July 10, 2017

All of Me…

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“Behold, I…will reveal unto them the abundance of peace and truth.”

Jeremiah 33:6


True peace comes in the presence of a soul that is completely entangled about and revolves around the endless love of Heaven.

This is the word on my heart this morning. My soul paralleled in Hope. Dwelling…abiding…pleasing my soul with His Pleasure.

Do not be discouraged when you face trials of many kinds. It could just be God’s instrument to captivate you. The heart is big, very big, grand in capacity.

God wants all of it.

He wants all of your heart so He can move all of himself in. He wants to reside in your heart at the deepest levels.

Yield to His lead as He tugs at your need. He just wants all of you…

I find this thought incredibly lovely and full of God’s Grace and Comfort.

What does it mean to give all of ourselves  to God? It means He gets first place first prize. All our plans line up with his. We are full of truth. We speak truth and we walk it out in our day to day life. We hold nothing back for ourselves. God gets everything, the first fruits of ourselves. Then we let Him decide what abundance we receive in return. We allow God to decide how He provides no matter what the Provision looks like. We yield.

Most people don’t like yielding. Most people like to be in control. Sometimes consciously and often times unconsciously. They become fearful when they don’t have the handle on situations or outcomes.

This is a trust issue.

To have more in God’s economy each person must get to a place where they trust whole heartedly. If it breeds suspicion, it isn’t God. This doesn’t always mean we throw out God’s plans, but a deceiving spirit will try to cause suspicion to confuse God’s plans. Be wise. Suspicion is rooted in a Spirit of Fear. The Spirit of Fear has friends, it never likes to travel alone. It is frequently accompanied by confusion and doubt. Demonic principalities…when you study them…you will see they often congregate in groups of three. Fear is often present for any to begin. Fear is like the burglar who gets his toe in the crack of an open door to  keep you from shutting it tight and he rests there a while for when your guard is down and then invites his other friends to go in and do some damage.

The more we guard our heart, sweep it clean, the more we have room for God to reside at the greatest capacity.

How is your capacity to receive?

A fearful heart commonly shuts everything out, especially people. You may find it difficult to have long term relationships. The relationships you do have, for the most part, are only surface. You may have trouble allowing people into your heart for fear of being rejected, hurt, or abandoned…so you keep them out all together. This is not what the Lord means by a guarded heart.

Allow God to linger in your soul. Go ahead, open the door and let God in. He is the Way, the Truth, the Life. He will take the life you have and give it a new luster and shine, hope and joy, pleasure and peace. You will wonder why you didn’t let him in sooner. God is like a most faithful friend. In His admiration of your soul He doesn’t bend.

He is Advocate Almighty.




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