April 30, 2019

By Design

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When I was a young girl I truly enjoyed drawing. I could spend hours with pencils and pens creating on my sketch pad. This pass time lasted well through my college years. I found it to be a fantastic stress release and way to relax in between writing papers and studying for exams. I loved lettering as well, calligraphy among other forms of writing creatively.

To this day you can still find me doodling on a page or drawing in the margins. Coloring outside the lines~{unconventional…}.

By the eighth grade I thought I’d like to be a Graphic Designer. In High School my Mom and I would joke about me getting a job working for Hallmark one day.

I never became a Graphic Designer in that sense, but my daughter did which is something I find to be quite fabulous.

Even though my path changed, even at a young age the presence of God’s direction on my life was evident. He was right there guiding my interests.

I think if I worked for a greeting card company today it would be with my pen, but for the content not the cover of the card.

As one who creates…we take delight in what we come up with.

Sometimes it’s a struggle and needs refinement, other times it flows effortlessly communicating the content of heart, but the final product is always celebrated. Creation is Beautiful on any level and there is enormous edification and pleasure in the measure of my heart as it flows through my implement to the page. I know I was born to write~but I was also born for so much more.

Life has a way of happening. We chart our course and we dream and then troubles, roadblocks, obstacles, disappointments set in. These are opportune moments to rejoice as well. There is merit in the struggle for our faith and belief in what sets our hearts bright with a blazing fire of passion and purpose.

Sometimes as we mature we change our focus or it become more refined. But through everything God has a Masterful Plan. He is holding your hand even when you can’t see Him or feel His Touch. He loves you so much, He adores you. Please never doubt it.

It is in these seasons that you birth something gorgeous. You grow. You learn. You glean and hopefully you lean more fully into the Arms of the One who’s love is all encompassing. I adore everything about this love I’ve found.

Once you realize how radically and extravagantly loved you are you love yourself. You love yourself because you realize how God feels about you. Then you begin to see yourself that way to. It becomes effortless. By extension you are then able to love others.

The Enemy will always try to marginalize you. He uses doubt, fear, worry, even anger and hate, your disappointment, insecurities, self hatred or shameful feelings or thoughts. But if your having these experiences, thoughts or feelings it is only proof you haven’t fully come alive with the Love of Christ. He loves you. He has framed your face like a looking glass when his gaze wants something desirable to see.

He truly took it for you. Why? He absolutely didn’t have to, but you were a prize worth having. You have value and you are valued. You are not rejected, you are accepted.

Once you truly digest this you will begin to love beyond reason and are able to achieve by Grace remarkable feats of spiritual strength. You won’t become easily offended because you know your loved by God and you understand by the Power of the same Grace that those who are offended by you need your prayers for a deeper revelation of love. Effortless~

Wherever you are at today, however your life looks, know this…

The Heart of God adores you. Can you not feel His Pleasure? Take some time today, CREATE IT and DELIGHT in His Love.

Allow yourself to be in love...

…because all of Heaven is Delighted with you.

You are His Complete Package.

You are a Complete Work. Receive it now and watch God love it out.


“For the Lord your God is living among you, He is a Mighty Savior. He will take delight in you with gladness. With his love, he will calm all your fears. He will rejoice over you with joyful songs.”

Zephaniah 3:17

April 29, 2019

What Do You See?

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“Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change.”

James 1:17

He is constant. He is continual. He is Penial. He is Purposeful. He is large and in charge for every care right down to every little hair of your head. His Love is energy. His Love is a Mantle of Prophesy. His Voice brings clarity to the undecided heart. His Love mends brokenness and gives without putting your love to the test. His Love is in every detail.

Without fail. You’re going to prevail. If His eye is set on the beauty of the sparrow and its little wings as they take flight. Imagine what He can and is willing to do for you in less than a fort night.

Get excited!


April 28, 2019

Wishing Well

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Are you wishing well?

Children’s fairy tales depict a wish or a dream that is carved within the heart. Cinderella said, “a dream is a wish your heart makes when your fast asleep.” But Cinderella is just a nursery tale turned animated movie by Walt Disney.

Circumstances may make a dream seem empty and void of ever becoming reality. But there’s something you maybe have forgotten.

Have you ever heard the saying,

“Penny for your thoughts”?

People toss pennies into fountains and wells then focus on the dream or wish they’d like to see come to pass. I’m not sure how many people believe that doing this creates destiny magic. But it is sweet and novel and symbolic of the human heart and it’s ability to never give up and cope by vehicle of Hope.

