotted”.

I immeidately had a vision in my imagination of pirates or a sea adventure where someone is distress places a note in a glass bottle, hurls it into the sea with hopes that it will be found and their life rescued or spared from tragedy…

I immediately thought of Micah 7:19 which assures us that our sins are tossed into the sea never to be remembered again. I like to call God’s Sea “Forgotten”.

Think about it.

A note written and then encapsulated in a bottle and tossed into the ocean is nearly impossible to retrieve. Only by the miraculous touch of heaven could such a thing be found in a timely manner to rescue the distressed and distraught sender. Only God could do such a thing-which makes the story all the more an adventure and thrilling and you sit on pins and needles as you absorb it. That’s what makes the story exciting. What will happen? How will it happen? When? But surely it happens and the story never disappoints.

What weighs on you? What tugs on your heart and mind? What sensitivities are hidden within? Are there dark areas of your heart waiting for this post to shed some Light there in to rub it clean and set you free in your thinking?

You have many needs in your life, but you have no need to walk about with shame in your life. What is shame anyway? Shame is rehearsed memories of old sins within yourself or against yourself or against others. Shame can make people feel less than or unworthy. Shame shuns and isolates.

Shame is not from God.

Christ came to take your grief so you could live a triumphant and Joy filled life. 

You were once bound with sin. But Christ nailed it by the Power of Love and killed it. Once that happened our shame was bottled and tossed, as though it were lost at sea never to be retrieved again because your Rescuer has no need of it. He will not even look for it. He has already forgotten it. Instead, He is completely fixated and focused on you.

So let go of that old stuff, don’t let it build a filter of how you see and perceive the world around you today. Sure, you’ve had hurts, setbacks and disappointments. But that was yesterday. God is beside you. Allow His Heart to enfold you into His Banner of Love. It drapes over you that He might sing praises for all the gold He sees your heart holds. Unlike that bottle, you are a most prized possession in His Kingdom. Allow Him to compliment your life. ~Nicole