December 31, 2017

Bountiful 🎉

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The Touch of your hand makes me glow.
The Touch of your hand makes me whole.

You, alone, satisfy the soul.

You are not a far off or dusty wasteland.
You drench me is Goodness.
You quiet my soul.
I am never left forlorn when I know your will and way is to walk beside me, O, Ancient of Days.

You satisfy me.

You curb my appetite for lesser things.
What a Joy and delight to know that as this New Year rings you are there to carry me across the threshold from the old to the new…just as a Groom who carries his Bride.
You are always by my side.

This alone helps me to know that I am completely blessed.
My heart and soul are at rest for the bounty of treasure your heart contains for me.

I can feel how much you adore me.

….I am so blessed.❤️



“Seek first the Kingdom of God and all these things shall be added unto you.”

~May His Glory fall faithfully upon all you say and do. A Mighty Shield and covering to carry you through the new. 2018 will look marvelous on you. You are splashed with enduring love that has been built to last. Let it be a solid foundation and a fortress of hope. Happy New …Everything.

December 29, 2017


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May I enter in?
May I draw close to your Sanctuary?
For in your Garden resides the delight of my soul.
You delight me.
You tantalize my senses and stir my soul.

You are…

Rivers of tranquility flowing over me.
Garden of Hope, foliage lush and green bringing extensive moisture to everything.
You are the warmth of my day and the evening cool of shade.
There is no where to flee to escape you.

There is no possibility of hiding from you.
The Lover of my soul hunts me out.
You visit me in my sleep giving my mind dreams.
You bellow your Presence within the gates of my soul-letting me know you will never let me go.

I am in awe of you and that is why- with my pen- I honor and extol you.
I write you my love song of worship.
I express my love and deep need for your Sovereign Reign in my life.

There is none besides you.
There is none like you.
I am yours.

True Worship comes from the heart, not the mind. God leads from the soul, not our reason. Learn to allow His Presence to ebb and flow and guide your path like a steady flow of Goodness. He will never forsake you.


December 28, 2017

JOY Picks You

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If I come to you, Lord, to bear pasture in your gardens,
Will you feed me?
Will you satisfy the quiet recesses of my soul?
If I come to you, Lord, in the quiet of the night will you give me access to you chambers?
Because where you reside is where my heart cries to be.
Will you allow me into your Holy Dwelling and surround me with Goodness?
Only you can Cleanse the soul, flooding the senses with your Holy Presence.
If I kneel before you will you darn my brow with your crown that covers and protects and blesses while giving rest?
Every dawn you are already patrolling the skies from on high and every eve you pardon those who’s hearts grieve and to you their soul cleaves.

Only you can do that.

You are unquestionably good and you reveal your Goodness in the places you should delight to bear fruit.
Not all souls are captivated by you.
But my soul has been captured by you and you have pulled me into your Garden.

Friendship with God is like no other.

JOY picks you.

A Prose of Holy Friendship.


December 26, 2017

Heavenly Distraction

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The Anchor calls…
Draw near…
Do not break away.
Come closer.

When you smile, it melts the Heart and Soul of Heaven.
His whispers are soft and he is ever careful with his words.
Breath of Heaven knows your heart best and knows exactly how to extol your soul.
He is a caresser of soul and the discovered of every blissful corner of your being.
He edifies and magnifies and floods the senses with his Majesty.

There is nothing like it.

Holy Intimacy cannot be explained~only experienced.

It happens in the quiet recesses of of the heart, the soul. The mind. The emotions. He quickens and threshes thick. It is real and vibrant and oh so personal–
Just as intimacy should be.
Your friendship with God is personal and there is security in this.
He loves no one else the way he loves you.
How extraordinary.
How special.
He created you so he could pursue and win you.
Breath of Heaven had a winsome way about him.
He knows how to be winsome to win some.
Has he won your affections?
Are you distracted or locked onto his affection?
Can you feel his presence in your life?
Can you feel him caress your cares until they vanish in his love and comfort?

There is nothing like him.

God takes pleasure in humanity and he desires we take pleasure back in him.

Lean back.
Delight yourself in him.
Allow him to lavish you in unbridled and Besotted love.
Shun every distraction that would pull you away.
Carve out a space in the moments of your day to refresh yourself and relieve yourself in him.

Bountiful Blessings are the heart of what he has to offer you.

His love is deep.
His love is vast and wide.
His love is spacious and thick.
His love is fiery.
~In the thick of it you will find refuge, pardon, strength and a temperance of soul that transfigured all into his Beauteous Image.

May God continually bless you with his solace and sweetness.
The more you receive it the more you will find he replenishes with more of it.

