April 24, 2017

Charmed or Favored?

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As the body thirsts for water, so my soul will thirst for you…

Since I was a youth people, friends, say things to me such as, “you have a charmed life” or “everything always works out for you”. I guess I never spent much time thinking about it until these statements became a regular pattern in my young adult life. My life is not “charmed”. But what I do have is “Favor”. The unmerited favor of God. We are all spiritual beings, thirsting for more than what we have. I know the extremely wealthy who thirst for more. I know the beautiful, the successful who still feel a void. Soul searchers knowing not what they hunger for. I do not profess to be more or have more than any other. My thoughts of self tend to be minimal. But here’s what I do know. There is a Creator above…shaper of the soul…comforter of hearts…who longs to bestow favor upon you. I never asked God for anything other than to know Him, feel Him, draw near to Him. Seek the One and find True Love. -Nicole


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