September 2, 2018

Power of Longevity

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There is Power in Longevity.

Stay the course.

Who knows what you can do, what you can achieve when you own up to the Power of Positivity and allow it to be released and chart the coarse in your life. Countless others around you just may be depending on your faithfulness and stoic and resolute ability to press on.

These words seem strong and motivating, but they are as simple as your next breath, your next step, your common and seemingly ordinary tasks of each day.

Here’s my example—

I attended a Bridal Shower last night. I had a lovely time—hadn’t been to one of those in I have no idea how many years. The Bride-to-Be I’ve known most of her life. Met her Momma when my oldest was one year old. Our daughters are lifelong friends.


Have you ever had a lifelong friend? Or even acquaintances that have ebbed and flowed in and out of your life for decades?

There is Power in Longevity.

I scanned that room with my eyes and drank in all the laughter, smiles and joy—dang we laughed hard! But as I looked around and realized I was seeing a room with countless people I have known most of my adult life. Many I hadn’t seen a great number of years—but the familiarity of their faces drew comfort to my soul and resurrected memories of years long ago.

There is Power in doing life with others. There is Power in loving and living—even if only in parallel activity—there is Power.

People equal power.

So don’t take it for granted. Some we are close with. Some we socialize and get deeper with. Some are more surface relationships. Some play. Some are serious thinkers. Some are ingenious achievers—

and we all need each other.

There is Fortitude, Strength and Blessing when we plow together, grow old together, laugh together, refine each other and just simply “Be”, together.

Every stage of life, even the common and mundane tasks of the dailies, possess power to overcome, accomplish, thrive, help, be helped, cry together, laugh together and carry one another.

There is Power in Longevity.

And above all I know One who is full of Resolute staying Power for you. He shattered every expectation just to raise your anticipation of what could be possible for your life. He loves without measure and takes enormous delight and pleasure to bless and greet and warm your feet with the security of absolute Peace He brings.

Last night as we visited and stood around. I began to admire a collection of greens in a vase. There were only a few tiny buds, but not flowered—just the branch and the greens. I recognized the variety, but wasn’t sure because of the absence of the unique to identify flower. So I asked the hostess and she and another long time friend I hadn’t seen in YEARS, agreed on the type of plant. I then shared a story of a tree like it I once had and how it was accidentally cut down by someone trimming my garden. The person had there head down doing their job pruning the thistle shoots from the tree roots that shot up from the soil. In all their purpose and intentional working they missed the green leaves and flower at the top of my tree and cut it down thinking it was a thistle, too. My friend, Janice, declared, “Nicole! There’s a devotion there—I think you should write it!” I told her to write it, but when she declined I promised to dedicate it to her. So, Jan—one of the best multi-decade friends a girl could ever have—this is for you.


Never miss the Garden because of a few weeds.
Never regret to cherish the beauty of the green before the flower comes.
Never mind your occupation so deliberately that you miss out on the blessing the Sunshine and fresh air can bring.
Doing life with others, committed to community and general love and encouragement of others—this is a beautiful thing.
There is collective strength when all of our branches, like life, tangle together.

There is Power in Longevity.
Life is a Glorious Bloom.
Clustered together, we are a Spectacular Hue.


“Make my joy complete by being of the same mind, maintaining the same love, United in spirit, intent on one purpose…Have this attitude in yourselves which was also in Christ Jesus.”

Philippians 2:2,5



Guide our every step and adjust our Path upright. Dial in our focus and break away all that is contrite compared to you. You are a God of spoils and you grant blessing in ample measure. Help us to have appropriate boundaries without building walls to keep everyone out. Inquire of our hearts, Dear Lord. Make your Leadership the only foundation we cleave. For you are all together Lovely and Splendid. You draw us to our knees with your Majesty. I could write a book of all the ways you’ve been faithful. You are Giver of Life. You are Restorer of Broken Walls and revive Living Waters to Streets without Dwelling. You are the Sweet Aroma that lingers about and tantalizes the soul leading us to yield to you and come back for more. You are the One Voice that melts the heart and your breath of love whispers to my soul Songs of your Love and Humility.
You anchored yourself to a Tree for me.
You are the One True Anchor to my soul- and as time goes by I love you more and more.

Because you are Good.
—And your Righteousness endures forever.💞 Amen


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