May 16, 2017

I Cut the Chord!

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Many years ago the Lord spoke to my heart and told me to be wise about television. His exact words were, “Television will rob a person the ability to think for themselves”.

Wow. What a way to start a blog, huh? It’s not the warm fuzzy material that makes the heart comfortable, initially anyway. But when we receive truth and let it do it’s work, we discover new levels of freedom. I won’t make any suggestions for you or inquire what you do in regards to television viewing, but I will share everything I experienced after receiving that word of knowledge and how it positively impacted my future.

Everything in life has a season.

(One of my clients told me I always say that, but it’s true and it’s a good reminder to help people through).

Each season carries seeds. The seeds that are sown down deep in the heart and in your life and in your mind (thoughts) are laying an unseen foundation for future seasons. Therefore, everything you do…every choice you make…is creating your future. It’s so important to make wise choices. Plant good seed…

I grew up in a household where the television was almost always on. It’s how my Dad grew up. It was the backdrop of my childhood. It was the constant that was always counted on without realizing it. Even if I wasn’t watching it, it was always in the background humming about something.

I enjoyed watching TV. Knowing this, may help you digest the rest of what I share a bit.

As a young married woman I was home alone a lot. My husband traveled much for work with both his full time coaching job and he also did speed and quickness camps for athletes that took him all over the country for weekend jobs that were very lucrative. It was hard to turn down such money for two days worth of work, but over time we did.
Our first year married he was only home a few weekends. I did ok with this. As much as I love people, I am truly a bit of a loner. I like my quiet time to myself, I enjoy just being at home, to do my own thing (I don’t get a lot of it these days, but I still enjoy it).

Being home this much alone I began to realize I had a hard time not just leaving the television on for background noise. It’s like it was a familiar companion. I could be cleaning the house, vacuuming, and I’d somehow feel more comfortable with that thing on in the background. This is when I realized the television had formed a stronghold in my life. It was around this time I was feeling the Lord speak to my heart about giving it up.

So that’s what I did.

It was difficult. I missed it. It was a slow death of habit. But I persisted to crucify it. I greatly reduced the amount of time it was on, until I eventually found I liked life better without it. So much “stuff” can fill the atmosphere through that box. Things you can’t see but are secretly and subtly influencing your home, your habits, your thoughts your life.

My husband had never been a television watcher, so this struggle was all my own. I really struggled so I decided one year I would unplug it and leave it out of commission for a solid year to kill the habit once and for all. After all, watching television is an incredible waste of time. Time is such a gift. I knew God wanted me to be a better steward of it.

So I unplugged it and don’t you know it did the trick. After that year I had grown in my ability to depend on actual humans for interaction and complete peace in silence or with music or a good book.

To this day I don’t like television anymore. It makes me feel anxious. I am not against television. I own one. But we don’t even have cable. My kids have one show they like and watch online once a week, but they have balance in this arena and don’t have the same desire for it as did as a kid. I broke the stronghold that was a generational curse from becoming another generations curse.

Anytime I’m in a situation where there is excessive television gluttony, I am reminded of where I used to be and thank God for the victory.

I kind of think it’s funny when people criticize fitness people and call them “obsessive” because they work out an hour each day. Think about how many hours of the day the average American spends in front of the TV?

Hmmm…something to ponder maybe?

Always remember I’m just sharing my story. I don’t expect everyone to cut the cable or unplug for a year. Your home is your home and how you spend your time is your choice. Follow your heart. This post is God lead so I think He will find the one, even only one, to prick their heart with revelation to something maybe He is already speaking to about this very subject.

When you want more in life, you set aside the things that weigh you down and distract your focus and purpose. I dare say for most people, most successful people I’ve ever known, they don’t really watch much television. Be a success at whatever God has Designed for your life and know you are loved and blessed with or without a television set.


“My flesh and my heart may fail, But God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.” Psalm 73:26


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