May 5, 2017

Fire Power

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Yesterday morning I spoke with a long time friend who has prayed me through More than the last decade of my life. Her friendship was sent directly from Heaven. This woman is full of wisdom and a person of deep prayer. God is continually using her to pray for me and be a source of wise counsel and often confirms. She witnessed me walk through countless assignments of God and prayed me through it all. She watched me sell my house and give everything I owned away. She watched me drive cross country penniless and believe God to provide without me having to ask anyone for a single dime. She watched me give away all my savings. She watched me believe a promise of a home, the Holy Spirit direct me to it like an internal GPS map and then she watched me move in just like I told her I would (how God showed me it would happen) without the use of a single realtor. The key would come by favor.

Yesterday I reached out to her just to say hello. We haven’t talked in a while. My close friends know that I am not one to just sit and talk on the phone. I use the phone for business and to make plans, etc., but rarely just yak to yak. I’m not so fond of that. In addition the demands of both our schedules prevent us from seeing each other very often even though we are based in the same area. We had a brief, but wonderful conversation and God really used it to show me, remind me, just how powerful prayer is.

Prayer can thwart any attack of the Enemy, provide where there is lack, alleviate where there is pain, and mend and make whole again -completely restoring anything and everything we lay at His feet.

It is fabulous when we pray, but how wonderful when we know someone else is praying for us! Something beautiful happens when we agree in prayer, but also when we watch out for each other in prayer. I felt so encouraged by something she shared because I saw how it was directly connected to something I experienced. I was completely refreshed, edified and lifted up and so was she.

Later in the day I saw my Mom. I had been feeling all week there was something in particular I had been receiving from God in prayer that He wanted me to share, but hadn’t told her yet. When I was with her I felt the nudge again so I shared. She looked to me and thanked me and shared her prayers and the wonder she had for God’s receiving the prayer and the answer which had not arrived. I guess she was feeling discouraged. I share this because what I told her encouraged her and reminded her that God does hear our prayers and though we sometimes wait, the answer is on its way. Then I shared with her about my conversation of the morning with my friend.

So twice in the same day God encouraged my soul and refueled my fire for Intercessory prayer and the power it holds. I love how He did all of this for me, my family and my friend on the National Day of Prayer. God is so unique and lovely. My heart is blessed and full.

I pray a lot. I converse and share with my Holy Father through out the day. I also have the gift of Faith. My belief for what He can and will do is quite large and God is always stretching and growing that Faith. The downside of having such faith is I tend to have a “God’s got it, He will do it”, kind of mindset. So sometimes I forget to ask or petition because my heart is already in agreement with the answer. God has been pressing me to dig deeper and prepare the way in a grander format to my prayer. I know He loves that I talk to him throughout the day, but I know He wants more for me to design prayers. I already pray scripture…this is something more. He used yesterday to remind me that we can do anything, get through anything, overcome anything and prayer is such a key to victory. For ourself and for others.

When was the last time you prayed? When was the last time you prayed for someone besides yourself? Do you believe God can do anything? He hears your heart, your thoughts and He would love to receive your prayers. He’s got your very care and wants you to know He cares for you and has assigned others to protect you in prayer. Begin to see as He sees…

The person who looks at everything through their natural eyes doesn’t see the same thing as the person who Sees through the eyes of the Spirit.
Be sure of what you see.

May God richly bless every portion of your life. May He be with you when you rise and when you rest. When you work and when you sleep. May He draw you deeper into His presence and cloak you with His awe and wonder every day this week! ~Nicole

“This, then, is how you should pray: “ ‘Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name,” Matthew 6:9


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