May 15, 2017

Reason to Celebrate!

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May is such a full month. It is for most families, but for my family it is especially true. I usually have to mentally gird myself and prepare for the intensity of the months schedule. Not only for last minute school projects to help children with, but also for the myriad of award nights, graduations, banquets for sports, and school performances. On top of it all we have several family birthdays, Mothers Day and my Anniversary. It is a lot!

Over the weekend my husband and I wanted to go out to dinner for our Anniversary which happened to fall on Mothers Day this time around. It would’ve been easy this year to say, let’s just do it another time, but we had made reservations and it was all set for the night before Moms Day, Saturday night. We chose a locally family owned and operated restaurant. I love supporting local businesses over chains. It is a great way to love your community, support the entrepreneur spirit and the customer service is always better. You always care for and work harder for something you are personally invested in. The owner of a local business is always fully committed, All In!

Back to my story…

It was an extraordinary night. The place was packed! It usually is busy, and I thought there would be early Mother’s Day celebration patrons…but I didn’t consider the local university graduation was that day and a local high school’s prom night. I’d say the place was a zoo, but it was to perfect a night to be a zoo. It was beautiful. The energy filled the place. Every single face had a smile fastened broadly in place. It was a night to celebrate. Everyone in the house was exuberant, animated and happy. As we waited to be seated I took it all in. This experience of watching those dining was a gift for me all in itself. One table, about 20 people full, appeared to be for college graduation I presume. The average age appeared to be 22-24 and a few parental figures mixed in. The Patriarch stood and made a length toast to a young man. I couldn’t hear his words, but I didn’t have to. Their faces and posture said it all. My thoughts drifted to my own family and how this would be my scenario next spring…I will have two graduates. One from high school and one from college. Oh the party we will have!

We saw many people we know, that’s what happens in the community and I love it. We enjoyed excellent food. I took the night in, and for the rest of the weekend the joy in that restaurant marinated in my soul and savored and sipped it all in. You don’t see so much happiness and joy in one room like that anymore. Maybe at a wedding or special occasion where everyone gathers together. But this was a restaurant filled to the capacity with all different people, all different reasons to celebrate, but all enormously happy. It was beautiful.

I have no special encouragement for this post. I just knew all weekend I wanted to put it to pen because of how it’s beauty impacted my soul. I wanted to share it with you…

Find beauty today, in everything you do. ~Nicole


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