January 31, 2018

Fan the Flames

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Because she knew the fire came from within her, she would not be Benedict. Be the Fire.

Fire Starter…

Be a Fire Starter. When you look at people, interact with them, look at them beyond what can be seen with the natural eyes.
In life people will disappoint you, hurt you, fall short of your expectations …but a fire starter sees past all that, never allowing offense, regret or dislike hold them back. A fire starter sees a flicker down deep of possibility that resides inside of everyone. Fan the spark so it becomes a flame. Do it with love, friendship, forgiveness, humility & affection. Respond rather than react.

The Enemy of your soul may desire you to become engulfed with flames, but there is one who is Greater, Grander, Brigter still. He burns hot and burns with a Hope that smolders with Glorious Hope. His Voice is one of Truth and it is right along side you every day to point the way, remind you that it’s ok and He’s got a way paved that with create a glorious marker on eternity. He knows you are a fire starter and the fire He has begun in you will not go out, but will burn for all of eternity.

Fire Starters…


January 30, 2018


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Sometimes God will bring people into our life to teach us how to never give up on anyone without a fight.

People all over are in the fight of their lives. Some are weary, worn and homeless. While others are weary, worn, forlorn and living a five star life. There is a steep contrast between the two types of individuals I just described, but deep inside each one is thankful for the blessing of each breath that keeps them alive-but even in a high powered world-when hopelessness sets in nothing will leave a soul more disturbed.

My city has some of the most lucrative and influential people living in it. I could name a few, but would like to protect their privacy. My city also has some of the most impoverished and down right dejected and poor individuals in my state.

I was driving down a main thoroughfare of my town yesterday, taking one son to practice, another to a class and I was headed to workout a stellar group of ambitious and tenacious ladies who have found a passion for fitness. But on my way, I passed under an overpass that holds train tracks. These tracks are state property, so the tiny crevices of sidewalk upon the bridge are state land as well. This makes it a great attraction to the homeless population. Because the local authorities cannot do anything to kick them out or shoo them away. So they get to stay all month before Th state police come in and clean the place out, kick them out…then they clean it up and the homeless return again, but to a clean “house”.

Last night I noticed one of the little tents was on fire! As I drove by I felt so helpless. I hoped the person got out and was safe. Why did the fire start? It wasn’t a raging fire, but clearly some of their blankets to make their tent had burned. Were they smoking? Making a fire to stay warm? The nights skies has been beautiful but cold of late with temps in the 30 degree range.

Why are we so quick to give up on people? All people, not just the homeless? Why do we write people off or make major decisions about them without ever really even speaking to them or getting to know them? How come a person can see a straggly dog on the sidewalk and practically crash their car to get to that animal so they can tend it, love it and find it a new home, sometimes their own home? Why do people see a beat up couch or chair on the side of a road or in a second hand store and think to themselves, “I could make something of that item. I can see its potential”?

Why is it so hard for the human race to see potential in people?

I have my opinions, but I’m sure the reasons and answers are as unique as each human life. But ultimately-it costs more to see potential in people and love others “up”. It costs time, it costs resources, it costs convenience because helping others is always inconvenient. But mostly it requires an emotional investment I wonder if modern day America is really even equipped to provide anymore? We live in such a throw away society. Let’s reassess and address our need to love others a little harder, a little stronger and with a little more purpose, effort and zeal. People matter. Christ died just to communicate that every life, every soul mattered.

You matter.
Wrap your soul around that one. Someone was willing to die for you.

January 29, 2018


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Perseverance is a necessary precursor to anything great…

Here is a historical example of people to be grateful for their ability to dream big and persevere…Orville and Wilbur Wright, the creators of the first airplane.

