April 27, 2017

A Pregnant Pioneer

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Being a Pioneer means you are willing to do and try things that other people don’t do or try before its at all popular to do…

When you have a Pioneer Mindset, Vision, and are a forward thinker it permiates every area of your life, not just one or two, because it’s just how you think.

I have 5 kids. I worked out through the entire pregnancy with every one of them. Right till the end– full workouts. They modified as gestation progressed  and the weights weren’t as heavy, but I kept at what was my normal. I didn’t see a lot of other women doing this. It wasn’t a norm in culture around me. But my husband and I knew it was good. John had studied under a professor who’s done extensive research on benefits and safety. We actually loaned my OB/GYN research materials when I was pregnant with baby número uno and told her what we planned to do so she could monitor me. Thank God I have a Doctor who also has a pioneer mindset.

Look around today. I’m not saying I started a trend. Others were doing this as well but they were fewer and further between. We weren’t afraid of what people would say or think. I didn’t get upset when people coddled or babied me over lifting small objects or walking on stairs. I accepted their love and then I’d go clean a whole house or something.

It’s beautiful to see women caring for their bodies as they enjoy the beautiful changes in their body during pregnancy. What a Joyful Journey. If you are pregnant and want to be active but don’t know how much you can do. Check with your Doctor and I’d ever be happy to share with you.

God loves your body. He loves your babies both when they are inside and when they make their grand entrance. You love it, too. So many benefits to being active in every phase. This is one example of a pioneer mindset. I’m so glad I did it anyway even when I received awkward looks and scrutiny.

You may not be pregnant but I bet there is something God has planted down deep that breaks the mold and goes against things you’ve known or been told as status quo. You were built for more than status quo living. Get moving! Enjoy the ride. 💜Nicole

“…I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.” John 10:10


(Photo of me doing plyometrics at about 18 weeks along. I lifted weights and worked out my entire pregnancy with all my pregnancies. With each pregnancy the scrutiny I endured became less and less as culture began to change the prejudice of their mindset).


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