This saying, (penny for your thoughts) was popularized during a time when the British penny was of great worth. It recognized the value of a persons thoughts and beliefs.

As Believers in Christ we call what we have Hope. Hope is a wish, but with power packed behind it. We still dream, we still wish, but have a hope that comes through all the travails of life.

Quick example, (Genesis 24,25 & 26) Rebekah drew water from the wells and her willingness brought triumph over weariness, thirst, but also the answer to the prayers made Abraham’s servant.

Abraham’s servant was sent to find a wife for his son, Isaac. (Gen. 24:4) Here’s the catch, he couldn’t take Isaack with him to help select the wife. It was like the ultimate blind date! That’s a lot of pressure! I imagine it was a bit like being sent to go find a needle in a hay stack or one grain of sand in the sea. But the Lord was with the servant and as he was faithful and travelled to Abraham’s homeland he prayed to Abraham’s God for wisdom and favor. He prayed for a drink from a wishing well. He made a wish and God granted it.

Then he said, “O Lord God of my master Abraham, please give me success this day, and show kindness to my master Abraham.

Genesis 24:12

Now let it be that the young woman to whom I say, ‘Please let down your pitcher that I may drink,’ and she says, ‘Drink, and I will also give your camels a drink’— let her be the one You have appointed for Your servant Isaac. And by this I will know that You have shown kindness to my master.”

Genesis 24:14

When was the last time you prayed, dipped your cup in a heavenly trough and then just trusted God with the process? It probably took Rebekah a bit of time to draw that much water for that many thirsty camels. But she was faithful and having no idea what God was about to do. But the servant knew. He also knew God had been faithful to guide his steps once the decision was made to submit to his Master, humbly obey, and step out in bold faith believing God would guide His Path.

God wants to guide your Path, too. On your journey He will grant you Joy and He will nourish you and feed you. He will satisfy your thirst and He will grant you good success in all that you must do. Heaven has an Assignment for your life. Your dreams, hopes and wishes are all apart of the package called Destiny. Release interpretation and understand God has a plan even when you seem to have to travel many miles through a valley or dessert. On the other side is beauty waiting with water that will shower your life with satisfaction of heart, mind and soul.

You are adored.

Don’t just wish upon it~

Hang your heart on it.


April 27, 2019

Do You See What I See?

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Daniel was a man who never compromised his heart in the presence of tangible delicacies.

Prominence, wealth, influence, status…privilege. These are the things that can tempt and corrupt, even spoil the perfectly good soil of mans heart. But Daniel denied it all.

Daniel had a gift to See. He was what the Bible calls a Seer. He had encounters. Not only with God, but with Angels. He literally talked to angels who came representing the Lord (the Bible is very clear he conversed with an angel named Michael). Wow. That’s enough to make one quake in their shoes. Or is it?

Daniel was a man loyal to the heart and breath—the very Ruach of God Almighty. His very breath. His faith and loyalty lent to him a certain kind of courage and boldness that had the audacity to deny the Palace’s Pleasures. He understood that he already had the greater reward.

Daniel was the catalyst for change in an exiled kingdom. Babylon. The most decedent and sophisticated society of the day. Daniel valued more what the Heavenly Father had to say.

God still speaks to His people today. The Seer gift is not an extinguished blessing. It thrives and is alive and God takes delight to give this blessing to His selected people. The key to handling such a powerful ministry is handling it with responsibility. The receiver of the gift must know that it is never about them, but about their God and the advancement of His Kingdom which shall never end. It’s a Kingdom that calls all of humanity, Friend. Christ was always about relationship. If it wasn’t and if it isn’t relational, it’s probably not God.

I have been studying Daniel in a Bible Study. It’s been fantastic. I love to study ancient prophets and the Old Testament. Nehemiah may be my favorite. Nehemiah is for sure the closest to my heart for personally reasons.

At study last week the topic was that of spiritual warfare and how the Seer gift operates. At the end of the study we discussed this more and God used it to open a door for personal ministry to the ladies. It was Lovely.

I understand this gift. I’ve had it since a child. But as a child it frightened me because though I experienced it—I did not understand it. Therefore I felt frightened. This is usually how fear operates and successfully penetrates the heart of a person. Fear of unknown. Fear caused by something we don’t understand.

As a young adult I became enlightened and groomed in all that God had made room in my heart for this power gift to do. God intends to exhume lost territory.

There are yet Daniels in the world, in America, who need to rise. I hope this blog is a catalyst for it. Sometimes intercessors don’t know it yet. Just like I didn’t use to know who I was.

