April 26, 2017

Big Splashđź’¦

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Kids crack me up.

There is something so infectious and intoxicatingly about the pure and radiant heart of a child. When I see kids smiling my heart wants to explode.

My youngest stirs my heart every day. All of my kids do, but the older ones in a different way. With the older I enjoy the way they have grown and matured. I love having intelligible conversations with them on deeper subjects. All of life contains lessons in wisdom for life. I always begin pouring these words for their “Little Book of Life”, as my Mother always said, into their life at a very young age. My Mother would always say, “Tuck this into your Little Book of Life.”

Blessed to have a Mother with ample wisdom. I feel like she is a walking talking Pinterest. Half the DIY stuff I see on there I somehow have a memory of my Mom doing it or showing it to me. Anyway, back to my kids…

All last week my kids were on Spring Break. My youngest kept begging me to go swimming. I kept telling him it was kind of cold and the weather still a bit inclement. He hoped and persisted in the cutest of ways. Finally, on Friday, I let him dip his toes in. The weather was a bit nicer and I was sure that icy waters would be all it took for his need to swim to end. Do you know what he did? He dipped his toe then went right back in the house. I was sitting on the back patio. No more than 3 minutes later he returned in his swim suit and jumped right in! His head came up out of the water and he was giggling with tremendous joy and glee! I could tell the temperature was cold!

I smiled the hugest ear to ear smile I could possibly come up with. Had I a bigger face I assure you my smile would have been larger! Then his next elder brother joined the mix. The two of them swam for maybe ten minutes. But the happiness it brought them and to see it on their faces gave me Joy for a lifetime. I love moments and memories like these.

So far this week he’s been in the pool three times, no visit lasting longer than five minutes. But that’s all it has taken to make him happy.

I absolutely cherish my Tiny Treasures- Most of who are now taller and heavier than I.

Before I had children I would have laughed you out of the building if you fortold I’d have five. I knew I’d have children, but I never sat around dreaming about marriage and children when I was younger. I knew I wanted it all and I knew it would happen and I guess I was in no hurry for it. I never thought about how many kids I’d like to have. After having my eldest, my only natural birth, I was a bit freaked out by the whole thing and thought for sure I’d be good with one. But God is so amazing, he knows how they would each touch my heart and bless me upon bless me in countless ways. I always look forward to them in my life every single day. Yet, at the same time I give them age appropriate freedom to live, breath and spread their wings. I’m probably the furthest from helicopter parenting. I have raised and groomed my kids to be competent and independent.

Kids are just awesome. I learn from them as they learn from me. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Just as my little loves swim was refreshing to him, so each of them are to me! ~Nicole


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