When these two brothers were boys their father gave them a toy helicopter made of cork, paper and a rubber band. This was their source of inspiration to become the first men to fly for the first time a free, controlled flight by a power-driven airplane. Did you know that Wilbur didn’t even receive his high school diploma? I challenge you to research all the trials they had in their efforts to develop this plane. It wasn’t easy. They had all kinds of things go wrong. Then, when they did fly, no one believed them and many didn’t even appreciate their achievement. Instead of becoming discouraged and giving up, they persisted without exception and took their invention to Europe in hopes of further success and they found it. Once returning to the US they were wealthy and famous and began filling contracts for airplanes in both the United States and Europe.

Don’t quit. Never fail to believe that God can and is willing to do anything to show up and show off for you. Believe it! Behind every storm the Son is still shining. ⛅️~Nicole

“For nothing will be impossible with God.” Luke 1:37

January 28, 2018

Organize Your Closet

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Have you ever had a large project you procrastinated on? I have. Take organizing a closet for example. To really do a good job you have to pull absolutely everything out, sort by category of item, things to be kept, things to be tossed. When the organizing has been done it is fresh, clean, and you can easily discern and find what you need when you need it. However, you pretty much have to pull everything out first in order to put it back right. That’s the part I dislike. Especially because most projects I begin cannot be completed start to finish in one sitting because I am a Mom and all Mom’s know that completing a project around the house is like gold!

Now, let me apply this concept to your soul, the condition of your heart, your thought life, your family life, your relationships-the close ones. Relationships can be messy. Our minds and hearts can be full of clutter as well. God is very interested in cleaning house. He wants to clean our house because he loves us and cares for us deeply.

Let us say you and a friend are in a large room together and you are packing. There are boxes everywhere stacked high to the ceiling. Let’s go further…let’s say your friend is foreign and has a very thick accent so you usually have to watch their mouth while they speak to help you understand what they are saying. Now, you are together packing boxes and your friend speaks to you, but you can’t really see them because of all the clutter in the room. You are trying to listen and understand what they are telling you but it is hard because you can’t see them past all the boxes to watch their words. Together, you move all of the boxes out of the room and you stand there once again, just you two with no boxes blocking your view. You understand then perfectly because the room has been cleared out and there is nothing obstructing your proximity or view of each other. Kind of an odd analogy but I hope it helps you understand that this is how our connection with God is.

If we have a bunch of “stuff” cluttering up our heart, our thoughts our sprits, even if we are doing our best to work on hearing him, it is a challenge because just like those boxes, we have things in the way. God is good and gentle and kind and He reveals those cluttering items to us as we can handle the job of clearing them out. Sometimes it requires change and choices that aren’t popular with friends or loved ones. This usually doesn’t go over well and there is a bit of a growing season or stretching season. We learn a lot about ourselves and others in this season. If we hem ourselves into God and pursue Him with our whole heart and a pure motive, He takes care of it, but sometimes, almost all the time, it gets a little messy first.

In the process of cleaning our house we experience a humbling of sorts. When God humbles there is no shame. If it were shameful it would be not of God but condemnation. God’s humility is cloaked with love and encouragement. God has Belief, that you can do more, be more, have more. God is always interested in our having more. He wants to build up the walls of your heart, protecting and guarding it, making it ironclad. He wants to do the same with your relationships.

When we seek after God with all of our heart, mind and soul the reward is limitless. The Peace and Joy Divine, the Serenity of Spirit and sweet song of the heart are indescribable. It’s what makes those who have tasted of it dig deeper for more of God. God is always a gentleman, for he does not invoke his prejudice or force his love upon any one.

I have witnessed over the coarse of my life that not all desire to know God or believe in Him, but I have also witnessed that those who do know and love God do not all desire to know him to the same degree.

To know God on ever deepening levels requires sacrifice and the level of sacrifice or “cost” so to speak, is different for everyone. The more you are willing to risk for His intimacy of heart the more you receive of it. (Luke 11:-13)

“Jehovah is near to those that are of a broken heart, and saves them that are contrite in spirit.”

