August 31, 2017


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Have you ever been around a person who is lazy? It can be tough to stomach for someone who isn’t lazy. I’m not calling rest laziness. I’m not calling insanely busy the protocol for healthy living. There is a balance for it all.

For a society or a community to run best, every person must do their best and do their part. We must lock arms. This is hard to do when there is laziness in the mix. Laziness is part of what made America a Capitalist nation. If you study history you learn that the early settlers experimented to see what type of community they wanted to build. At first everything was done communally. Everyone received equally from the harvest. Guess what began to happen. Some worked very hard and others began to work hardly at all, but were reaping the fruit of their neighbors labors. It didn’t take long for the idea of capitalism and free enterprise to rise. This system worked much better because each person became responsible for their own endeavors. They still helped one another and maintained community and Christianity, but they also required a certain level of excellence from everybody. I think it adds a margin of notable credibility when we exhort and encourage our neighbors to rise to a higher standard of dignity. Just like any army, we are only as strong as the weakest person. Empower the weak, the lazy, those who lack diligence, to step up and work with the rest of us.

God agrees with this principle too, it is evident in the scriptures. Nehemiah instructed and corrected the people’s of Israel and employed everyone. Moses had elders and leaders to help him manage the fold. Jesus had twelve disciples who he mentored and trained and then handed them the reigns when the Lord called Him home.

The best kind of leadership is the kind that gets its elbows dirty and serves. This is why the Cross and Christ are such an incredible story! He climbed off a Throne of Gold in his hometown called Perfection so he could come be the example of Holy Reflection.

God does not tarry. He is not lazy. He never forgets to do His work. He can be counted on as a stable and reliable source of Joy, Comfort, Provision and a Safe Haven from life’s trials and temptations. He loves you for sure-no doubting it please. He is like a Father who’s heart is securely to yours cleaved.
Love never fails and because of Faith’s endurance your heart shall live forever.

God  always ask us to work, but He goes to work with us and alongside us. I think He enjoys our company.


“Love never fails.”
1 Cor. 13:8

“The poor shall eat and be satisfied; those who seek Him will praise the Lord. Let your heart live forever!”
Psalm 22:26




August 29, 2017


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“If we are faithless, he remains faithful; he cannot deny himself.”  2 Tim. 2:13

This verse has really been on my heart all week. I have always liked this verse. I have so many verses embedded on my heart with special significance because they were embedded in a season or time I needed them most. God showing me His Faithfulness, to teach me His Word through experience…the best way to learn usually.

My whole life I have been a faithful person. As a child, faithful to my parents, my brother, my friends, my teachers. As an adult faithful to my work, my interests, my husband, my children, my church, my family.

So, I’ve been thinking about how God is faithful. What does it mean to be faithful?

Faithful- Adhering firmly and devotedly, as to a person, cause, or idea; loyal. (work cited,

God is faithful…

My thoughts go deeper still. My whole life I can hold relationships together. I can bind people together, smooth over offenses between people, get along with pretty much anybody. I realize, more and more, how I learned about faithfulness from my parents.  At a young age, the roots of this  verse on faithfulness were imbedded in my heart without my brain even knowing it. I received this and understood this because my family was faithful. We had our troubles, like all families do, but we had a really good dynamic and a solid and stable foundation. I could trust it. I could trust my family to be there for me, to cloth me, to provide for me, to love me. I had never known any different. I guess I never really thought about this before.

I love people. I love to encourage them. I love to inspire them. I love to stoke the flames of their passions and believe for their own personal best. It is an area that God has asked me to be and remain faithful toward all of humanity. It is not always easy, but it is my glorious honor to try…

God is not only Faithful, He is incredibly Kind. He knows that something as seemingly simple as encouraging others can be difficult at times. It risks itself by being vulnerable, honest, transparent and subject to enduring rejection or having people not necessarily appreciate being encouraged.

But God, yes, my God, is so good, gentle and kind. See, it shouldn’t matter if I ever know if my exhortation makes a difference for anyone at all. The Word says we obey because we are supposed to. Obedience is a form of reward we can’t entirely understand. Obedience is a form of protection in this world, but it’s a reward system we won’t truly understand until we enter the next.