The Lord leans into every intercessor differently. But over the years I’ve noticed some common threads of how he speaks to them.

Tuesday night I went to a Bible Study for ladies at the Church (different from the Daniel study) and someone asked me if I was alright or if I was tired. I was not tired, I was in pain. I was interceding for every lady in that room. I could feel every blow of the enemy in my physical body. My throat was being squeezed. I was enduring the warfare of spirit. I still hurt physically from it the next morning. God calls on intercessors to cover the atmosphere in prayer and lay a foundation of illuminated light so the minister who speaks would have words that penetrate undistracted hearts. The enemy loves to distract people so they can’t grab what God would have for them. Standing in the gap fighting off any spiritual attack of the mind or body or outside influence is a common role for the intercessor.

But God is so good.

I came home and felt exhausted, but a young woman at the study texted me late that night and I encouraged her. It was unique that she texted me because I don’t know her that well. But I feel her trust in me.

The enemy hit her hard after she left and because of the nature of what happened to her she felt she couldn’t go again to the class. I assured her how she could go again next week and I would help her—she felt better. Then The Holy Spirit very clearly spoke to my heart:

“Do not let the enemy of your assignment distract you from your real assignment.”

The Intercessors Anointing and Prophetic Anointing are a peculiar calling. We fight battles unseen by others. We tear down strongholds. We take all the fire so others can walk through unharmed and arrive safely on the other side of their pain. We sacrifice without anyone knowing our sacrifice.

This is one reason being healthy and physically fit is important. We experience real physical afflictions as God’s Army. We need physical strength and muscle to endure the fiery darts of the enemy. We advance by the level of God’s Grace, but also our tenacity and resolve and strength to overcome!

So it gets better.

Keep in mind I’m just sharing my story. Grab it if you relate to it—that’s what testimonies are for. After my study later in the week, the one on Daniel, the Spirit spoke and specific call for me to fast for seven days. So I did. Thursday of last week marked the end of the seven days and I went to an Encounter service on Friday. An Encounter service is really a service where you get to be refreshed by ministry, the Word is taught, but then there is personally ministry from those God has gifted with Words of Knowledge and Prophecy. The purpose is to receive a fresh encounter with God, however that may look for you. Encounter we did! The service was at the church of one of the Pastors who lead us when we journeyed to Israel back the end of February. I took with me a group of friends, five of us in all. Some from my church and some not. But we are all kindred spirit in Christ. The Lord spoke to me during the worship portion of the meeting and told me that he was opening my womb and restoring blessing to that which had been barren for too long. I was going to receive. And receive I did! The ministers called myself and my husband out by name and declared over our business and call to be marketplace prophets and ministers. The minister said all we had been through had only sharpened the accuracy of our prophetic voice. Our swords were sharp, but now it was time to go to the next level (which is awesome because that is the name of our business and the minister didn’t know this). All things I knew from my own time in the Word and in Spirit, but this was a launching point for ministry. Then if that wasn’t beautiful enough…got called out again for a specific one of my children; the only one who concerns my soul. The prophet declared words over my child that were spot on and also exactly what I pray for this kid and all God has shown me for the Powerful mantle on this kids shoulders. The Enemy can’t have our children!

Ok, kind of strange maybe? Kind of heavy? Or is it?

Think of all the unusual and peculiar behaviors people participate in. Let’s just gawk at how famous musicians dress and behave? Not all of them-of course-but let your mind meander. How did our culture get to a place where the opinion of a small child declaring they aren’t the gender they are, but the opposite gender and the parent taking it to heart and believing it? Is this taking imaginary childhood play, a normal component to cognitive development in young children, kind of far? Kind of a lot too far!

To me all of that is far more peculiar than the unconventional tactics of a Holy God. Could you imagine someone stepping up to you spitting on the ground then mixing his spit so he can rub it into your eyes? How would you feel about that? But that’s exactly what Jesus did on one occasion to heal the blind.

There will never be anything more clear than the Gospel and the will and mind of Christ.

God gave Daniel discernment, wisdom, knowledge and the mantle of Prophet because he could handle it! He was sensitive to the spirit, but he also knew how to use his head! For example, everything I am writing now is more transparent than I usually am about these types of things. But even now I feel the tug of my soul to show you how much my God loves.

He loves so much he does for us. Period. Need I say more? If I do, how about this, God will equip you supernaturally with everything you need to succeed in life and he will do it in grand wisdom and style. He is so unconventional! This may be what I love most about my God!

Slip yourself into the River.