Psalm 34:18

God is betrothed to the broken hearted. If you study all through the scriptures, anything great that God accomplished through a man or woman, the man or woman became broken. For when we are broken of our will and heart then God repairs it to reflect his Glorious image, bringing himself all the Glory and we truly care for the things that break his heart on a level that we could never achieve on our own. This makes it supernatural and spectacular.

How we handle our broken heart is what makes all of the difference. Everyone knows heartache and heartbreak, but some choose to be the Victor while others choose to be a Victim. Some choose to Overcome while others were overcome. Some still, determine they are to be the Winner (in the best regard) while others become the Whiner. Victor/Victim, Overcomer/overcame, Winner/Whiner. The choice is ours.

Choose the high road of the Overcomer, the Victor, The Champion who Overcame and was used to represent the Lords good Name.

Allow God to come in and clear some clutter, organize the house, and make clean cuts while mending and bandaging where needed. God is building His House and selecting His team to go out and help others who alone cannot do it alone or don’t know of this Great God we serve. Be patient and remember that any team and person is only as strong as the weakest link. Don’t be the weak link! God is your Champion of Heart and will surround you with Champions like-minded to you!

Overcome by the Blood of the Risen One.


“You shall love the Lord your God with all of your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your strength. And these words, which I instruct to you this day, shall be in your heart. And you shall explain them to your sons. And you shall meditate upon them sitting in your house, and walking on a journey, when lying down and when rising up. And you shall bind them like a sign on your hand, and they shall be placed and shall move between your eyes. And you shall write them at he threshold and on the doors of your house. And when the Lord your God will have led you into the land, about which he swore to your fathers, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and when he will have given to you great and excellent cities, which you did not build; houses full of goods, which you did not amass; cisterns, which you did not dig; vineyards and olive groves, which you did not plant; and when you will have eaten and been satisfied: take care diligently, lest you forget the Lord, who led you away from the land of Egypt, from the house of servitude. You shall fear the Lord your God, and you shall serve him alone, and you shall swear by his name.”

January 27, 2018


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Why is the tongue so hard to tame?
The tongue is so small yet so strong. It has the power and capability to do more damage than most anything. It’s sounds go beneath the skin and settle in. It’s wounds can burrow in and grow a garden of pain in the subtlest of ways.

Lord, grant us mercy from our tongue.

I dare say Vasthi is alive and well in all of us. Symbolically speaking that is. Vasthi was the wife of a king, but she was a strong woman with strong opinions and she refused her husband when he called for her. Vasthi was beautiful, but her beauty was aimless. Her beauty was only surface deep. I don’t know the true details of the back drop of this story. Had they argued? Was she in the middle of something? Engaged with fun of her own life with her friends? But here’s where the Bible is clear. The king banished her quite extremely for her stubbornness. Then he took a new queen.

We all possess a little Vasthi in us. We are slave to our flesh. Our wrestle against this flesh and blood is Day by day, moment by moment.
We get frustrated when things don’t go as planned or our way. We don’t like taking orders…most people don’t. We hesitate with unknowns. When we roll around in our flesh we display a surface appearance rather than a deep one of character, honor and dignity. The deeper we go in Christ the less aimless our beauty becomes. We become aimful, careful and purposeful.

There is a quiet relief in surrender. There is a gentle breeze of grace and mercy and relief that comes when we are able to concede.
This is when the Queen Esther in all of us appears.

Yes, I believe Vasthi and Esther can represent the truth that resides in each one of us. Both a symbol of the transformation of soul like the caterpillar to the butterfly.

May the Lord this day probe our hearts, search our minds and dismiss our stubborn ways and yield His septor of amazing grace and dawn a new age in our hearts, minds and lives that resemble the regal grace and gentle countenance of Queen Esther. Obedience to Christ with this small little appendage can yield advancement in your life. In what areas of your life could your tongue use a little refinement? God will gently guide and lead each of us into beautiful and quiet submission.

