June 15, 2017

Perception is Reality?

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Re blog of something I wrote several years ago. God leaned heavy upon my heart to reshare and confirmed that leading with a devotional this morning that spoke a parallel message. God bless it to whom ever it is intended for. God cares about your heart, your perceptions and how they influence your life. ~Nicoleđź’•

Broken & Brave

Yesterday we took six kids, three of my own and three friends, to SunSplash water park in Northern California. My son turned nine last Monday and this was our celebration! It was such a great day. The children had so much fun and my husband and I just relaxed near the water on a chaise lounge, drinking in the sun shine. In fact, I can’t remember the last time John and I relaxed in the sun together just the two of us (without at least one child climbing all over us). It wasn’t quite the same as our honeymoon in Jamaica, but it will do! (Babe, let’s go to Jamaica, again!)

There was a woman “camped out” next to us, enjoying the afternoon as well while her children enjoyed the park. She was very friendly and very chatty. Right away engaging me in conversation, not to the point of monopolizing…

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