September 10, 2018


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Father God—

There is no other like you.
No one touches my heart as you do.
Your Spirit inflames my heart and soul.
There is not a love like yours I’ve ever known.
Because of how you stir me, it is nearly impossible to contain this love inside of me.
Others cannot see you beside me, because you dwell in the chambers of my heart.
So let this great love that has changed me, be seen through me.
I don’t understand it, but your presence in my life has left me breathless.

You alone, oh God, have won my heart Victorious.
Every difficult task is easier because of you. I know you are there, leading me, guiding me through. If you were human, I’d know you’d hold my hand, too. I am content with you holding my heart.

I love you♥️

“Just as the Father has loved Me, I have loved you; abide in My love.” John 15:9

When was the last time you spoke to Lord as though he were the Great Lover of your soul? Because He is, ya know. You can try, but you will never find a love like His. There is no greater love than this.

Love is the only thing that can change a person. Love cloaks itself like a thick cloth and wraps itself around every ounce of our flesh and creates comfort and protection all simultaneously.

Nothing. No one…has EVER affected my heart as He has. This is reason to praise. This is reason to celebrate. This is why I remain faithful to him. Because I know my King in Heaven is faithful to me. He’s faithful to you, too.

God delights to wait for you. He isn’t in a hurry and He doesn’t mind slowing his pace if he needs to.

He waits for you.

Few things in life will leave you breathless in the most amazing way. Enjoy the opportunity when you can.

Breathe it all in—now exhale.
Share your heart with God today.
It may be hard to understand with the thoughts of man, but if we can kind of understand the emotion, the intrigue, the excitement of new love and long love with humans, then we can transfer that as a small taste—a small gift of what kind of love we can anticipate from God. His love satisfies. Heart and soul, head to toe. He wants to make your life special. Because you are counted as valuable.

Just a little insight on how my soft heart connects best. If it helps you connect, too. Then I will find great joy knowing I’ve assisted you.

Take Joy in a fabulous day.
You’ve been Heaven made to be walking example of that same love, heart and devotion to a world that is cold, tired and alone. You are His Light. Magnify it!

~Nicole 💕


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