This is where His Kindness comes in. Because I’ve been faithful to encourage, He is continually encouraging me. Right when I need it, people are writing to me, messaging me and cornering me to tell me how it feels like I write just for them. Like God is leading my pen to encourage and help them personally.  Many say they read everything I write. Sometimes this surprises me a bit because I didn’t know they read what I wrote at all. They don’t have to tell me, but they do, and that’s just God again using them to bless my heart through and through.

My entire life I’ve had people, situations and peers communicate to me I was not worthy. Worthy of their time, their attention or their friendship. I’ve experienced these things to unusual extremes since the early age of 5. I have endured more female shunnings than I care to count. It wasn’t until my late 20’s I learned it was all allowed for His Glories sake. It gave me a heart for the broken, the outcast, the rejected, dejected and forsaken. He used it all to put a level of healthy lowly thinking in me. Instead of making me hard, it made me more thoughtful of others and less of myself. Insurance against pride or any level of haughtiness or self indulgence. With that being said, I consider it lovely because I deeply desire to be all God has designed for me. Through it all I have learned to allow Him to embed His dreams for my life deep inside. I surrendered all of my dreams and ambitions long ago and listened as He scripted and penned His Designs on my life. I guess it’s called, “Surrendered”.

I can’t think of a place I’d rather live.

I know that as a Believer, I will never truly be able to surrender my flesh until I learn to surrender my heart to the King of all kings.

Seek Him…

Kings and kingdoms will all pass away, but there’s something about that Name.

There is a God in Heaven and He is ever Faithful to love you. Open your heart and give Him a try. The things He calls us to surrender usually turn out to be something we didn’t need to begin with. And if we do need it, He is faithful to return it to us in His good time. He is Faithful and Loyal and all things Lovely.

You are Loved.

Kind of an unusual post today, but I know it is for someone. If you are feeling alone or unsure, keep your chin up, God has not forgotten you. His Faithfulness will never disappoint.



August 28, 2017


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“For YAH, the Lord, is my strength and song; He also has become my salvation. Therefore with joy you will draw water from the wells of salvation.” Isaiah 12:2-3

When you find an exercise program you love you keep doing it. For me, I love to lift heavy weights and I love to sprint. Yesterday I was re-racking my weights and thought to myself how much I love to lift heavy. But there is someone else who loves to lift heavy things as well. He can lift your every care, trouble and sorrow and replace it with hope for tomorrow. He can carry you in every way. There is no load to heavy, he can lift it all…even the Cross.

Lean on Him. He is the lifter of heavy burdens and He is the lifter of souls.

Trust Him…Everything is going to be alright! ~Nicole


August 26, 2017

Beautiful & Significant

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You are beautiful.
You are important.
You are esteemed by many.
People are counting on you every day.
You are loved.
Absorb the love others offer you and allow it to sooth your heart like a salve. Now imagine the way you feel from the people who love and protect your heart best–now magnify that to the nth degree. That’s how much God loves you. No more negative self talk and looking over your shoulder thinking the world is against you, thinking you’ll fail, thinking the best is behind you.

You’re best is just around the bend! Because God knew “just good enough” would never do for you. He allowed Himself to become Beautifully Bent for you.

Be blessed, đź’śNicole


August 25, 2017

Red Fern🍂

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“How fast does a red fern grow?”

These are the words I would hear in the quiet of the night.

The first time I heard this question, in my spirit, was February 14, 2001…Valentine’s day. I find this so unique because as I reflect back upon it now…I realize it was in the beginning of a new season of soul for me. The Holy Spirit was beginning to “court me”.

For me, the girl who doesn’t really impress by canned holidays like V-Day…I still love the irony of it all.  God know my heart so well.

It’s the attention to detail I love.

After this experience on Valentine’s Day, I didn’t hear anything of it for another six months. “How fast does a red fern grow?” I would hear it again while performing the mindless little tasks of the day.

“How fast does a red fern grow?”

