May 15, 2018

You Are Known

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You are the Shelter to the Shelterless.
You are the Comfort to those without comfort.

His love is like a washing of a wandering soul.
You have not been alone.
He has been beside you from day one–
Constructing, building, wiring your very DNA.
Knowing every breath you’d take.
Knowing every path, move and every decision.
He knows all.
He has been there in it all.

Good or bad, your behavior is not as relevant to Him as the pleasure He takes in knowing you.

You are Known.

Come to be known in a deeper way.
Deep calls to deep.
He even weighs and measures abounding love over you as you sleep.
His love is Good Medicine.

Whatever ails you-
He is there.
He is going to handle it with care.
He is your Shelter.
He is your Comfort.
He is your Supporter,
Your Way Maker,
Your Day Breaker at the end of even the darkest of Nights.

Hold tight, Beloved.
Come to be Known.

*Prose of worship and prayer written by Nicole McBride on this day;
May 15,2018


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