You are a jewel in the crown of a King. You were born for such a time as this.👑


“…so He set the royal crown upon her head and made her queen instead of Vasthi. Then the King made a great feast. The feast of Esther…”
Esther 2:17


January 25, 2018

Tenacious Heart💜

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Everything you do in life will require tenacity and grit and more than just a little bit. In life, there are those who do and those who excuse. If you want something you’ve never had you always have to do more, try harder, reach farther than you ever have before. The best fruit is always at the top of the tree. Anything worthwhile will require intense levels of HEART. Not just a little bit, but ALL of it. You can’t merely dip your toe in to make sure the temperature is nice. Add the spice to your own life, do what’s right, and pursue what’s right for you. That’s going to look different on everybody and if it doesn’t, then it’s not authentic. Be so unique you become indispensable.

Here’s my example, but you can cross it over to anything. Competing in bodybuilding takes courage. You have to believe in yourself. You can work hard, train hard, eat right and keep it tight. But when you show up on game day you look all around you and guess what…everyone there (except maybe a few) worked hard, trained hard, kept it tight and they look more than alright–they look downright exceptional and extraordinary. It’s a lot to take in. But it doesn’t matter how others look. It doesn’t matter how others train or how they compare. Even though you know the judges will compare you…just like life…life will compare you…when you KNOW who you are and you have given FULL HEART, then you know you offer a sort of pizzazz no one else has. You understand you’re uniqueness in Christ and how Father God thinks it’s kind of nice. When you understand you have favor, you do all God deems beneficial for you knowing it will be unique for you and only you.

Embrace the journey. Give it full heart. Find your own path that cannot be owned by another. This is the stuff leaders are made of. Cut from a different cloth and fully ok with being different to make a difference as God has lead you to do, gifted you to do. This is what besots the Heart of Heaven.

When God charts your course, it’s yours of course. He is with you.

He is with you.


January 23, 2018

Increased by One

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“I am only one, but I am still one; I cannot do everything, but still I can do something; and because I cannot do everything I will not refuse to do the something that I can do.”
Edward Everett Hale

I was reciting this quote to a training client of mine late last week, on Friday it was, I think…

I am particularly fond of this woman. Well, I dare say I am attached to all of my clients. It’s easy to grow in love with people you have spent so much time with each week and year to year. I am blessed with longevity in my client base. They tend to stick and stay and to God for this I am grateful. I know it His hands blessing my work. But this particular client is a woman of intense pomp and worth. She is collectively important in upper society of my community. She loves the Lord and has a heart of gold.

She was sharing with me how she wished she could help more people, for though she tries to keep it on the down low, she financially helps many young people and so forth to get a good education. She was lamenting another she wanted to help, but she declared, “I just can’t take any more on.” So I recited for her this quote, but then I reminded her of the desire God has placed in her heart and right there in the spot we broke from her training to pray together. I declared over her increase of all of her assets and wealth to be used as she has declared…to help others. She got so excited and even surprised by my prayer, but then she agreed, God put the joy of helping in her heart, why would he not give her even more increase. I can’t wait for the good report she brings me. I know our prayer will come to pass.

You are only one, but you are one with power. You are one who has so much more to offer than you truly know yourself. With every passing hour and each coming day, you will see it unfold in your life. You were made for greatness, it is locked inside of you and little by little it is being revealed to you. You are a gentleman/woman. You have courage. You can walk in honor and power and you can overcome every tie that binds you and prevents you from stepping out and doing more. No longer hesitating or waiting for someone else to do what God has for you to do. This is your hour. Shine bright, like the star in the heavens you are, and be all that you are destined to be. Your victory will unleash victory for the countless lives you reach, teach, lead and lend a helping hand. You are Victorious.

Together, WE are ONE. We are one like a body of water, so completely intertwined, though it were millions of drops not one can be distinguished from the other. Faceted together, threaded together, bound tightly and cohesively, yet all the freedom and mobility that water itself contains. When we move we are majestic and beautiful and we flow. Each complimenting and only strengthening the strengths of the other. Unity so magnificent we Shine and sparkle in the Light. Like a body of water, we are large and bold and possess the power to cleanse, purify, nourish and replenish. How beautiful…

We are One, and it is an honor and a privilege to be One with you.

