May 24, 2017

Light & Life😎

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“I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I now live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.” Galatians 2:20


It was summertime. The days were longer and the heat strong. Central Valley California can bring the heat in the summer for sure. It was coming toward the end of the season. Fall was on its heels and with that means cooler nights, evening breezes and some relief from the intensity of the sun.

It had now been just over two years since selling our home and giving away all of our possessions. I had never felt more like Noah, relating to his life, than I could have ever dreamed. Our story, our Testimony of obedient faith had become too much for most believers who knew us to stomach. I experienced rejection from many of my “friends” and those who knew our character and ear for His Voice quietly supported us, but at a very safe distance. We were completely and souly dependent on God.

We had been living in hotels for several months. God was faithful and we were making money left and right. He was providing for the extreme expenses by the fruit of our own hand. But we’d always make what we needed right when we needed it. It was as though the Lord protected us from the temptation of stepping back, shrinking back and out of His will by going and renting ourselves a home. It wasn’t time for that. It was a season of deep intercession and pioneering as though we were living Isaiah 62:10:

“Go through, go through the gates! Prepare the way for the people; Build up, Build up the highway! Take out the stones, lift up a banner for the people!”

Every place we lived we would anoint with oil and intercede by the lead of the Holy Spirit against the principalities of that region of our city. One area had intense prostitution. While interceding there was an enormous brothel busted. I’m not suggesting we get credit for that, but I know God used it to add layers of conviction to our obedience and pursuit of His Purposes. Another region we prayed against corruption in business. During that time a successful business closed because of extortion. We kept seeing over and over evidence of how God was leading us to pray. It encouraged our faith in a very dark and difficult season. My story too extreme and out of the ordinary even for me and I knew it was God and I knew His Peace in its midst yet it was still difficult to stomach. It was like my testimony stepped right out of the First Century Church and landed right in the middle of American Life.

There was one particular day, the day that inspired my sitting down to write this…

It was toward the end of Summer, beginning of Fall, I believe, and my family and I pulled into the parking lot of a local grocer who has a deli. We were coming for some lunch, a sandwich to be exact. There were two homeless people shuffling by the front of our vehicle as we were all getting out. A man and a woman. The woman walked ahead of the man about two feet with her eyes downcast and on the ground. The male trailed behind her with his face in a paper as he slowly moved. It was very hot. They looked tired, worn, hopeless, miserable. I had noticed them as we were pulling into the lot, but when we were getting out I was more focused on assisting my family members, grabbing my bag, etc. When something grabbed my attention quickly and startled me.

It was the oddest thing. Both the man and the woman, stopped walking abruptly and simultaneously. The woman just stood looking ahead, but the man drew his gaze from the paper and looked right at my husband and I. He raised his hand and pointed his finger at us. Then he projected his voice and said, “Christian!….Christian….GO!”

He said it with dramatic emphasis and slow pauses. Then both he and woman began walking away again.

I was stunned for a moment, then I looked at my husband and asked. “Was he speaking to us?” Even though I knew it was us because there next to no other car and no other people in the parking lot! I then proceeded to rejoice and praise God! I felt like I had just been paid the deepest compliment of all time! Any demonic oppression within them stopped and recognized us! They discerned the Light and Life of Christ! That experience recharged my will and determination to press on and follow through with faith all that God has asked us to do.

It wasn’t until later that next year we found ourselves living in our new home, more than twice the size of the one we sold by faith and had been making proclamation for two years. We had to wait longer than I expected. Our obedience had cost me more than I had hoped or even dreamed it could, but when it was all said and done, I had keys to spiritual doors I never had before or even knew existed. I had also learned more about God’s timing and how to trust it than I could have learned by simply being told or studying it. It was amazing how things fell into place constantly and intricately beyond anything I could control or manage myself.

My God is Increible. There is truly none like him. I assume my story is stretching your faith bit. If you don’t know me at all and are new to my blog it may be stretching you more than a lot. I share my deep faith stories rarely, this one I have never shared at all except to those who were close to me in the season it occurred. But God is on the move and it’s now time for His Bride to rise to new heights and truly believe that she can do all that mountain moving the Bible tells her to.

Rise up Champions! God’s got keys for you! ~Nicole



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