June 21, 2018


Posted in Inspirational tagged , , , , , , at 6:57 am by Broken & Brave

YOU are Beautiful!

… Stunning actually.

You’re life-significant…valuable…and created with purpose! Do not let anyone or anything influence you otherwise. You have been gifted with Hope and you have no idea probably the Hope you have brought to others. We usually know the least of all our own beauty and strength. But God created and gifted, you to the world. The joy comes in opening the present. Right? Everyone can appreciate a beautiful package, but it’s what’s inside and the anticipation that excites the soul.

Bath your heart in thanksgiving and perfume your soul with Hope. It will give off the most pleasing aroma that makes the world want to know!

People all around us are desperate for Hope and desire freedom from depression or sadness of heart. Pay attention and see who God has maybe sent you to encourage!

Never forget. You are lavished in Grace and Heaven has reserved you a space nothing could possibly replace. You are loved. ~Nicole

“I have loved you with an everlasting love.” Jeremiah 31:3


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