“Lord, you have asked me this before” as I recalled to myself, but enough time had lapsed that I had forgotten all about the puzzling question. Then, I heard this question over and over at random points of time over an approximate 18 month period. I would hear the question run through my mind, but then nothing, no additional comments came with it. The whole thing got me curious and more than just a little perplexed. I never bothered doing any research on the plant. I would only reply in prayer, “I don’t know, how fast?” I will be honest, I would also wonder why this was important and what it had to do with me. However, I am sharp enough to know that if the Lord was whispering it, it was for a purpose and it had complete relevance in my life. Then it came…the question once again, asked in the same manner it had been asked every time before, “Nicole, how fast does a red fern grow?” Only this time I heard more. You better believe, when the Lord whispers something perplexing into the stillness of your heart and then permits it to linger there for a time, you pay attention when it arises again. I quickly got my journal and pen…

“How fast does a red fern grow…as fast as I tell it to.”

You’re probably thinking, “That’s it?” I know I was. Then, came more…

A red fern is a unique, flowering plant that only grows in the deepest, darkest portion of the forest. Even though it receives minimal sunlight, it manages to get ample ultraviolet rays and nutrients. This plant is unique in nature and rarely found by man. This plant is special. All of these words flooded my heart and flowed through my pen. I was bewildered, inspired, aroused and amused all at the same time. I knew nothing of this red fern, so how was it that I “just knew” all of these facts? Were they actual facts at all?

At this point, I was definitely curious enough to do a little research. What I found was that everything I had written in my journal was absolutely true! John and I even found a photo of the red fern that was taken at Volcano House National Park on the Big Island of Hawaii in May of 1999. This is significant because the red fern was thought to not actually exist. John and I found a forum of botanists who discussed the fern and learned that there were purple ferns and autumn ferns, but no red fern, or so many thought. The fact is, the red fern is so rare and the color shows bright, but only under the perfect conditions, so the chances of capturing it by the human eye (or camera) are small.

This entire process, of hearing the Lord, receiving the insight and then finding the research was from 2/14/01-4/10/02. It was a season of my life where I was growing in my relationship with God by leaps and bounds through trial and dark things and much pain. But my God gives beauty for ashes and this was some amazing fruit showing itself in the form of spiritual gift of Knowledge. I was more than happy for all I had endured to receive such a unique and specific gift.

I do not write of the red fern to tell you of my journey to hearing God’s voice, though I believe it is important for you to know because I am asking you to trust me to encourage you. You are reading this and therefore you are giving me your time and attention and that is valuable. So, it is important you understand my experiences in hearing the Lord, not just my credibility to love and encourage your heart as I know you can see is true. I want to impart Pure Exhortation to you. Pure exhortation that first and foremost comes from the inspired Word of God and secondly comes from the Wonderful Counselor he has placed inside me.

I know God was more interested in using this fern to enlighten my heart toward Him, His Voice, His Guidance and Wisdom. He knew I had read the book as a child about the red fern and so it would strike a chord with me. He also knew I hadn’t thought of a red fern one single time since fifth grade. He knew this would stir me…stir me deep.

Me being one for analogies I immediately become contagious with them in this story.

Did you know you are like this fern that turns red? You are! Allow me to show you how.

This plant is rare, unique, SPECIAL…just as you are. The Lord knit you together in your mothers womb (Psalm 119). It was not by accident or happenstance that you should exist on this planet. You were designed with purpose on purpose. Every experience of life, both the good and the bad, are allowed and are used to shape you and develop you to grow, to shine, to add color to this world.

You are special.

You are Vibrant.

God made you and if you are in darkness, he will find you. He already has found you. He found you in all of your darkness and wants to rescue you from this pit. Whatever your pit may be. Your darkness may be any number of things, you know what it is and you are probably thinking of it right now. He wants to rescue you, like a Knight in Shining armor (men need that too you know!).

Despite a lack of light, he wants to nourish you, even in the dark place, heal you, love you and he wants to watch you grow. All gardeners love to see their botanical gardens flourish and grow!

Fix your eyes on him, Beloved, fix your eyes on him. Allow the Maker of Heaven and Earth be like ultraviolet rays upon your wilted leaves and petals bringing out your luster and unique color. He will be like a heavy moisture, just like the damp soil of the tropical rain forest. As the moisture increases, so does the shine of your leaves…your heart…your thoughts. Your countenance becomes radiant.

The leaves of the red fern will lean toward the soil around it that contains the most moisture.

Lean into Him today, he wants to soften that thing that has made you hard.

