May 9, 2018

Disciplined Kind of Fit

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This morning I ran an errand for my boys. We don’t place our recycling at the curb, we take our water bottles to the recycling center. The funds we make from the collection at the recycling center is usually somehow donated to a fun activity for the kids. Everyone helps collect, press and store the bottles and the men usually make the trip to the recycle center–but sometimes I go and that’s what I did today. My high school boys get extra credit in science at their school for recycling and then turning in the receipts to their teacher. Receipts are due Friday so I volunteered to truck over to the center to acquire the ever coveted “extra credit slip”.

As I opened the back of the truck I realized that I don’t usually handle the oversized–enormous–plastic bags myself. Someone of the male persuasion usually helps me. But today I was sans kids and all alone. An employee kindly came out to assist me. He told me if they had been sorted and didn’t have any water remaining I didn’t have to transfer them into the green trash cans. I was most appreciative and expressed my gratitude. I told him what I just shared with you about my visions of spilling bottles everywhere trying to manage the top of a very full and very large trash bag. Then he said something interesting that I paid no mind to at first…but later on it got me thinking and now I sit here writing this blog.

He simply smiled and stated,” Oh, you’d be fine. You look pretty fit.”

That was that. I recycled my bottles, got my receipt and then left. On my way home I stopped for a little gas. As I walked to the counter to pay I remembered what the gentleman said about my looking fit and then these words penetrated my head…

“When you are physically fit people notice. When you are spiritually fit people notice.”


Isn’t it true? I’ve been on a fitness journey that began when I was 13. That’s when I had my aha moment and realized that if I wanted a different health history outcome and legacy than the one I saw happening on one particular side of my family, then I had to do something different. So began my fitness quest. I didn’t get where I am now overnight. I had a lot to learn about fitness and nutrition. So I went to work. Because I was interested I didn’t mind the work. I tried and failed–a lot. I’d advance and sometimes I’d find myself taking a few steps back. Then I’d have seasons where I’d plateau or coast on any success I currently possessed. But my hunger and drive never subsided and I’d find myself setting new goals and exploring new roads. Being pregnant as many times as I’ve been pregnant presented other new challenges as far as fitness goes. But I never abandoned my goals. I just readjusted my sails and pursued my course always and assessing and addressing my priorities. Never wanted fitness to interfere with my loved ones. They came first. But I also knew a fit Momma is a happy Momma and she is better equipped with stamina and endurance and tenacity to handle anything Mom life can throw at you.

It was always in the back of my mind that I wanted to be fit enough for it to be obvious I was into fitness. I wanted to express it with my results, not anything I said. That my fitness would speak for itself, no words required. It took time because though I’ve been physically fit and strong a long time, my nutrition discipline took time to build a solid foundation. But I persisted without exception. I always knew it would happen for me, God had put the desire in me that never faded or waned. And then it happened. My goal is what I became.

I still have goals, still reaching, pushing, building on the foundation God has given me. But I enjoy the fruit of my diligent efforts. People often comment to me about my fitness even when I don’t realize I look all that fit.

So as I left the gas station reflecting on all of this it also occurred to me this same fact, when you are physically fit people notice…it has application to many aspects of life.

When you are physically fit people notice.
When you are emotionally fit people notice.
When you are mentally strong people notice.
When you are spiritually fit people notice.

I spent much of the last week studying in my Bible about Rebekah, the woman of the Old Testament who married Isaac and ushered in God’s Promise. As I studies the theme the Lord overwhelmed me with was “Discipline”.

What discipline this young woman had to REST in her father’s care, serve as a daughter of noble worth and step into her place in Destiny! Her faithful and disciplined trust helped usher in the Promise to Abraham’s Sons!

It takes discipline to become physically fit.
It requires discipline to control your food choices and become nutritionally fit.
It requires discipline to draw closer to God and exercise our faith, strengthen our understanding of his pure and matchless grace and to be Still and bask in His warm yet gentle embrace.

Spend some time asking in prayer this week how you can apply greater discipline to your Christian life and fulfill God’s perfect plan and purpose for your life!
Because when your fit you will get to eat the fruit of your discipline!



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