June 29, 2017

Devoted & Decided

Posted in Uncategorized at 7:57 am by Broken & Brave

Pioneering is not for everyone. Blazing trails sounds exciting, but it is hard.

Recently we took a trip to Tahoe. From Northern California we must drive through the Donner Pass. Anyone who ever payed attention during history class remembers the horrific outcome of these pioneers. My mind gets riddled with questions about what they actually experienced. My mind frequently travels through history and remembers the pioneers who cultivated this land. I think of Jamestown, the party in Roanoke, the first permanent settlement of America. Disappeared. No one knows what became of them. I think of the countless Christians who exemplify true Christianity the best. The voice of the martyrs. They love, live and sacrifice. They lay aside self seeking and are a panel of Hope connecting God to the world.

What have you been called to pioneer? Are you willing to go first even when it means you go alone? You will soar to great heights, but many will abandon you as the air gets thin. But do not allow this to discourage you. For though there is thinner air, this is where the supernatural takes hold of you. If you are truly seeking deeper encounters with God, this is where you will find it. The Almighty will give you a forehead of flint that is mentally tough enough to cut through granite.

Pioneering, going first, is not for everyone. But for those who connect with what I am saying, this is for you. This piece speaks to the heart of valor. The warriors. The ones who go in with nothing but intent to forage, pave and make a way and allow others to travel across on their backs if they have to.

God has soldiers and they don’t all look like strong or fit men. Man looks at the outside. God is consumed by what we possess within.

As the times and days grow darker we must decide. Which side of heavens fence are we in? We must be All In and Decided. ~Nicole

“To open blind eyes, to bring out prisoners from the prison, those who sit in darkness from the prison house.” Isaiah 42:7


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