May 10, 2017

“Tweet” Little Story

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Do you ever have a memory drop into your mind for no particular reason? There didn’t seem to be any action or experience to trigger it? It happens to me sometimes and it did just this past week. I remembered a few connected things from my childhood. I didn’t think much of it until a few more things actually did happen this week that made me stop and go, hmmmm?

One of the things I love about God and writing and how he stirs my pen is how creative He is. He loves to leave clues and entice me to hunt it out. Search. Discover. What an enormous Lover He is! This is how I experience the lead up to this note this week.

WHAT IS the memory you ask?

Ok, here it is!

When I was a girl I lived in a great neighborhood for kids. There were quite a few of us and we all were close in age. The street was shaped like a large U. The storm drains at our end of the street made a near perfect baseball diamond. The blue reflector for the fire hydrant was the pitchers mound. We’d play out there, with a tennis ball as our baseball for hours and hours until the sun went down or my Dad whistled for us to come home. He had a very powerful whistle that everyone in the neighborhood had grown to know.

But on this day I describe I wasn’t playing ball. My best friend, who lived just two doors down, and I were playing frisbee. Man, we played outside ALL THE TIME! As we played I suddenly felt something land on my head. It just rested there and I froze because I wasn’t sure what it was. My friend began to giggle and tell me it was a bird! A domestic bird, in fact, a Parakeet. I walked up to my porch and beconed for my Dad. He had me come in with my new little friend.

He had no metal tag on his ankle as pet stores used to do back in the day. He was an exhausted little guy like maybe he had flown a long way. My parents let me keep him. I vividly remember it was a school day and later that evening my folks went out to buy for him a cage and seed and I stayed home to study for my spelling test (so it must have been a Thursday evening. I always had my spelling tests on Friday). I think I was in the fifth or sixth grade. Right now I have a son that age. Anyway, this little bird cuddled in the palm of my hand the entire time I studied. He was so tired and we sat and brought joy and comfort to each other. What a magical moment. I had that bird for many years. I couldn’t think of a good name, and I always called him my little bird so that’s what his name became, Little Bird. I taught him tricks and how to talk and he brought great joy to my heart.

A year or so later my Mom found a Cockatiel perched on the fence in our backyard. Same scenario, but he wasn’t as gentle and loving as the Parakeet. We named him Big Bird and taught him to whistle the theme to Sesame Street.

All of that remembering was reinforced two days ago by a bird story a friend had shared with me. THEN later that same day I had a Humming Bird land on my head. Literally! But this one flew away.

Fond and Great memories. So if you call me Snow White I may just respond!

Today is a great day to create new and fond memories! It could very well be the best day of your life! ~Nicole


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  1. Chrystene said,

    I Love this sweet story 🦅

    🙂 Chrystene Sent from my iPhone


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