February 28, 2019

Finding Myself Stirred…

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My body struggles to identify what time or day it is. My appetite has done much the same.

But despite a lack of sleep and not fully comprehending the day of the week, my soul is overjoyed—

I have travelled to the birth place of my Lord.

Few things in life have enticed me, heart and soul, as the relationship I have with my Lord.

So what does that mean really?

A religious experience is the last thing I may be interested in.

What has always drawn my gaze and advanced my stare is the ability to connect deep.

Have you ever heard a great speaker? It doesn’t matter who it is, where it is, or the depth of their vernacular. What I consider attention worthy is their ability to connect deeply with their audience. How they think…what they see. It will always come through even if you are just waiting in line together in the market. It could be revealed in something as small as one word. It’s how the word is used that gets a person stirred.

To really make a lasting impact you’ve got to stir. You’ve got to dive in. You’ve got to agitate in the healthiest ways to distress common thought patterns so that they might change. But you’ve also got to impart a level of love and care that is a bit like fishing. You’ve got to feed the soul what it longs for or needs.

Not everyone will hear the message.

Just a I know not everyone will catch my message.

Not everyone will catch it’s deeper fruit.

Just as I know not everyone who subscribes to this blog will read this in their inbox.

Not everyone will see it.

Not everyone will see you.

But God knows who will and who won’t. So it doesn’t matter how many are in the audience. It only matters who. And The Who isn’t up to the one speaking to decide. But it is exclusively up to the Spirit of Christ.

“Deep calls to deep

in the roar of your waterfalls;

all your waves and breakers

have swept over me.”

Psalm 42:7

My Savior has done all of this for me and more. He dove in and went deep right from the start. Because He knew my heart, my mind, and what does or doesn’t impress me. So He nose-plunged right in and got my serious attention. All the while causing my heart to smile with how His Spirit was able to unfold unbridled joy in me.

All of these words I pen at I have no idea what time in the AM, have been stirred by the recipe of what I was able to see yesterday.

I spent time yesterday visiting ancient ruins in Caesarea, Israel. The wind ripped through the sky and nearly knocked me over several times, and the Mediterranean Sea was such a sight to see. The waves bellowed and howled and launched themselves up toward the clouds then crashed against the rock near the beach. The color was such a rich blend of greens and blues. It was worth every ounce of physical discomfort the weather brought.

Here’s another thought…

Though the Sea magnificent all on its own—it was the excitement of the waves that left my heart yearning for more. This too could be true for your storm.

Without the storm the sea may never learn what it truly could be. Without the storm it may never find out how high how wide or how deep it can be stirred. The storm alone aids its ability to discover its capacity. This to is true for you and every trial or storm of life you ever face. So give yourself some grace. You may not understand what you face or why your in the storm at all. But you’ll overcome, the victory won, as long as you are willing to break free from whatever is causing you to hold back from diving head long into the Deep.

Bye~Bye safe and secure shores.

Here’s to those who want more—

I’m going in deep.


Word of God Speak…

February 27, 2019

Big, Bright and Beautiful

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Dream for bigger.

Believe for bigger.

Know that God made you for bigger.

Nobody else’s blessing is greater than yours. Why? Because it’s yours. That alone makes it special.

It’s my prayer that you might realize your dreams and I might share the joy of invigorating your tenacity to step out and employ every opportunity to live your best life. If you do it right, you will be blessing and helping others along the way. Sometimes the best way to helping others is to understand that your story and your life truly is not yours, but the Lords. And your story is a gift to the rest of us. As my story may be a gift to someone too.

Here’s what I know…we must earn a living. All of us, well most of us, we earn wages to sustain our lifestyle, to provide for the ones we love, to create income.

Though we must earn a living, we must create a life.

Life is a beautiful gift-but what we do with it creates, if we are willing and purposeful, a glorious life that shines and takes the gift to another level. The best gifts are the ones you can share. This is the story that becomes our duty to share.

Our life, our love, our story is meant to inspire and captivate a level of love in others that will only raise them higher.

Your dreams are worth it just like YOU!

Living some dreams right now. I wanted to take a few moments and talk about a little excursion I’m taking with Coach (my husband). I’m currently on a trip to Israel. We flew out of San Francisco last night, traveled all night and am currently laying over in London.

