February 13, 2018

Dig Deep

Posted in Inspirational, true story tagged , , , , , , , , , , , at 7:16 am by Broken & Brave

Every new level will require you to get out your shovel. You’ve got to dig deep. It may require you lose some sleep. It may require you resolve and understand that to have more later you must give up some things right now. You have to keep your mind focused and body disciplined.
Training for some natural bodybuilding competitions and I am reminded of the recent passing away of a friend. After my very first show, I knew little of how to properly pose. I knew less about how people would react to my desire to persist. My friend, an experienced posing coach and bodybuilder told me the most encouraging thing and it inspires me still today…He said, many people train to compete. Many people talk about doing a show. Many set the goal. But those who put their toes on the “X” are no nonsense. Sometimes the greatest accomplishment is found in the “Do”.

How about you? Time to go to the #nextlevel no matter what you aspire to do. Get out your shovel, dig deep and surprise yourself with the extraordinary potential you’ve got locked down deep! –Nicole


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