August 15, 2018


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God knows your soul and what makes you glow.
He knows you better than anyone.
He hand carved and knit you together in your Mother’s womb.
It’s obvious he misses no detail and pays attention to the ever slightest measure of the making of a man or woman because his handy work is evident in the fabric called You.
How could anyone else compare?
No one at all like you.

That’s what’s so amazing about you—
Not another soul like you.

Your heart has the power and ability to glue and hold things together.
You’ve been gifted beyond measure.
Though life has pressure—don’t give way.

God knows your heart
He feels the pressure about you…
He is with you.

He may seem like a far off star, but is right there shining brightly and holding tightly to get you through the sting of the Night.

He is a Watchman on the Wall.
He is the Keeper of a Garden called Delighted.

In you He is Delighted.

We always speak of God desiring to be our Delight, but stop for a moment and drink this in—

God finds you enormously delightful.

Calm your mind.
Rest your stress.
God knows…He knows.
Let me remind you right now…

You are blessed.
You are loved.
You are loved with a deep and meaningful love that needs to right now wrap around you like a glove.
Settle in—
Drink it in.

You are safe.
You are Protected.
Calm your heart.

Feel the rhythm and the cadence of God’s heart anthem.
His love beats like a song in his heart.
Lie upon it like a child upon their Daddy’s chest. You can rest there. His bosom big enough to hold you close and see you through.

Heaven has got big plans for you.
The fire burns hottest around those whose life will impact the most souls.
But the fire within you is greater than the fire around you.

Burn with Passion and Intensity and rage with beauty from within.

There is no one else like you—
God not only loves you, He likes you a lot.
You are adored.

Receive this blessing from God’s heart, to my heart, to yours. God cares for you immensely. He won’t leave you now.
You will never be alone.

We may only see the Crescent—
But God sees the Whole of the Moon.


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