March 31, 2018

Knowing You Are Loved

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“How blessed is the one whom You choose and bring near to You
To dwell in Your courts.
We will be satisfied with the goodness of Your house,
Your holy temple.” Psalm 65:4

You are exceptional.
God knew why he picked you all along. You have a style and way all your own. You are needed, right here, right now. You have much to offer. You are loved, cherished and greatly esteemed. But God knew all of this when He created you. ~Nicole

March 30, 2018

Good Morning, Dove

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I live near a river.
Sometimes my boys walk down to check out the stream.
At night I can hear the coyotes howl.
At dusk I can watch all the little cottontail bunnies come out to keep me company. They love the front lawn. Occasionally they allow me to get right up close to them.

It is very common in spring and summer for them to come out of the bushes and run down the road to my home alongside my car or in front leading me to the driveway (there are only two houses on my country street so it is very quiet with near to no traffic). I often tell my husband it’s like instead of dogs greeting us we have bunnies.
It is also not uncommon for me to stumble upon Morning Doves or a little Quail family.

There’s a story to how I came to live where I live and it wasn’t by chance, but it was nothing I planned, it was all God. I live very deep in the country and must spend endless amounts of time driving into town where our entire life occurs. I am truly not very fond of driving. It’s not something I enjoy. So every once in a while I feel so weary of it I must pray as I say to my Heavenly Father, “I don’t feel I can do it today…help me Lord.” I don’t want to become ungrateful for the beauty of it all or my vehicle or the safety He continually provides me on the open road.

I heard a story the other day that instantly made me give thanks. God is so kind…I was reminded of how despite anything I struggle with (for there is more) I abide in an atmosphere of Peace and Serenity.

I was reflecting on this yesterday morning just before leaving for work and then I literally looked up and out the glass and saw a male and female dove building their nest on the inner eve of my front porch. My heart seeped with glee. I knew God did that for me. God has used Morning Doves as a gentle reminder of his faithfulness and love for about a decade now. I’m always having unique encounters with Doves and when I do I always remember my God.

What treasured moments do you store in your heart? Are there things God has faithfully brought you through that you can reflect on and see the strength He equipped in you to help you manage the storm? For me it’s serenity in the midst of challenging circumstances delivered by the vehicle of sweet little critters and a quiet neighborhood. I am thankful for that.

Reflect today, Good Friday, on all the positives in your life. You have so much to be thankful for. Refresh your spirit in His Love. It is custom made for you like a glove. He will relieve your every tension and relax your brow from the suspicions of life into the full knowledge that he is, and has always been, right there by your side. I know when I do this, my Father hears the gentle coo of my heart–just like that of the Morning Dove.

You are Loved.

March 29, 2018

Poise and Posture

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I look at this photo and cringe a bit. It was from my second show ever (which was only two weeks after my first show). I had minimal clue how to pose. How I’m standing I look all blocky. If I would’ve opened up my hips, stretched my torso and pulled back my shoulders more it probably would have meant higher placement than what I got. But then I look at this and liken my posture to the heart. Do you ever block your heart in, standing “strong” but it becomes rigid? You may think you’re doing great, but what others see is closed, don’t approach me. But let me tell you ladies this, you have been created in the image of God. That makes you capable of reflecting his love, truth, strength, dignity, goodness, wisdom and Beauty. And beautiful you are. You don’t need a fake tan and a stage to sparkle bright! Whatever ailes you, own that night and use it as the backdrop to Canopy the Bright that you Shine! You are too gorgeous to hide that shine. ~Nicole✨


March 28, 2018

Infused Heart

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I’m not sure the year I wrote the following post. But it was several years back right around this time of year…Easter. I found it in my notes “by chance” this morning.

What’s unique about it to me is that last night I had a dream so similar to its theme and woke up with the words of the Holy Spirit inspiring my heart. His words were along the same theme as my dream. It was all about being broken hearted and how things that damage us early in life can break our heart, but when we allow God’s invisible finger to reach down deep and heal that thing like a laser point of Infused Hope and Wholeness–we not only develop the ability to cope with stresses in life, but will use our story to inspire, connect and bind together His Chosen Body for Christ…using our story to add to its “membership” everyday. So, because of all these clues, I’m resharing this post with you.
I pray it reaches down deep and causes the Tender Touch of the Father to mend what needs mending in your wounded heart. God allows our hearts to be broken, so we can break for what breaks his. His kind of broken heart takes action with compassion. Left to itself, a wounded heart becomes a person with no heart.

