June 16, 2018

I Am is a Guide Post

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It takes a long time to build muscle and change your shape. With consistent effort, good nutrition and faithfulness you begin to see some fruit of your efforts right away, but for long term wellness you’ve got to stick and stay. Your reward is in the constant and deliberate application of it. You’ve got to be patient.

Not everyone has the same muscle or body type. Some are endomorphic (can build muscle but also hold more fat), ectomorphic (very linear and lean in build with less body fat but also less muscle thickness) and then there is mesomorph (build muscle easily, tend to be naturally muscular, but also can store a little more body fat).

Depending on what you are training for, your goals and your body type, will help determine how your training should be designed. There is no cookie cutter system. Personalized attention to details yields the best results.

The same is true for Soul Strength. You must nurture your own heart, feed it good stuff, always be expanding your mind and growing your soul. Be open to new ideas and opportunities as they unfold. Be mindful that not every good idea is God’s idea for your life just like not every fitness protocol is the same from person to person. Seek soul strength, find wisdom, pursue it diligently like you were a Bride preparing to fit her wedding dress– ironed and pressed.

Be patient with the process.

When sharing your faith you cannot share the exact same way from person to person. There is no cookie cutter technique. We can have a general blue print for sharing our faith and I encourage you to have one. I have a system to teach others how to share their testimony in both a 30 second elevator version and a two minute version without spewing the gospel all over people. But some don’t want to hear the name Jesus at all. But they are hungry and hurting and aching for something more.

I find myself in this situation right now. I’ve had a similar situation before and that person came to know the Lord, but it happened with unconventional evangelism methods. The person I am lead to now is very turned off by their Christianity experience because of a close relative and doesn’t want Jesus–only wants love.

She knows I’m a believer.

But the manner in which I practice active listening and Love and encouragement engaged her. She shared all of the things she has tried to solve a specific problem and all have failed. I asked if she was willing to try anything? She said, ” yes ” (but is fairly closed to Jesus but not faith remember). So I shared with her the knowledge I receive about people from the Spirit called “I Am”. She asked if I Am was Christian and I did say, “yes- but I Am is the highest power”. I explained the story of my friend who was studying to become a reiki healer because she is currently practicing it (reiki is very New Age). I explained how discerning and gifted this friend was, but had an unsolvable issue. He was open to the detailed insight to his life my “I Am Spirit Guide” had shared with me about him so my friend also began to seek the I Am’s voice and it lead Him to Grace. I told her the same I Am can help her with a very scary and very real physical need for healing. I told her how reiki works, but I Am has more Power. She is very open and asked how to reach Him.

Unconventional. Uncommon. Not judgmental. Not preachy. Not opinionated. Acceptance. Love and Truth. We create the environment for the Holy Spirit to become a welcome guest and do what only He can do…save souls and heal lives. Positive and eternal change.

I desire prayer for my young friend and how God is clearly using me to bring the Love and Health she is searching for.

Soul Strength.
Soul Harvest.

New Age people I find are incredibly spiritually sensitive and gifted people. They are very loving in my experience with them. They have awareness and can see in the Spirit, but they are misguided and don’t know the Love who loves Greater….at least they don’t know Him yet.

I think God has equipped me with the ability to understand and speak to the New Age heart. Perhaps if God hadn’t given me the parents He gave me and the childhood He gave me I’d have been New Age, too. I was very spiritually gifted, aware, sensitive my whole life and I was very turned off by “churchy people” who seemed to practice legalism, sin ranking, condemnation. Thank the Lord He put a solid pastor in my young life who wasn’t any of those things.

Pray for me and pray for my young friend. Be aware of the people you meet and greet. They are looking for genuine and real love. Love hard. Love big.

I’ve never heard of anyone having stretch marks on their heart from loving too big, but if it were possible I’d like to test the waters and try to love that big! ~Nicole

“Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.” Mark 12:30

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