As always, I bless you always, in the Name of the Lord…


“Now may the god of patience and comfort grant you to be like-minded toward one another, according to Christ Jesus, that you may with one mind and one mouth glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore, receive one another, just as Christ also received us, to the glory of God.” Romans 15:5-7

January 22, 2018

Wait for a Second…

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“I Am is calling…you out of a dark and dusty wasteland.
I Am…is turning His gaze to you only the way your greatest love would do.
I Am…is fortified and preparing a place for you.
I Am…has tucked you deep into the chambers of his heart, where for many it is dark as night, but I Am has come to dispose your personal darkness with Oceans of Delight. Everyplace in your heart, your mind, your life that has remained dormant and quiet will now spring forth in abundant light. I Am is the God of the Second Chance.”

He is the God of the Second Chance. He is a God fully invested in your Future Grace. He is the God committed to helping you succeed. He is the God who is faithful to meet your every need. He is the God who cares and He is Faithful. Day in, day out, He is faithful to stand by your side, walking out the days of your life as though it were a rigid assignment of the Lord appointed to protect and lead. Like a valiant steed, carrying you over rubble and graveled terrain. He won’t allow any harm to come to your frame.

He is the God of the Second Chance and His chances are eternal and without limit. Everyday he washes away any painful memory of the past and gives you a second chance.

Embrace his chances today.
Life is lovely, let him live it with you.

Do you have any areas of your life you feel out of chances, Like it’s just too late? Well, for God, this is merely the starting gate. His tender Mercies and Compassions never fail. He is for you with unlimited chances to adore you every day.


“Yet the LORD longs to be gracious to you; therefore he will rise up to show you compassion. For the LORD is a God of justice. Blessed are all who wait for him!”
Isaiah 30:18

“The Lord my God will enlighten my darkness,”
Psalm 18:28

January 21, 2018


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Just because someone is knocking at the door doesn’t mean you have to let them in…

So keep that door hinged tight to shut out every deleterious thought that drifts through your mind.
You have been given the mind of Christ.
You have come so far and you can’t look back or go back.
Things will never be the same and that’s good!
Because the best of you is still blessed within you waiting to bust through!

God always equips you when he calls you. So -of course- you can do it…that’s why he asked.

All the great ones have walked through enormous adversity on the route to cherished destiny. There is greater power in you still. Harness it, with the good Lord’s strength, focus it, like the champion thoroughbred you are, go through…whatever comes against you will not harm you. Just like Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego…

“and the satraps, prefects, governors and royal advisers crowded around them. They saw that the fire had not harmed their bodies, nor was a hair of their heads singed; their robes were not scorched, and there was no smell of fire on them.” Daniel 3:27

You, yourself, won’t even have the stench of smoke upon your clothes when you escape the fiery flames. But instead, God will use the heat to cause momentum and steam likened to a ship and will increase the velocity with which you propel forward.

God will propel you forward!

In a world that is continually telling you everything you’re not, I’m here to remind you…

You are…

Blessed-loved-esteemed -favored and a blessing.

Crown the day and make it yours!


January 18, 2018

Follow the Light

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Follow the Light.✨

The light of the sun is constant.
Each day you know it’s safe to say that no matter the weather conditions, it’s brightly burning.

The light of the moon is constant.
Every night, there it is shining bright.
Whether it’s just a sliver or filling the night. It was made to reflect the Suns light.

The Light of God is constant.
He is always there no matter what your world holds…shining bright.
Dependable. Sure. Stable….

Spend time with Him. You are the reflection of His Light as the moon reflects the sun’s light in the night. You may be the only candle another will see. Shine brightly…

“I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”
John 8:12

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