Last summer I wouldn’t have known I was going to go to Israel right now. It’s a place I’ve always known I would one day visit. It felt like Providence. God foreknew and designed in the script of my life this day, this hour, this place, time and space and he even penned the people I get to do it with. I’ve always known this inside—I would go. But it wasn’t until the fall that I felt the Lord stir my soul and suggest with His Sovereign Authority, “It’s time”. He orchestrated the entire trip.

So right now I’m on layover in London and thought I’d sit and write a bit. Nothing overly exciting yet—but I am so enjoying myself, my church family, the people.

We are just enjoying a talk with our server at dinner, Jabin, who is from Pokhara, Nepal. He is showing us pictures of his home city. It’s lovely. A beautiful lake and backs up to the Himalayan Mountains Scape. He was kind enough to share his photos with me so I could share the beauty.

Can you imagine having such a breathtaking nature view outside your windows every day? Marvelous!

People are lovely.

This world is a glorious Cup of Humanity and though we may not all look the same, believe the same or talk and live the same—we are still one, all of us.

Cheers! Have a gorgeous day wherever you lay your head. Dream big beautiful dreams and allow your heart to soar…Heaven twinkles down those stars as if to cause the night sky to smile at you.


Photo of me being a silly little traveler at Harrod’s in Heathrow Airport.

February 26, 2019

From the Other Side of My iPhone

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Hi! 👋🏼

…From the Other Side of My iPhone

Let me take a moment to introduce myself. Whether you’ve been following me for days, weeks, years or have only just discovered this blog- I will begin as if we are only just beginning together.


Together sounds good doesn’t it?

Together sounds strong.

Together has a layer of supplemental strength that can’t go wrong.

There is infinite power in together.

My name is Nicole. I am not an anonymous blogger. I’m not using a pen name. This is me, who I am, laying it out there in vulnerability hoping to use the unique and creative gift God has given me to fetch hearts and love on them lavishly.

My goal is to SPARK hope, FUEL the flames of your PASSIONS, desires, wants, dreams and interests. I may also use this page to promote things I love and believe in. Some of which I get paid for, which is just the added blessing because I am not money motivated, but we all know we all need to earn a living. My ultimate goal here is about my giving and increasing the value of your life and gratitude that your time reading anything I had to write was time well spent.

I’ve been blogging since 2012 just as a sort of online journal. I have been a writer all if my life. I wrote my first “book” in the fifth grade and I’m pretty sure it was about a ponies life. I’ve always enjoyed writing, but never knew where it could go. Never explored writing for more than just a hobby. But as I aged I began seeing real fruit in my life in any area I had opportunity to write. In school I excelled on any exam or project that required the use of my pen. I had a foundation of confidence from a proven track record here. I think a defining moment or rite of passage for me occurred my senior year of college. I had a female professor pull me aside and speak words into me that sparked a new level of awakening inside. She was a creative writing instructor in the English department and all she really said was that I was a gifted writer.

Those words of affirmation stick with me even today. Encouragement breeds courage! And that’s what I intend to bring you everyday-encouragement for your courage for whatever you life may entail.

Everywhere you turn someone’s got a blog page or self publishing their book. There’s a lot of competition out there for your time and attention. Here’s a few reasons why I think my page is different.

⭐️The goal of my page is to invigorate and empower YOU. All else is the gravy only added to enhance flavor, pleasure and experience. For example, I am a fitness trainer and I have a background in nutrition. If I write about health, fitness or tips from my own life hacks or my favorite fitness toys and gadgets—it’s like gravy intended to increase the flavor and function and pleasure of your own life. Do you see my little analogy and what I mean by its design?

🎯 My target audience is everyone. Anyone breathing with a heartbeat deserves to be loved. I aim to measure it out in ample portions. The fuel of the love measured via my pen comes from heaven. My relationship with the One, my God, is my love and this communion of soul makes me whole and it ebbs, flows and has a presence in some level in everything I write. I pray you receive some of that love and comfort to. Then you may stress less and have added benefit of comfort in this hectic world we live in.

📝I am a poet. Don’t plan to make money as a poet, but you never know. I occasionally write posts that stir the soul in pure creative writing and prose. I hope you enjoy those as well.