Take great heart. The courage and hope of heaven has been transplanted in you. Rise up and take your place in this glorious day. Turn your gaze up. Because your Grestest Love wants to gleam with an eye of pride at your beautiful and Radiant face.💜

Here’s the notes:

When you have a large family your life is go, go, go. Even on a slow day it is comparable to a medium to a heavy day for a small family. Only people with large families understand this because of experience. But over the weekend I had incredible opportunity to rest despite my full work schedule. In my down time I watched a movie I hadn’t seen in years (but love)…”The Ultimate Gift”. I have always found tremendous similarities between the main character in this movie and my own life. As God taught me immeasurable lessons in many areas He broke it down…how to live a Victorious Life is most fruitful via a Broken Life.

Broken Hearted people are everywhere. They are easy to spot for they do a lot of bleeding that doesn’t resemble blood. My heart pounds for these people with Compassion and God’s Healing Touch. Then there are the broken who have healed but the healing wasn’t complete and left their heart closed up, crooked and deeply scared. When God heals the scar is seem-less though present. When the world heals it leaves much scar tissue that hinders function. I have an eye to spot them all.

How is your heart?

He carried His Cross so we could bear ours…Victoriously.
You should never have any doubts about your ability. God hand designed and picked you and your purpose. Abundant Reason! He is still Risen, even the day after Easter. You are HIS Ultimate Gift and He has Bountiful Treasure for you. ~Nicole

“Love is a decision to treat others as Jesus would.”
Gary Smalley

March 27, 2018

Learning To Hear God’s Voice

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Just in the past two days on different occasion I had two different conversations with people who came to me, sharing their heart, and then they asked the same question …

How did you come to hear God’s Voice so clearly?

A few weeks ago I had another woman ask me, “How do you learn to hear God’s Voice.”

Well…all are good questions and I believe it should be a foundational question in the life of ever Believer of Christ who understands the absolute imperative function of the Holy Spirit. Though the answer to their collective question cannot be answered in one sentence. Hearing God’s voice is something that develops over time. I cannot speak for other people’s ear for the Spirit, I can only speak from my own experience and the Biblical truth that God has so generously poured into my Spirit.

I truly believe most people can hear God’s voice their entire life. Maybe this is why we are told in the Word to come with childlike faith?
Then I think, how can we not hear him? He is speaking to us through all of creation, our conscience, and a vast array of other vehicles. The problem is we aren’t paying attention. We don’t discern. We aren’t listening. We fail to understand who He is and what He truly looks like–so we dismiss his voice.

But it’s even more complex than this.

There are a million competing voices all around us and most of all within our own mind. See–the enemy knows that a mind that lacks peace, rest and protection is his. If he can rule your mind, your thoughts, then he can rule your actions. This is what it means to take on the mind of Christ. To take his yolk upon us. To think, see and feel as Christ is–a mind at peace. A mind that doesn’t toss about like a raging sea. There is a calm and tranquility about one who has the mind of Christ. But we don’t get there overnight. It is a process of cultivating our everyday existence around Christ.

The Believer of God won’t be able to walk in their Divine Life Assignment to his full intent until they get to a place in their walk with Christ where they not only wear the Armor of God all day everyday, but they have charge over their mind. As you purposely grow your walk and cling to the Cross as you tread through various trials, set backs, obstacles and persecutions of the enemy on your faith, you become very intentional about kicking Satan out of your mind. Once you learn to rule your mind, God will begin to give you dominion to rule your life. You have already received the inheritance of dominion when He allowed himself to be tacked to a stake for the whole human race. That’s the day you received dominion. It is an unfortunate truth that few believers ever grow deep enough in their Identity as a Child of God and what that entitles them to–so they stay stuck wallowing in the very simplistic concept that God actually loves them and may even like them. He is committed to them.

Being intentional requires deep effort. You’re going to have to learn how to do real, deep and consistent work. Two examples, one a practical spiritual application and one an analogy. First, the woman a few weeks ago who asked about how to hear God speak also, in nearly the same sentence, told me she never read the Bible on her own because she just didn’t have time. I know her story represents the same story as countless others. Let me tell you, when my child calls me on the phone, I recognize her voice (once upon a time we didn’t have caller ID technology). She doesn’t need to tell me who she is because I know her so intimately and closely I don’t need to see her or touch her to recognize her. The same is true with God. The more time you spend working on your relationship with him via prayer, reading the Word, being still, worshiping and INVITING the Holy Spirit to come, then you simply pay attention. You LOOK for him to show up in every moment of your day and you RECOGNIZE him. You EXPECT Him to show up. You can even prayerfully tell God just this,

“Lord, help me to recognize you in every move you make in my life and to discern your voice.”