“Trust in the Lord with all of your heart, leaning not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and he will make your path straight”

Proverbs 3:5-6

He wants to bandage that ache and pain that has plagued you. He wants to erase and change the perspective of that hurt that stung so deep as a child. He wants to raise you up and showcase you just like the Red Fern.

He sees the past, the present and the future. He has created all things and knows all things. Let him create a new heart in you. He is full of Hope for you. He wants His Hope to shine in you and through you…for there are still countless others out there who have no Hope at all.


Shine true, Shine bright, SHINE ON in everything you say and do! His thoughts are upon you and so are mine.

Blessings, Nicole

“The Lord bless you and keep you; The Lord make His face shine upon you, And be gracious to you; The Lord lift up His countenance upon you, And give you peace.” Numbers 6:24


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You can do it.

Have you ever notice when you are attempting to do something that resonates down deep in your soul, all heaven and earth seem to begin to move against you instead of with you? It’s quite common actually. Every great thing accomplished in history was completed under tremendous duress. Especially when it was something that began to shift the way a society did something or thought about something. It’s part of what makes the story great. I think God loves a good story as much as the rest of us.


Take the parasol for example. A useful tool used to keep a woman’s face shaded and protected from the sun. The gentleman who got the brilliant idea to begin using it for an umbrella found himself under tremendous opposition to tradition in the introduction of this useful tool. In fact, it took forty years for the umbrella, as we know it and it’s usefulness today, to become socially accepted. An umbrella! Hardly an instrument to shape and shift a culture in a profound way, but look how necessary they have become.

So next time you feel discouraged, feel like quitting, considering your options to give up. Think again. Reassess. Then Press! God will go with you and provide every resource and assistance required of you to see the breakthrough. In the process, he is creating within you clean lines of a chiseled and strong character and heart. So don’t lose Heart! Today is a new day…what a fantastic start for all things extraordinary. YOU have a part.

You’ve got amazing written all over you. ~Nicole

“Then answered I them, and said unto them, The God of heaven, he will prosper us; therefore we his servants will arise and build…”

Nehemiah 2:20

August 24, 2017


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“Believe me for what seems impossible.” ~God

God be good to you this day and all your days to come. I pray that your life be showered with blessings, Joy & that God grant you every heart’s desire. I dare you to start unleashing ridiculously amazing and big dreams! Your dreams are God’s Vision imprinted on your heart. So take heart! The One who overcame the world will overcome every obstacle of impossibility for you, too! Believe with all of your heart and begin to take action steps toward the vision for your life. We have to do the opposite of what the devil expects you to do. As you do, every chain of impossibility will dissolve in front of you! ~Nicole

“For nothing is impossible with God.” Luke 1:37

August 23, 2017


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Have you ever heard the story of  “Cyrano de Bergerac”? It was a play written in the late 1800’s about a man named Cyrano. Cyrano was a soldier in the French army. He was extremely gifted and talented. Cyrano was a passionate and strong-willed man known for many pursuits and ambitions. He was known as a magnificent duelist, poet and musician. However, Cyrano had an enormous nose. The size of his nose, so caused him to doubt himself, that he felt he could not dare to dream of love. He was hopelessly in love with his cousin, Roxane, but never dreamed that she would ever have interest in him. He had so much self-doubt of his appearance that he failed to acknowledge his own worth as a man by the measure of all he was gifted in. He didn’t feel he was good enough to have her love.

Do you ever feel like Cyrano? Isn’t it true we are our own worst critics! All of us, not a person is excluded from this sad truth. I imagine this is because we know ourselves the best. We know our own private thoughts about ourselves. We remember every hurtful word ever spoken over us. We know our darkest secrets, or maybe not so dark secrets. We know our every flaw and shortcoming. Sure, we are aware of our strengths as well, but most people, even if they never verbalize it,  do tend to measure themselves by their areas of weakness. For some people this painful awareness becomes a major stumbling block to true victory in life, much like Cyrano. Let me now transition to another man by the name of Nehemiah.

Nehemiah, like Cyrano, was a man of action. Nehemiah was not a soldier like Cyrano, but he did serve a King. In fact, Nehemiah was the cupbearer to the King of Persia (Neh. 1:11). Nehemiah was of Jewish descent and longed to go the aid of his people who desperately needed help rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem. Nehemiah sought the King and received permission to go to the people and build a wall. What he did was so much more…he built an ever-enduring legacy of leadership amongst a people who were broken down in heart and spirit. A people much like Cyrano.