♥️Time is something that once gone is gone for good. So allow me to refresh you, bless you, charge you and inspire you. I often have people share with me that they use my blog as their morning “pick me up” or devotional. A spark to begin their day.

I begin my every morning with a Spark of my own. Here’s how I do it:

I read quotes, scriptures, and engage my mind in meditative reflection on my Sovereign. My connection to heaven may include listening to worship songs, and writing my poems and adorations. I drink a Spark by AdvoCare. It’s a nutrition beverage for mental focus. It’s like high def for the brain. It feeds my mind the nutritional neuroactives required for enhanced focus and clarity. It’s better than any cup of coffee because it last about four hours with no crash. And it’s low in sugar and calories. This right here is one of those gravy points of interest I was describing above. Spark is something that has added value to the life of this busy Mom to five children. Yep, five. So if it helped me, maybe it can help you.


I do get paid for helping you there if you purchase through my website, so alright with that already. It’s my pleasure and thank you! Link at the bottom of the page for those wanting more information and energy! If you try it I’d really like to hear from you how you like it. It’s my pleasure to serve you!

So here we are. This is me, on the other side of my iPhone. Though we use the cloud, no clouds here. I mean to be crystal clear. My intentions are to:




And have some fun along the way.

Because I am getting more serious about advancing my writing and reach, know that my new website is under construction “as we speak”. So if I bump any corners along the way as I grow my page-I am grateful for your grace. We all know that we learn best sometimes in the simple “do”.

Today’s take away:

Watching someone else have courage and persevere encourages me to have courage and persevere.

Be encouraged. Persevere. Someone may be watching you as well—gaining courage to persevere.

You are a Champion!


Try Spark!😃


AdvoCare products are safe! Medical and Scientific Advisory Board:


February 25, 2019

False Hopes

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Your day will go exactly how you want it to…

“Guide me in your truth and teach me,

for you are God my Savior,

and my hope is in you all day long.”

Psalm 25:5

We make our plans, but our day is ultimately in God’s hands. It’s how we respond to His plans that make the difference.


Where have you place it?

Have you ever misplaced something? Have you ever misplaced something and discovered it was missing days or weeks later? This might happen with something you don’t use everyday or when you use it it’s only for a short period of time. I recently did this. I had a new purchase—something that would only be used in specific situations for added convenience. I wasn’t used to having this item so when I misplaced it I didn’t realize it was missing for several days. When did I discover it was missing? The next time I needed it.

“There is one body and one Spirit, just as you were called to one hope when you were called.”

Ephesians 4:4

I think this is how it is with hope. Hope becomes misplaced by many. Not because they aren’t hoping…they are! People hope everyday. Everyone has hopes for a good day. Everyone hopes for increase in life. There might be hope for a job advancement or promotion. Hope for prosperity or wealth. Hopes for that dream house. Hopes for a future that is bright, good health, skinny body, a great hair day, a spouse, a child—and the list could potentially exceed eternity. We have vein hopes and some hopes are very serious in nature.

These hopes are not bad. Not bad at all. God delights in them. He delights to provide them. However, we spend so much of our hope on these types of things they become false hopes. Because they distract us from the main thing. Hope in God.

The main thing is a hope so strong it drives every other hope to subside as our adoration of the One comes alive and rises.

“Be strong and take heart,

all you who hope in the Lord.”

Psalm 31:24

If the Lord is the Source of all things—why are we not hoping for more of Him? All else is an extension of His Great and Mighty Love. With a love like that you can face any situation Strong because you know you are loved and cared for. Do not be distracted by the need. Instead plant your heart like a seed in the Father’s lap. Do not hope for the answered prayers, hope for the One who has the power to answer it.

Your day will go exactly how you want it to go…

I have yet to locate the item misplaced I mentioned, and if I never find it I just get another. But there’s one Hope you should discover that never fades away. He came to save, to care, to provide. He is your very need. And when you look for Him. He will be found.

“Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.”

Hebrews 11:1

No more false hopes—

Go to the Source,

Then sit down and just Breathe.


February 24, 2019

Long Deep Breath

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This is the air I breathe…

These are the words that sing to my internal mind and sweep through my soul as I open my eyelids this morning.

