April 21, 2017

My AdvoCare…

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I was 26 years old, married, no kids, when I met AdvoCare. I knew I was planning to start a family soon and at the time was working two part time jobs. I knew I wanted to stay home with my baby once I had one. My husband worked in Division 1 College Athletics and was rarely home due to the demands of his career. I had been praying for financial provision so I could walk away immediately from one job and then later the second. Here comes AdvoCare. I am a fitness enthusiast most of my life and had an educational background in nutrition. I had never seen anything like AdvoCare. Quality of ingredient, safety, sound and solid research. No magic pills or grandiose claims, just good nutrition. I felt fabulous and got results I’d been working hard for, but wasn’t getting in my own efforts. I lost 5% body fat, 4 dress sizes in 90 days, but only lost 6 pounds. I completely shifted my body composition. I ate better. I had more energy. I felt great. So, when I prayed for John to get a raise or promotion so I could quit, God had something else in mind. Each time I prayed I could discern His lead, “AdvoCare”. I ignored for a while. It wasn’t the plan I wanted. But after the third time I knew, “ADVOCARE!”. Since then I can say this little company has blessed my family in innumerable ways. It pays for all of my kids to receive a private education. This income got us debt free in 3 years and we’ve carried no debt outside a mortgage. Our health has longevity and the friendships are bar non. This company attracts the best of the best in servant hearts. My kind of people. Interested? I’d love to help you do what I’ve done and more. ~Nicole



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