What was the difference between Nehemiah and Cyrano (aside from one being a character in a play and the other an actual figure in history)? Nehemiah revered his King, but he also knew that he had FAVOR with the King. History states that Nehemiah was very frightened to speak to the king of this matter, he prayed, mustered up the courage, and acted despite his own self-doubts.  There is a King in heaven who favors you! Would you like to know how?

Yours is a heart that intoxicates Him. When we seek him out it’s like clouding the judgments of man, which tend to be harsh, but opening the gates that release healing waters. Waters so pure and clean a path is carved in the darkness for God’s pure light to pour out with such force that it breaks free all who are bound by captivity. The result is freedom from the past, freedom from broken heartedness, freedom from heaviness, freedom from pain. So may I ask, “why are you so hard on yourself?” Maybe it’s time to look fear in the face and just stop being so afraid. It is time to stop being like Cyrano, focused on his nose attached to his face, and to look out and beyond to future things. Who said you weren’t enough? Why can’t you be a person after God’s own heart? You can have favor with both God and man. Favor is favor and is as blind to flaws as romantic love.

God is respecter of no man, but lover of all. We do not need to earn his Favor. We do not need to convince him to love us. Imagine, for just one moment that you, too, were like Nehemiah. You are cupbearer to the King. What kind of drink offering would you bring?

He longs for your praise and adoration of who He is. Not because he has ego that needs to be engaged, that’s not it at all. Journey through your imagination with me for a moment and dare to dream of a love so deep because the Lover of your Soul is enamored with you. You don’t have to hide your flaws and imperfections because he knows them, each and every one. His eye and mind are on something entirely different. He is captivated when he catches your gaze and He is enamored by your smile. Like a mother with a newborn child, she glows with radiance as she looks upon her child. She knows the child isn’t perfect and the child will have setbacks and failures in life. SHE DOESN’T CARE. All she is focused on is the love in her heart and the desire to care for and nurture a love so rare it must be Divine, it must be Sincere, for why else would her heart swell? Why else would her joy be so grand? Why else? She is in love.

When we pray to God and offer simple gratitude, our heart to his, it is like a fragrant flower releasing its sweet pollen…an aroma so pleasing… our prayers to Him. Your prayers do not have to be long or wordy. There is no need for big words, religious rituals or even a hint of eloquence to our speech. It simply needs to come from our heart. Try it and see for yourself. You are the one who will feel blessed and lifted up. Your mood when heavy will lighten. Your perspective will begin to brighten. Your heaviness of heart will dissipate. You may begin to believe in yourself and see past the nose upon your face into the realm of unlimited potential.

You are a glorious crown in the hand of a King. There is no shame, no defeat. No awkwardness of appearance like we see in the example of Cyrano. There is only a covenant of Love He desires to keep. So, approach His Throne and approach others with the confidence of Nehemiah. God loves you and longs to lavish grace and tender mercies upon you.

He is besotted.

Blessings be yours this day, and forevermore. -Nicole

August 22, 2017

More Than Enough

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Life is full of rich analogies…




When I was either 12 or 13 years old I injured my knee. I believe it was the end of summer and just the beginning of 7th or 8th grade. I was having a marvelous day. The Jr. High group at my church had taken us kids on a bike ride into the country side just outside town from the quaint little community I lived in. It had to of been a 10 mile, one way bike ride. Our destination was the home of a family from our church. We headed out on our excursion in the morning hours and spent the day playing games, planned activities of all kinds and having a barbecue. I’m pretty sure they probably discipled our hearts some about God, but my greatest memories are the fun I had on this particular day. I honestly think, as I reflect on it now, I can still feel the numbness of face that comes from smiling really big for an extended amount of time. I can remember the bike ride, being on my bike on the country side in a long line of kids. I can still feel the peace and joy that resonated within.

When I was a kid I loved riding my bike. Back then you could ride everywhere, all over town, and not have a care in the world of anyone bringing you any harm.

