April 29, 2017

A Snapshot In Time…

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This is one of my absolute favorite family snap shots. The only thing that could make it my most favorite is if my youngest were in it…but he was no where near becoming a twinkle in my eye yet at this time.

I remember the occasion vividly. It was my husband’s birthday. I believe the year was 2007. We were out to dinner at a family favorite restaurant. I will forever love Macaroni Grill, even if I were to never go there again, because of the significant role it played in this season of life. We ate there so frequently we were “preferred guests” and the manager loved us. If it was crowded and a long wait, they’d pull out another table and set it just for us so we didn’t have to wait. If you know the rest of the story it would make you grin and realize that God, in fact, had an enormous sense of humor…But we will save it and savor it, another story for another time.

This photograph encapsulates an entire year of my…our… existence as a family.

It was one of the most pivotal years of my faith.

It is the single most unified year of my marriage and the most stellar year of my experience home schooling my children (who, at the time, I schooled all). God taught me more in this one year about Him, His heart, His Leadership, His Miracles and His Timing than I could ever learn by mere study of His Life and the Word alone. I saw it all, the Bible, come to life in my life in the most peculiar yet Glorious way.

I would not change a single day of that year, though I never desire to repeat a single day of it either. It was both the hardest and the best year of my life in countless ways. My personal version of the Classic Novel by Charles Dickens, “A Tale of Two Cities” and the opening line read…

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.”

I have so much I could share about what this picture represents. It is etched in my heart as a blue print of my past and also the future God was leading me to. It is the year He taught me and lead me into oceans deep…just like the song “Oceans” which would not be penned by its authors for another maybe seven years.

I had ventured into oceans deep and knew I was His (God’s) and He was mine. I had no doubt of this prior, but this year burned it in…deep. I had never experienced anything more difficult yet exhilarating in my life. It was the season where I realized that inside my soul I wasn’t the terrified little girl I had always known. I was a Warrior Bride who craved adventure and believed I was everything God said I was because I knew He was with me! I guess it was the year I absolutely 100% KNEW my Identity. I learned I was truly a willing risk taker, way maker and somewhat of a rule breaker. This in itself is hilarious because my entire life I follow every rule to the letter T. I love the order and boundary of God’s laws, but He was the greatest risk taker of them all! I guess I love to see Him show up and show off.

After all, the best way to witness a miracle is to be in a situation where you are dependent on a miracle. God never disappoints.

Yes, this photograph stimulates these memories among many, many more. It was a year where I saw so many miracles and witnessed God open many doors. By the end the this year, after following the lead of God to do countless things, I realized that we had anointed the entire city where we live with anointing oil in the shape of a cross! This city belongs to God…

Do you have special moments  that stimulate memories of seasons of life that acted like a Rite of Passage?

Don’t look back. The thresholds you cross are markers on a Glorious Path and God has Designed it all.

Cherish the things that speak to your soul and stir your heart deeply.



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