Secondly, I have a friend who is working hard to better her life. She has re-enrolled in school and wants to get a degree despite having been out of school a long time and having a family. She works full time. She has children who have schedules. She is purposing herself toward a better future. Do you know there are people telling her to “slow down”, “smell the roses”, “quit pushing hard”. That, my friends isn’t the voice God gave her. God encouraged her and opened the doors for her. These competing voices are the collective voice of mediocrity. Mediocrity really says, “Stop doing that because your making me feel bad about my own life.” Or “I’m not apathetic, she’s just imbalanced and tries to do too much.” This is a practical application where you can begin to practice and discern the correct voices.

To ensure a secure mind you must cover it with scripture. Read Ephesians chapter 6 over yourself, out loud! Why out loud? Because you will hear it, you will be declaring over yourself, and the enemy of your soul will hear it too. Remember, the devil and his dominion can plant thoughts in your mind, but it doesn’t mean they know what you’re thinking. They cannot hear your thoughts. They merely make a calculated guess based on a lifetime of observing your behaviors. So when we speak the Word it is like taking the Rhema word, the Sword of the Spirit, and slaying those giants who set out to assail your mind.

God’s Voice is for everyone. Some spiritual gifts require a flowing of a finite intuitive ear for His Voice, but every Believer is equipped with the Holy Spirit and has access to all the assets He has provided.

I hope this helps someone today.
Today could be the first day on your journey to deeper encounters with God.



March 25, 2018


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What do you do when you’ve done all you can to love, protect and encourage people who just don’t like you? When God tells you you’re assigned like a Watchman on the Wall, but you must stand in a Dark place?

Well, that’s a good question. I guess you may never know why some people think more highly of you than they ought and some won’t approve of anything you do, it just doesn’t make any difference.

I think I’ve learned from my experience that even when people don’t like us, it doesn’t mean we should stop loving them. Maybe we just learn to love them different. When they push you down and only have for you a frown, then let them. Love them. But let them go.

Love has chapters. I am grateful.
Jesus loved to the death.
Sometimes we must love others to the death. Even if it’s our own. Not literal, of course. It’s noble to want to encourage to help. But our encouragement won’t be appreciated or received by everybody. And that’s ok. Where one door shuts, God paves a new way with new faces and your love will be embraced.

People are amazing. I love them all. I know my ability to love is not natural, it is the Lord. Agape. I see and feel prophetically in my heart all that He feels, hears and sees. There is so much beauty in humanity.

Love is Patient.
Love is Kind.
Love has courage.
Love forgives.

I forgive. I love. I let go.

Maybe this blog doesn’t make sense, but for my heart my pen is a healthy release even for only me. But I’ve often times been shown the very writings I think are for myself alone-God uses to help someone else with His Holy Kiss from His Holy Spirit.

If you’ve got any ounce of disappointment in your life-
God can take and wrap it and toss it.
He gives Beauty for Ashes.

Blessings from above…
God always cloaks in love.


March 24, 2018

Holy Surrender

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Real faith begins where logic ends.

Have you ever noticed how good we humans are at trying to figure it all out, plan, organize, put all of our ducks in a row? I like to be organized and have a plan, but God taught me a long time ago how to learn to little by little let go of my plans and surrender wholly to His. See, it’s good be to a good steward of what we’ve been entrusted with and this honors and pleases God. But when you’ve done that and God sees it, He may begin to take you deeper to the realm of Faith Dependence. This goes somewhere beyond reason, common sense and logic. It crosses over into the Supernatural. I believe this is where the real “Milk and Honey” flows. Challenge yourself to trust God more than you ever have before. He’s got you! ~Nicole

March 23, 2018

Strength to Endure

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Every hard thing pales in the Glory of God’s Bloom. Don’t allow your heart to loom. Though we face hardships and persecutions of various kinds…keep this in mind…the God of Heaven willing went on a trip down to Shihol for you. He didn’t have to endure, but He did because the Heavenly Father said it was the only way you’d understand the depths of His love for you. He came to usher in a marvelous breakthrough.

So, arise. Shine. The Light and Hope has come to illuminate your soul so you can be a flashlight of heart everywhere you go. His Glory rests upon your breast and lights the path with His breath. The path is narrow, the gate small and few actually equipped with the right boots to tread upon it. But not you…you fit through His narrow path and you are made of the right stuff–built to last. Any ounce of overhaul has been to create in you a type of fortitude and foundation of faith that knows beyond any doubt that you can and will overcome.