He’s always got more…

Rest well.


December 24, 2017

Merry, Bright & Beautiful

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Merry, Bright & Beautiful
Christmas Eve…

What shall I pen today, Lord?
What shall be the scope of your Magnified Presence in my heart?
My mind? What will I find on the threshing floor as I glean and gleam as your daughter Ruth did?
What can I learn from your ancient daughters of old?
How can I better unite my soul with yours?
If you would but direct my heart, guide my mind, lead my lips. What can I pen to cause humanity to yearn for you?
How can I be your advocate?
What kind of promotional poster is my life for others to see?
Do they see me or is it you in me they see?
Because that’s how I want it to be–
truly you in me.
Train me, mold me, shape my life to conform and be exercised that I might be a shining example of you.
Your Heavenly Fitness Model.
I am nothing without you.

All of humanity is looking for something. Looking to something or someone. Wondering how this life is going to shake out. Wondering and hoping and working toward goals. Though we all fall short, each and everyone, we have little room to fail when we put our trust in God and allow his lead to prevail. With him involved we fail strong. We become stellar at so many things when we just quiet our souls, open our hearts and let his Joy precede.

We all sin, everyone, and here is the glorious thing about heaven. He forgives our sins. He doesn’t rank sin. There is no such thing in his economy as socially acceptable sins. Sin is sin. So in the fathers eyes gluttony is just as despicable as murder. So difficult to wrap our minds around, but they are all equal in his eyes. But he wipes it clean–
all of it.

God will never rank your sin. He only wants to take it from you. His Grace is an abounding gift for all.
Mary had a baby that would upset the apple cart of humanity and would grow into one polished and refined yet extraordinarily humble and simple human being. He came to take your pain and nail it to a Tree. Receive the fruit of His compromise and give him a gift this year. Don’t just give him your heart. Give him your pain. Your regrets. Your flaws and hangups. Your bad habits and your bad thinking.
Give it all.
He wants it.
He will wrap it up and throw it away and replace enormous beauty for your shame.

He loves you beyond measure.
Nothing on earth has the power to restrain or tether what he is prepared to do for you.
Go ahead–bask in his love today.
Everything is going to be ok.


December 23, 2017


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The Angel’s wings protected him while Mary’s bosom blessed him.
He was swaddled and held tight
and in the middle of a dark night
that bright Light gave evidence
that the Christ was born.✨

Did you know He is willing to do the same for you? God has promised. What are you doing to nestle deep into His Mercy Seat?

“For He shall give His angels charge over you,
To keep you in all your ways.
In their hands they shall bear you up,
Lest you dash your foot against a stone.” Psalm 91:11-12

Psalm 91 promises to give His angels charge over you and protect you in all your ways. The Ancient of Days provides Sustenance and nourishment of soul that feeds, comforts and edifices like nothing you’ve ever known. Just like how Mary nourished Jesus as a newborn.
God holds you even now.
But just as a child who snuggles in close to their mother’s chest and their union is compacted, the warmth and security strengthened, so it is when we press into His Holy Presence and grip. It’s not possible to slip.

Read Isaiah 40:11

It’s of no consequence what your dark night looks like. If God can guide a pregnant woman riding a long distance to a stable in Bethlehem…He can navigate the difficult terrain ahead of you.
You must shift your focus.
You must lift your countenance.
If God is for you, nothing can stand against you.

“What, then, shall we say in response to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?” Romans 8:31

Strengthen your soul.
You are glowing and growing more than you know.


December 22, 2017


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Quiet your heart…
Rest your soul…
There is a God in Heaven who loves you beyond any love you have ever known. He is there with you now–
In your car, in your home and every other place you could dare to roam.

Accept His quiet disposition, love and bountiful Grace. Accept His gift of love to you this holiday season.

…wise men still seek Him.


“Forsake foolishness and live, and go in the way of understanding.” Proverbs 9:6

(Christmas Memories 2012)


December 21, 2017

Carved From A Tree

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Let me tell you about the time a witch got saved…

In 2004 we sold our house for well below half its market value. We received calls from realtors thinking we were being ripped off by ours.

People always make assumptions about things they don’t understand.

After we sold our house we rented it for six months from the new owners and they charged us $500 more in rent than what our mortgage payment had been. Talk about a labor of love. We complied and did it because we knew God was in it and even more than blessing this family ridiculously, God was really doing something incredible in me.

God asks us to obey and love even when the recipients don’t value it. This is because Love reaches in and highlights the dark areas of the soul with a spotlight and brings them to light so God can nurture, heal, Restore. Especially when it is given freely without any evidence of return.

