July 18, 2018

God Over Money

Posted in Uncategorized at 7:14 am by Broken & Brave

In 2001 I was pregnant with my son, Luke. John had left the University in 2000 to venture into self employment (so he could have more time with our kids). So, we had no insurance and were paying cash for all our prenatal/medical. I was very stressed about money. I’ve always been good with budgeting $ and this was a huge walk of faith for on paper we couldn’t afford a cash pregnancy with the c-section surgery. On top of all this $ was very tight, being our 1st year self employed. One week I had a Dr. appt and was scheduled to make a large payment toward my prenatal. I barely had more in my checking than those designated $. Sunday at church a local evangalist who is one of my favorites came and spoke at my church about his upcoming speaking engagement at an area high school (he ministers to youth and runs Christian youth camps). I clearly heard the Holy Spirit instruct me to give an offering and an exact amount (it was substantial). It was my entire amount set aside for the Dr. I was scared to be so generous, but obeyed. (John was great because he never worries about $). When I went to the Dr. I had nothing to give…but found myself surprised to be told they had made an error and someone, early in my pregnancy, had anonymously paid my enitre balance and they hadn’t told me. So instead of owing them I had a $600+ credit!

Stop worrying about finance! Don’t be afraid to be generous! God will lead you and guide you and provide for you in ways you don’t expect! It’s not until we step out in Faith…believing He is the God he says he is, that the miraculous hand of provision flows! Pursue excellence in generosity!



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