This is the air I breathe..

The breath of Heaven is a glorious thing. If I could somehow communicate how intoxicating it is to breathe Him in deeply.

People all over looking for something. But what? Most probably don’t even know what it is they are searching for. I suppose they feel they will know when they find it?

It’s a bit like falling in love. Well, I guess it’s exactly like falling in love because He is the greatest Lover of our soul. He loves the rest of you as well! Falling in love abandons common sense. It sweeps in like a rush. The heart swells and the breath is caught. If the love is pure and true respiration is complete within it. This is how it can be with your Spirit—God to man. So let me continually try to convey to you what His breath can do in you and for you. And then, of course, through you.

I recently went to a continued education conference for fitness trainers of every field (CPT, Yoga, Pilates, Coaches, Power Lifters, etc.) There were three speakers who also had a hands on component to their talks. What was the theme of the day? Breathing. So many positive mechanical differences can be made in the human body simply by breathing properly.

Here are just a few benefits of taking a deep breath:

💨Taking 6-10 long deep breaths will aid in stress or anxiety reduction.

💨Deep breathing can make a difference in core (abs) strength and stability.

💨Deep breathing can increase muscle mobility and range of motion flexibility.

Because breathing is an involuntary muscle contraction (we don’t have to think about it to do it), we often times don’t think about our breathing. The exact same it true with God. We can easily get caught up in life and simply forget to take a few moment to breathe him in.

Take a few moments now.

Clear your mind.

Drink deep of the moment.

Take a deep breath.

Invite him in.

Engage him with your company.

Entice him to your heart.

This is the air I breathe…

Your Spirit is moving.

The air is swirling, turning our hearts to you.

Your Holy Wind blowing.

Soon our hearts will knowing how captivating friendship with you can be. Breathe…

Inhale some love today💕

You are greater still.


“Thus says the Lord God to these bones: Behold, I will cause breath to enter you, and you shall live.”

(Isaiah 37:5)

February 23, 2019

90 Degrees

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Yesterday over lunch I had a fascinating visit with the spouse of a colleague of my husband. She is in the same industry as myself, fitness…but she’s been at it a good ten years longer (paid anyway) than I have. But what she is doing now fascinated me. She told me she “fixes broken people”. She went on to share how she is still personal training, but her clients are cancer patients. She gets them post surgery and helps them reduce inflammation and gain greater mobility and range of motion. She went into great detail regarding what and how she accomplishes this. I was absolutely touched. I sort of want to do it now. She shared how rewarding yet difficult it is. You have to be a person of tremendous compassion.

I think I would really want to make that kind of a difference in another life.

But I love how she said it,

“I fix broken people”.

I’m still thinking on it all this morning, but I realized—

that’s what I do, too.

Not all broken people look the same. Some are disease free with great range of physical mobility, but their emotional internal mobility is paralyzed. It takes great quantities of time, patience, compassion, love…love….and some more love, followed by listening ears. These are attributes required to help a broken heart, mind or soul overcome whatever the source of the damage was.

I’ve never felt like I was “just” a personal trainer. I breathe into people. I strengthen them physically, spiritually, emotionally and cognitively. God hand picks and brings my clients, every last one. I love them all and we’ve walked together through some painful things. Our sessions together are therapeutic for many. For others they are stress relief or a little “me time” to reinvigorate their every day. Together-we increase their range of motion for all of life.

I aspire to do the same with writing. My pen is my instrument and my God the object of my affection. The affection of Heaven trickles down upon my crown and then I bleed it out on all of you. I hope it saturated through and heals or brings joy to your soul.

I guess I’ve always done things a little bit different. I guess you have to as I reflect back upon those words. You have to think different. That is how molds are broken. Some types of broken are good!

The Light of Christ is such a Peculiar Glory—

Yet it illuminates and captivates and radiates.

It penetrates heart, bone and marrow.

In your bones the marrow is located in the center. It is where the blood cells, the nutrition so to speak, is located. It’s a soft gel like substance that is responsible for red blood cell production. So marrow is the very physical substance of who you are (among others things). When you were designed by heaven every detail was included in the blue print.

Stay your course.

Watch God download some supernatural marrow to you. He will nourish and protect and provide and sustain life in you and through you. He will protect you with his protective layer just as the bones protect the marrow. He is in the heart of all things, You.

