July 19, 2018

Live Victoriously..

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“Use your freedom to serve one another in love. For the whole law can be summed up in this one command: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.” Gal. 5:13-14

Loving people is an act of service and of the will. There are a few people over the years that God has placed in our lives to nurture, mentor, love. Some had very abusive childhoods and much residual emotional and mental “stuntedness” because of the trauma they endured.

Sometimes loving someone healthy takes a risk.

A few years ago—-I guess it’s been quite a few years ago now…there was one such person we had been nurturing since they were a teen, now in maybe their late thirties. We poured into and sacrificed for this person for more than a decade. There was much progress made, but always resisidual and persistent evidence of their pain and struggle with shame and blame.

This person became very narcissistic and craved power. Our relationship with him shifted after one evening when he literally asked for my husband to command God to transfer his “anointing” to him. You can see right off the bat the trouble with that. Who commands God?

John replied that he could not, but if he could…of course such a thing passes from Father to son. After this, the young person became irrational and completely pulled away from us. He began fabricating stories about our family, slandering us to intentionally “get back at us”.

All manifestations of his pain. What was merely being explained to him in love, through the filter of his painful past was received as rejection and unworthiness.

I did not find out about this, the double minded behavior and slander until almost a year later. I reached out to him, in love, for love is the only way to heal a person with such pain…to no avail. Despite his hurtful words I gave him no response. I operated in grace. I hoped one day he’d come around and the foundation I had laid would ease his disgrace with love and acceptance— two things he never had in his childhood.

It’s an unfortunate truth that I suspect we still experience residual sting from the things said about my family, but in the end it really didn’t do anything to us. God remained amazing. My kids still healthy and growing in God’s grace and their giftings blossoming and flourishing. I still abide in heavens beautiful garden of love feasting to my hearts delight.
I did learn a lot through that situation about guarding my heart. I was able to compare and contrast the difference between a guarded heart and Fort Knox (nothing getting in good or bad).

Sometimes you have to walk through added trials and heartache to love someone who is sick in soul…but it doesn’t mean you quit. It doesn’t mean you stop loving. It doesn’t mean you stop caring. Just as our heavenly Father waits for us to walk and decide how much of His love we will accept, so we must be a type and shadow of such unconditional love.

You may wonder, “why in the world would you even care to do this?”

Well, my friends, the answer is clear—
A tender heart toward God and all the Compassion He gave to me as He waited patiently for me to overcome my own heart to accept His. I do it for Him because I love Him. If He loves the broken hearted and just plain broken, then so do I.

I have Hope and optimism that this example will one day have a happy ending.
Sometimes you can only love others best, by releasing them into their own mess. When they are ready for God’s steady hand—they will reach out and grab it—knowing full well it never ever left it’s span.

Friends, we must die to our own will, our own wants, our own ambition every day and be what we are called to….a life lived to serve others. The Lord is coming for a Pure and Spotless Bride, one without blemish or defect.

WE are not capable, but with surrender of soul we become all He has designed us to be.

Live Victoriously..



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