“Arise, shine; for thy light is come, and the glory of the Lord is risen upon thee.” Isaiah 60:1

March 22, 2018


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“The Lord your God is in your midst, a mighty one who will save; he will rejoice over you with gladness; he will quiet you by his love;
he will exult over you with loud singing.”
Zeph. 3:17

I want you re-read this passage above. Don’t just glide over it with your eyes. Soak it in…drink it deep. Let it saturate you and then sink in. Absorb it. Become tranquil within it. Allow it to water and soften your soul. What does it speak to you?
Let it resonate. Hear it? Save…rejoice…love exulted…loud singing.

What would or could that feel like? Have you ever been celebrated? I mean truly celebrated? If you have, good for you. I personally have very limited experience with it in the natural. This is perhaps why I feel it so deeply from my Creator. I feel I was created to celebrate. I love to celebrate others and sing their praise. I love to make people feel good. Not a false or fluffy good. But the kind of good that sinks deep and helps people sleep. Exhortation and edification that brings rest to a soul. But I truly have limited experience being the recipient of such praise. I am not sure I’d know what to do with it. I’m sure I wouldn’t like it–feel comfortable with it I mean. Except when it comes from my God. I sense the Holy Spirit as He caresses my soul with His acceptance, His contentment with who I am and how we are together.

I don’t have to achieve.
I don’t have to meet any expectations.
No flaming hoops to jump through to earn his favor.
He just loves me and favors me.

I feel it…I feel it deep.

I feel it so deep it saturates me and I cannot keep it all to myself. It must spill out and over-flooding my pen, my tongue, my smile, my touch and I unleash it on whoever needs it. Sometimes I know who that is and sometimes I don’t. But God knows and He directs its course and finds the Host to House his Goodness.

Several years ago…several…I went for a weekend to visit the Dream Center in Los Angeles. I was overwhelmed and overcome by what I saw, heard and experienced. Please research it out if you have never heard of this amazing organization. They reached deep into the very impoverished and hurting region of Los Angeles by Echo Park and Angeles Temple. Drugs. Gangs. Homeless. Prostitution. This area had it all, but what it didn’t have was commerce. No restaurants. No Starbucks (hard to believe with one seemingly on every street corner). The crime and poverty too great for something as simple as a Subway sandwich shop. But Love reached in.

This movement of people believed that by meeting the needs and showing up every day in the lives of people who probably just wished they’d go away–they believed they could make a difference. So they’d love them practically. No preachy sermon. Never told their “sins”. Just loved with a bag of groceries, a ride, a safe haven, a kind word, a smile and all of this put on repeat. Day in-day out. They did not compromise or waiver. My heart melted.

Years went by and this community became just that–a community. People had lives transformed. Transvestites heard they were lovely and loved. Loved by God himself.

These people began showing up on the steps of the Angeles Temple to attend church services and do you know what they do? I experienced it first hand when I went myself…they line up and clap and cheer for you as you walk in. It was overwhelming. So many people from the street have never had anyone cheer for them ever. But don’t think this is exclusive to the down and out. I think it may have been the first time I felt the collective cheer for me and I grew up in the stereotypical “normal” American home.

Why don’t we celebrate each other anymore? Because most people are walking wounded. They can’t give what they don’t have. If they don’t love them self they probably aren’t going to love you. But when you know this–truly know this–you can celebrate. Grab hold of one thing you appreciate about every single person you encounter. Do it! I dare you!! Now focus on that. I’ve done this my whole life. Nobody taught me to do it, I just did. God put it in me. When you learn to appreciate others you will realize you begin to appreciate and like yourself.

Love Big because Love wins.
God himself rejoiced over you.
God celebrates you.
He delights in you.
God wants to keep you company because he enjoys your presence…
And He can think of countless things He likes about you, not just one.
Allow him to flood your soul with His Presence. It will stir, flood and create a kind of love that nothing can dismiss.

Eternal Bliss.

He counts you as His Joy.
Wise men still seek Him.


March 21, 2018

Speak Life

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YOU are set apart. That means you are created, prepared and reserved for something special. God always has His eye on you watching your every move-not because he means to punish or extract something from you-but because He treasures you and He keeps inventory of the things He cherished most. He adores you and His thoughts toward you are adorable. So, you have been set apart. Let His love devour your fears, cares and troubles. Though storms may come, you will never be overcome. He is holding you now. ~Nicole

“I will never leave you nor forsake you. Be strong and of good courage.” Joshua 1:5-6

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