September 12, 2018

My Glorious

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I’ve been awake more than an hour now. Eyes barely able to creep open, yet awake. When this happens I know what my Lord is after. He either wants me to pray or He wants me to write. I don’t always immediately know which He is after so I lay still. I speak from my heart and mind to him—only God can hear a thought. Then I abide and wait. Tonight I suspected I was to get up and write. I knew what He desires me to to say…He began the conversation by vehicle of His Holy Spirit before I went to bed last night…but it was left unfinished.

So sleepy…so I lie awake and prayed and listened…. This is what I heard:

“Time to show up and show out.
You are a Carpenter’s daughter.”

I love this.
I love everything about it.

It could mean countless things which He reveals in His good time. But ultimately it means I am loved by One who knows how to build.
He does His part and I do mine.
I yield to what He is constructing in my life and how He desires to use my gift, talents and abilities to lay a Beautiful yet Rock Solid foundation to build upon with Him always as the Cornerstone.

I love when He speaks.

My Glorious —
I feel you close.
How is it that I can’t touch you, yet I feel you?
Your Presence—Enormous.
Larger than life are you.
My breath—taken.
My knees—shaken.
I fall before your Throne.
There is nothing like you.
There is no one like you.
How did I come to receive the glorious privilege of knowing you?

My Glorious

You are Glorious.
I anticipate our time together.
Your favor brings me pleasure.
Your Spirit touches my spirit.
Deep calls to deep.
And I respond to the noise of your Breakers.
They cascade over me like waterfalls.
You replenish my strength.
You nourish my soul.
You leave me hungry for more.

There is none like you—

You are My Glorious.



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