August 6, 2018


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It is important as believers to not be one dimensional in our thinking.

God is not one dimensional—He is ever expanding and multi-faceted.

The more we increase our capacity to receive-by eliminating poor thought patterns and embracing new ideas and possibilities, the more multi-dimensional we become, too.

I read a quote in a devotional this week. It’s a devotional I’ve had for about seven years now and there is a unique and glorious story as to how I “stubbled across it” when in fact I know God lead me right to it.

It is a complication of scriptures and quotes and poems (if you’ve read much from me you know I love poetry and prose are my hearts key) —all the entries with a thematic cadence to each date given. Most of the authors are from a century or more ago and aren’t super famous or “known”. The vernacular is old English so it challenges my mind and keeps it sharp as well as I have to chew the meaty words more heavily than a modern translations of the English language. And guess the title, “Strength & Joy”. That’s what caught my eye because those are two very prophetic catch words God has high lighted in my heart forever.

Now you have the unnecessary backstory of my favorite devotional—maybe your heart is soft and receptive to this particular entry…

It said that God loves us so much…because He always loves what He pities. Exact quote:

“He does not love us because we are so lovely, but because He always loves what He pities.” -George MacDonald

I didn’t really like that at first. I don’t particularly feel “victim” in life or have a victim mindset. Being pitid isn’t something I covet.

A nemesis of thought I have battled most my life is that God gave me a mantle and spent so many years tediously and patiently grooming me through extreme fire after fire and simultaneous fires was because I was THAT unusable and He had a lot of work to do to change that. I knew God likes glory and to show off a bit how Great He is. So of course he chooses the most unlikely candidates for victory.

Yes this is true, non of us are worthy, but Satan was twisting it in my head based on my life long belief that I was a burden and couldn’t do anything the “right” way. I never felt adequate enough. Less than. Mostly because that’s the trap Satan put on repeat for me through words spoken and deleterious life experiences.

I don’t think that way anymore—haven’t for a lot of years now, but I used to. So because I found it easier to believe I was “less than” instead of “more than…” (as in conqueror in Christ) a quote like this could feel “icky”.

But it’s not!

It’s glorious and a beautiful reminder that we need to always remain contrite of heart. In days of blessing or success we never believe we did any of it, but Christ empowered us for all of it! It’s a beautiful thing because life WITH God is enormously beautiful and causes my heart to sing songs I’ve never even heard as his celestial beings fill my head with heavenly lyric and key.

One of the things that stirs my soul with melody is the harmony and rich symphony of all the different string, horn, strum or drum. All pulled together—it is emotionally provocative and sets a cadence of emotion that settles the heart when heard.

No, let me correct myself, music isn’t heard—It’s felt.
It is multi-dimensional.

I had a dream about expanding perspective…Multidimensional thinking. I saw a person I know in the dream and the Lord revealed to me this persons simple (as in pure) generosity and how big it was.

In the dream I saw the person in a foreign country that they visit frequently. I too, was in this country in the dream and had travelled there with a faceless woman (she had a face but was no one I actually know so her identity probably not important to the dream). I spoke with the generous person and this person pointed the woman out to me not knowing I had travelled to this country with her (in the dream it was Southern France—important enough detail to be included to dream but still do not know significance of it). As he, the generous person, pointed her out he clarified he had never spoken with her, but she must be local because he sees her there in the same spot every time he comes to the country. I then explained to the man that the woman was in fact not a local but lived in California near me and I had travelled with her to her time share in Southern France. She comes the same time every year.

What was the point of the dream?
Expand your thinking. The first part of the dream I saw a generous person who was blessed in his ability to bless but limited by small perceptions based on limited personal experience and or communication. It was like a light bulb of possibility thinking went off in the gentleman’s head when I elaborated what I knew and what I saw.

Multi dimensional.

I see how Satan uses single dimensional scope of thinking to deceive the Church (and the unchurched unsaved as well). Especially have seen this as related to generational curses. He is sneaky. I think I will write about this soon, but for now I will close and I have written as instructed by my Lord and would now prefer to go back to sleep.

Watchman on the Wall cover the Body as with a blanket of prayer and protection, fighting the principalities of darkness allowing them to sleep in peace and many times never knowing a potential attack of the enemy.

God is multidimensional.

He never slumbers. He never sleeps. He is always watching over and caring for you. He has made some promises to you He’d like to keep.

Ask the Lord to reveal to you any areas you aren’t reaching full bloom. Ask Him to reveal vulnerable areas of your thinking that are maybe single minded toward Him (as we should be), but single dimensional in perspective. Ask God to elaborate the difference.

He is a Triune God. He does everything with width and depth and breadth and the deepest of Love. His heart burns for you.

Rest Easy and Enjoy your sleep—
Your future holds limitless potential and dimensional favor. It’s True.



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