January 27, 2018


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Why is the tongue so hard to tame?
The tongue is so small yet so strong. It has the power and capability to do more damage than most anything. It’s sounds go beneath the skin and settle in. It’s wounds can burrow in and grow a garden of pain in the subtlest of ways.

Lord, grant us mercy from our tongue.

I dare say Vasthi is alive and well in all of us. Symbolically speaking that is. Vasthi was the wife of a king, but she was a strong woman with strong opinions and she refused her husband when he called for her. Vasthi was beautiful, but her beauty was aimless. Her beauty was only surface deep. I don’t know the true details of the back drop of this story. Had they argued? Was she in the middle of something? Engaged with fun of her own life with her friends? But here’s where the Bible is clear. The king banished her quite extremely for her stubbornness. Then he took a new queen.

We all possess a little Vasthi in us. We are slave to our flesh. Our wrestle against this flesh and blood is Day by day, moment by moment.
We get frustrated when things don’t go as planned or our way. We don’t like taking orders…most people don’t. We hesitate with unknowns. When we roll around in our flesh we display a surface appearance rather than a deep one of character, honor and dignity. The deeper we go in Christ the less aimless our beauty becomes. We become aimful, careful and purposeful.

There is a quiet relief in surrender. There is a gentle breeze of grace and mercy and relief that comes when we are able to concede.
This is when the Queen Esther in all of us appears.

Yes, I believe Vasthi and Esther can represent the truth that resides in each one of us. Both a symbol of the transformation of soul like the caterpillar to the butterfly.

May the Lord this day probe our hearts, search our minds and dismiss our stubborn ways and yield His septor of amazing grace and dawn a new age in our hearts, minds and lives that resemble the regal grace and gentle countenance of Queen Esther. Obedience to Christ with this small little appendage can yield advancement in your life. In what areas of your life could your tongue use a little refinement? God will gently guide and lead each of us into beautiful and quiet submission.

You are a jewel in the crown of a King. You were born for such a time as this.👑


“…so He set the royal crown upon her head and made her queen instead of Vasthi. Then the King made a great feast. The feast of Esther…”
Esther 2:17


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