Keep going toward every dream and promise afforded you. You may get nicked. You may acquire some cracks, you may even become broken. But God means to put you back. He is definitely in the business of fixing broken people. And when he does—the flexibility, mobility and range of motion is guaranteed to be total liberty and freedom!

I think I can see you moving another 90 degrees!


“…and provide for those who grieve in Zion– to bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of joy instead of mourning, and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair. They will be called oaks of righteousness, a planting of the LORD for the display of his splendor.”

Isaiah 61:3


February 22, 2019

Staying Power

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This very minute I’m at a leadership conference in the greater Dallas area.

I’ve been involved with a business of nutrition for more than twenty years now. It has blessed my life in countless ways. Countless ways.

I have deep conviction in my heart that my God used what I have learned through the leadership training, the products and the people—well… it is of invaluable worth. I also love the culture. So many wonderfully successful people who just simply love and care about others. And that is exactly what made them prosper.

Melts my heart. But like most all experiences in life, for maximum impact and a vision that will last—people will only carry your or my vision so far.

They need to see it for themself.

Just like Jesus—

We who have experienced know how good His Love is! It reaches down deep and touches everything. Piercing and powerful and gentle and lovely all at the same time. But I can’t describe my intimacy with heaven to the level I know it. You have to experience Him for yourself. Taste and see…

Sometimes others won’t understand why you do what you do, go where you go or say what you say….

But God just may be using you to show others what it looks like to never give up on something that God has put you to before He’s through!

Most people give up way too soon.

They quit as soon as it gets hard, or sacrifice is required or they get knocked down a few times. But let that not be said of you. What you don’t realize is that sometimes God takes his time in fulfilling your dreams, goals and aspirations because He is:

🍓Getting you ready to maintain a foundation of integrity and a quality moral compass when you get there (pressures are always high the higher you rise).

🍓Laying a flame proof foundation that builds confidence in others. A rock solid foundation holds strong when you cast vision, when you speak knowledge, when you step out in faith—more people will go with you because of the proven track record they have with you. Isn’t that what we want? Leadership is actually very simple. It is about helping another have a better life because of your influence. That’s why the Bible is so big on servant leadership. The greatest of all was the servant to all. The greater you become is related to how well you serve. It’s a role we never outgrow!

So hang tight! Your victory may be just in sight. God always knows what He is doing!

If He said it, He’ll do it!

You just may have a kind of staying power He is after.

So keep going!


“Continue to love each other with true brotherly love. Don’t forget to be kind to strangers, for some who have done this have entertained angels without realizing it

February 21, 2019


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“He makes his messengers winds, his ministers a flaming fire.”

Psalm 104:4

You can never observe the supernatural with natural eyes and understand what you see.

It won’t look right.

it won’t look right because we’ve not seen it before. It won’t fit into any category of our mind’s frame, our common sense or main stream opinion. It will have a flavor uniquely all its own. It will set ablaze every heart in its path…

Ablaze with true grace, liberty and freedom of soul.

A Fire woken up inside of the hearts it touches, a soul at rest yet never again will it sleep.

His Fire never sleeps and it guards fiercely those He intends to keep…

…in Perfect Peace.

Do not shy away from His Fire. Though it may heat you through, it will never burn you. There will be no smell of smoke upon you. But rather a Glorious Aroma will rise from within you.


February 20, 2019

Is God Concerned?

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“There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love.” 1 John 4:18

When my oldest son was very young, maybe three or four years old we took a trip to Dallas, Texas. It was a business trip, but we had some vacation time so my husband and I decided to take the kids–we had two children at that time.

We predetermined to take the scenic route and stop along the way and maybe take in some fun at Six Flags over Texas. I remembered going there when I was young on my parents cross country trip and it was so much fun! So this is what we did.

I can only imagine how uncomfortable a car seat can be… No one likes to be restrained for long periods of time. It didn’t matter that his chair was plush and comfy. Though it was safe and secure, he was just plain uncomfortable! He was a little trooper and did just fine. But do you know what happened after we got home? Every time I would pick him up to put him in the backseat of the car he would plant his feet on the door frame of the car and lock them there. He didn’t cry a lot or make a big fuss, but he was communicating to me non-verbally, “NOT THE CARSEAT!”