I mentioned in the first sentence of my diatribe that I injured my knee. Well, despite the enormous glee I just described to you, it was on this very day that my injury occurred. I was involved in a very intense game called “water balloon fight”. You can imagine how this game went. No special rules, just a bunch of kids laughing and running and intending to throw balloons filled with water at their friends. Great joy. I had a balloon in hand and was running on some very slick grass. I was barefoot, of course. As I turned for some reason I found my legs were no longer under me and I was on the ground. I was experiencing deep pain radiating from my left knee. I recall lying on my side holding my knee when everyone came and gathered around to stare at me. In that moment I decided to take a look at the source of the pain and I removed my hands slowly to see that my patella was no where near where it was supposed to be. I had dislocated my knee cap.

I have no idea what inspired me to do what I did next. I had no prior education, experience or training, but I reduced that knee cap myself.  I probably had little help from God. But I moved my hands against the leg and extended my femur just so as to cause the knee cap to slide back into its home.

This is where the fun of my day ended. I was carried to the house and watched the kids continue their fun from a window seat view as I waited for my parents to come retrieve both myself and my bike that afternoon.

Despite the pain and the awful leg brace I had to wear for several weeks…to this day the memory of this particular day is and will always remain a great day full of great fun. Never once did I ever regret going or getting involved in that water balloon fight. Great fun and great memories were made.

A dislocated patella isn’t tragic. They happen a lot. Despite being extremely painful, once the knee is reduced the pain ends immediately, just like in child birth. Time is required to heal because the ligaments around the knee were damaged, but life goes on and the leg will be just fine.

Here’s where I find a rich analogy to reside…

Look at the seemingly insignificant location and necessity of the knee cap. It doesn’t seem to be of super importance at all. People don’t write songs about them. They rarely (but not never) get broken. It’s not like it’s a vital organ who’s function and health is central to life and bodily function. It’s just a knee. Most people don’t find them very attractive even. Some people are self conscious about them. But look at the important role this little one plays in balance and our ability to stand tall and move upon our legs! Without that little one hovering in its place our knee joint would have no armor. Our ability to bend and extend would be lost and without stability. Yes, that little knee is quite important you see!

Do you ever feel a bit small or insignificant? So where would the world be without you? Where would your family, your community, your church be if you weren’t tucked right where God wants you to be? Who said you weren’t important? Who said your life didn’t matter? Who said your role in life was small, insignificant or even ugly? But if this is how you’re feeling I want you to know how wrong your thinking is.

You’re life matters.
There is a place amongst others specifically designed for you.
In God’s family there is a place in the family for you.
You are needed.
You are valuable.
You are necessary.
The rest of us couldn’t do what we do without you.
You add supplemental strength to others.
You provide comfort to those around you even just by being present and hanging around.
People in your life can’t imagine their life without you in it.

You are more than enough to handle life’s obstacles, embrace life’s pivotal moments and wrap yourself around every pinnacle point of blessing.

Don’t feel out of place. Don’t walk away from the spaces in life God has carved for you to occupy. You may not always understand his plans or how things are working out…but God promises to work them out to your favor.

In his arms you will find perfect care and he keeps track of even the tiniest of details in your life.

He will always treat you right.
He loves you after all and believe it or not, God needs you just as much as the rest of us do.

Life has a hand carved space just for you. You may be the deciding factor, just like a knee, to keeping balance and leverage in something much bigger.

Find your place.
Rest in that space.
The rest of us would fall apart without you…


“You are the body of Christ.
Each one of you is a part of it.”
1 Cor. 12:27

August 21, 2017

Multiplication Anointing.

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imageSometimes, when life gets hard you have to work harder so you won’t quit. Don’t you dare give up! Life has rich blessings waiting for you on the other side of every struggle.

God sees you through. No season too lean or dry for Him to use it to lift you high. He’s setting you up for blessing.

Do you trust Him? God is the Driver of your Destiny. When He is in the lead you can overcome anything. Blessing is in the atmosphere.

Whatever the struggle, you’re going to make it through! Victory looks too good on you!

Don’t you dare give up.

If you’ve still got breath in your lunges and blood flowing through your veins…It isn’t over yet! So, take care, You. You’re season of blessing isn’t through. In fact, it truly has yet to see its greatest break through.

Get Charged! Your worlds about to be enlarged!


“When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you. When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned; the flames will not set you ablaze.” Isaiah 43:2


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