September 14, 2018

Gardens & Mantles

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In the Christian life it is so important to be relatable. To be approachable. To display the warmth and kindness of Christ—

It is also important to do so in a manner that draws people into the Garden of Heaven. The Garden is lush and green and I imagine full of tropical things that are sustained by the powerful and deep presence of His moisture. Tender shoots. Deep roots. Lavishing vines of various kinds and glorious and vibrant color of vibrant greens and flowering trees.

We want to walk in.

I imagine in God’s Garden He has a hammock hand made for you—each one of you. Me, too.

So we must possess the kindness of Heaven. We must wear an infectious smile everywhere we go. We must yield ourselves fully to whatever God requires of us in obedience. And we just do you in a way that only makes people curious about what is different about us.

Such a delicate balance. I’m never quite sure I can carry the mantle God has given me. I can’t see it. I can’t touch it. I feel inadequate to carry it. But I can most certainly feel the weight of it.

I continually dream I possess a refrigerator stocked full of food and I am feeding, feeding, feeding. My pen the primary source of food. But some days I have nothing to say. Some days what I have to say is easily expressed in a text message or email or card in the mail.

I must refuel. I must go sit in the Garden. For when I am there. I can feel my Heavenly Father carry my every care—and though He doesn’t always offer explanation I do know how much God cares.

Because God cares—so do I.

Spend some time lying in the Garden today. Don’t let the cares of life bog you down. Heaven has a marvelous way of courting His Bride. He is always at your side and He is ever kind.

Worship. Adore. He is the true reward to look for. Marry your heart to Him.


Take a trip to the Garden


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