So…we sold the house, rented it, then we began to pack to move. In doing so we obeyed God yet again. He began speaking to my soul about Noah and how he loaded up all he owned in obedience to go on a voyage he had no way of understanding. I could so relate to this on countless levels and still do.

As we packed I could feel the Holy Spirit suggesting, no, telling me that I was keeping too much stuff. This was challenging for me to digest because I truly didn’t have a lot of stuff to begin with, or I didn’t think I did anyway. So, piece by piece I followed his lead as he guided me what to give and what to keep and he’d always provide an unsolicited recipient for each item he wanted gone. Two items we were to unload were our office desk and bookcase carved from an Oak tree. We used them a lot because we worked from home. In that season John was still full time consulting and training on his own which he did for seven years between the university and his current employer.

Well, this desk and bookcase set wound up in the hands of a witch. That’s right. A young woman who practiced in the occult. A friend of mine had been spending time with her and helping her and getting to know her. My friend was a Christian. So my friend connected the woman to me because she was a student and in need of a place to do her studies. We gave her the case and the desk both for free and off she went. I didn’t see her again for about another 6 months to a year, I don’t remember exactly which. When I met her again she was no longer a witch, but a born again Christian.
I asked her what caused such a radical change? What was her story? This is what I heard…

My friend had been sharing Jesus with her. She listened. But she said that us giving her the furniture did something inside of her she could not explain. It softened her and opened her up and impacted her. She said she felt so loved by us.

I was kind of surprised. I was happy to give it, I was being obedient. That’s hardly anything to brag about in my mind even though I knew she didn’t know of God or obedience then. She said we were total strangers and we cared enough about her to stoop down and see her need and meet it. She felt our love and it caused her ears to open to all the flood of love our friend had been sowing faithfully into her heart. She received Christ and this began a glorious start to Friendship with God.

Friendship with God. There is truly nothing like it. It cannot be explained or observed. It can only be experienced. We each get to chose how much or how little of God we want in our life.

I felt enormously blessed that day. I felt enormously humbled that day as well. The Bible is very clear about obedience and stepping out in faith and following His commands. We do it because we love him. Or at least that’s why I do it. God rescued me and continues to rescue me from things I have never talked about. My reward is an intimacy most overlook or never realize they can have. But it came by much sacrifice.

The Kingdom of God does not come by observation. The real question is how much of your Inheritance do you truly want?

And that’s my testimony about the day a young witch got saved. For me, it was a pretty awesome day.💜


“But we are not of those who shrink back and are destroyed, but of those who have faith and preserve their souls.” Hebrews 10:39

December 20, 2017

Treasure Hunting🎁

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Are you finding your Joy? Do not be burdened by such a question, but make it a treasure hunt. For those who find True Joy find a lasting Treasure. Do you play Elf on a shelf with your kids? I bet it’s fun to find creative ways to hide and seek it out with your children. The same can be with Joy. Abba Father is like a playful Father, too! He isn’t a rigid Patriarch in the sky. Press your heart into His and seek Him out and watch and see how many clues to your Joy He will give to thee! Like a good book you can’t put down, It will leave you hungry for more!

Merry Christmas. You are a special gift to those around. There is NO ONE else like you. Do not hold back  with your heart, your time, your love and friendship.

The more you give the more Joy for all! ~Nicole

(It’s difficult to read, but my shirt actually says SHINE on it😉) Shine On✨,Beloved…


December 18, 2017

Love Letter to Heaven

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My Lord…

I was created to praise you.
I was created to adore you.
The Splendor of Heaven came knocking at my door and when I opened up I received a rush of your Goodness and it made my heart soar.

There is no one like you, God.

You made room for me at your banquet table and, oh, what a Glorious Feast.
When our eyes meet it becomes liquid healing- streaming pools of unmerited favor, grace and forgiveness.

There is none like you.

I was made to sing your praise.
You have put a Joyful Song in my heart and I sing it vibrantly because your Hope has been the key to unlock the doors and release me into your Secret Garden.
The Breath of Heaven breathed new life into me and filled me to capacity- overflowing your Tender Nature and Abiding Faith all over the place. You have given a Delightful Inheritance.

There is truly no other like you.

You are completely unique in all of your ways.
You are all things Lovely.
You are all things Splendid.
You are…
And my heart is fully commended, faithful and loyal to you.

The Love Song of Heaven wrote my heart through and through. I’ve been scripted by you.

Truly…there isn’t anyone like you.

Your Love flows from your temple gates and I will receive it.


“Many waters cannot quench love; rivers cannot wash it away. If one were to give all the wealth of his house for love, it would be utterly scorned.”
Song of Solomon 8:7

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