He had now been conditioned to expect a long ride.

In his mind he had no idea how much time he’d be there.

It took him about two weeks of this to get back to trusting me to get in the car, the trip wouldn’t be long.

People shape their perceptions by their experiences with a mix of their temperament/personality type added in.

Sometimes a difficult experience can leave an unguarded area wide open to fear.

Here are a few simple or maybe common examples:

⚠️You are in a severe car accident and once you are back on the road you are extremely aware of the possibility of another accident.

⚠️Your home is robbed and you heighten security out of fear of repeat offense.

⚠️You go through a divorce and fear to remarry because you don’t want to be hurt again.

⚠️You were rejected in childhood and now live with insecure thoughts that everyone is rejecting you.

God is more concerned about your outcome than your come from!

What concerns us is of no consequence to God!

He is unmoved by your fears.

He sees all…

knows all..

and has a supernatural way to overcome all!

Here are a few keys that may help you succeed from succumbing to an avalanche of unclear or cluttered thinking:

🔑Ask God to cleanse your filter so you can move toward your future free from your fears, pains and experiences of the past. More people miss their divine call and blessings because of poor thinking.

🔑Ask God to highlight the key areas of your patterns at the source. A thought can’t change until you pull out by the root, just like a weed that has been lodged in your mind. Understand that some of those weed seeds may have been inherited (generational) or planted in very early childhood. The older the root and the more it’s been watered, the deeper the hold and slower it must be extracted. When you know this, it will also help you with your patience and grace toward others.

🔑Just because something bad happened to you in the past, doesn’t mean that same thing is going to happen to you now. When you find your mind traveling down that deleterious highway, take the detour and speak out something the opposite of your negative expectation, doubts or fears.

🔑Water your heart and mind with the Word of God. Saturate yourself with worship. When you begin to worry, combat that by beginning to worship. God will turn your woes and worries to magnificent worship! Worship is a meditation for the soul and allows you to free yourself of restriction and internal tension. Super exhilarating!

I am learning that the more people have travelled through, the more love they need in order to get through.

There is good news here!

There is nothing to fear, God has no shortage of Love.


February 19, 2019

Unique Impressions

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When you know—

Ya know!

When you know who you are, it won’t be hard.

Because who you are is what flows naturally.

You have a special imprint on this planet. Only you can determine the threshold of your impact.

That very threshold is shaped by your patterns and habits.

Do you remember as a child making a thumbprint in cement, paint or maybe some ink? The measure of the imprint depended on how hard you pressed down. But to make an impact on this planet you don’t press down,

you press in and out!

No one else around like you—

not anywhere.

There may be others who look similar, like similar things or even have similar attributes of manner and behavior. But there are no two alike. You are one of a kind and with that being said, God gave you a one of a kind purpose just like your one of a kind thumbprint.

Read this passage from an Ancient Book about The Sovereign of the Universe. It describes something lovely about you.

“For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well. My frame was not hidden from you, when I was being made in secret, intricately woven in the depths of the earth. Your eyes saw my unformed substance; in your book were written, every one of them, the days that were formed for me, when as yet there was none of them.” Psalm 139:13–16

How special you must be to have been made so uniquely.

Embrace it.

When you are comfortable with yourself–

This includes all of you—idiosyncrasies, strengths, imperfections, as well as your greatest abilities.

Embrace it all and nothing can really be used against you—because you love you (in a healthy way not a haughty way).

So go ahead, make friends with yourself!

🦋Self-Care for the healthiest kind of “I Don’t Care Flair”:

🦋Do you say deleterious words over yourself? It’s time to stop.

🦋Are you complimenting yourself or speaking negativity and criticism over yourself?

Speak love and politeness over your own soul.

🦋Are you focusing on your strength while working on weaknesses or are you just focusing on your weaknesses and not even seeing any strengths? You know which one to choose!

🦋Make the effort today to speak words of encouragement, refreshment and positive expectations over your day, your life, your future! If Heaven has a lot of good vibes for you, you definitely should to!

There just may be a butterfly peeking out of that cocoon yet!

Here’s to every vibrant color that magnifies the beautiful hue called You.


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