There is a move of the Spirit coming and we can be open, receptive and used to expand the kingdom with it. Or we can reject it and remain the same. Spread some blame to the stars and the heavens for your lack of success because a move of the Spirit was passed by. Don’t buy that mess!

People love to gawk. They delight with the unique. Our culture is obsessed with the mystical or mysterious. Let’s really give them something to talk about! Signs, wonders, miracles! They follow those who believe! Sight to the blind. Heal the sick. And I dare say raise the dead! Let us raise up a dead Church (as in The Church) and come alive with a spectacle of love like that has never been seen before!

God has a plan for you just as he has a plan for me. He is a God of mystery, but he is also a God who declares brilliantly how intentional his love and desire to bless is.

God has a plan for you and all the good you do—don’t quit now!

The best of the best will teach you how. The Messiah is His Name!


April 26, 2019


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“Kindness is just love with its work-boots on.” ~unknown

Life’s greatest blessings are usually comprised of a collection of moments…not one grand detail, but thousands of tiny details all tangled together. Like droplets in the Sea, intertwined so delicately it is difficult to separate one drop from another.

Life is a gift, extraordinary, isn’t it? Life is full of pain…passion…and promise. I believe this is where the true beauty is, the creation of something so emotionally provocative it creates the beautiful atmosphere to which our heart can become fully undone in the Arms of the King.

Has your heart ever been deeply touched? If so you know, it infuses a sense of loyalty and hope like nothing else.

When your heart has been deeply touched by God you become aware in ways you have never experienced before. It’s like a door to the depths of the soul opens and you breathe deeply, experience more richly and everything is seen vividly that was darkness before. It’s a Kindness like none ever known before.

You never know how far an ounce of kindness can go. People all over are struggling with things you know nothing about.

You may feel forgotten, misused or abused, but God has cupped you close to his heart. You maybe feel inadequate, misunderstood, helpless or in deep distress or peril. His Love and Loyalty races to meet you.

The True Christian life is abundant with every experience imaginable. It is a combination of everything that can bring elation and celebration or devastation. It is merely evidence that Heaven is with you and the Darkness that roams this earth sees greatness in you. Take up your Cross daily…cling to that Old Rugged Cross!

I pray I never lose my awe for the amazing Kindness, Gentleness and Attentiveness of Christ. If you’ve never felt it-I pray today you do. If you’ve never received it-I send it by vehicle of my pen. Drink it in. If you’ve never known it-I pray you become known by the Father in a manner all your own. He does deep intimacy like that.

He is the Soul Anchor of my Life and I send His Blessing, Beloved, that you might overcome whatever tries to shipwreck your soul. Whatever is trying to stain your heart and crumple your spirit. Devotion from Heaven is meant to rouse the bold.

After all, if we are called to carry it, our own personal cross, we may as well bedazzle it and make is Shine True and Bright.

God will always shower you with the Kindness of Grace.

It’s what His heart was made to do.

May the Kindness of Christ water any thirst in your soul and may all He ordained for you flourish and grow. Let it bring on a wellspring of everything sweet and savory, covered in honey and seasoned with salt to edify you heart, mind and soul today. Allow it to captivate your breath–taking it away. May the dew of heaven leave you speechless for anything outside of His Love, Comfort and Rest.



April 24, 2019

My God!

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“I listen carefully to what God the Lord is saying, for He speaks peace in His faithful people.” Psalm 85:8

His wisdom has no measure, His greatness is Infinite. No mind can grasp Him, yet every heart can hold Him.
That’s my God!
He is above all. He is the Bridge for every gap or lack. He is the all time greatest Vision Caster and Dreamer. He is awesome beyond measure.
That’s my God!
He knows all, can do all, Repairer of Broken Walls and Restorer of streets without dwelling. He can take the shaken, forsaken, the broken and He can make them Unbreakable! He looks at the devil and laughs.
That’s my God!
So why do we look to man made means of fixing things when He is a Divine Protector, Legislator, Personal Rights Investor?
That’s my God!
He gives strength to the weak and power to the powerless.
That’s my God!


The Lord is so proud of you my friend. He causes the hearts of man to be proud and favorable toward you as well. He carves a path over and above any circumstance to drive your heart deep into Living Waters. God will sustain you, quench your thirst and satisfy your soul. He knows your very need and you are adored.

What an honor to witness God give you His best to express all the love and compassion your heart holds. He sees capacity and He will expand and give you more. Let it flow over all you see…

Beloved, know how much Heaven loves you. It’s such a blessing to see how God blesses the ones His heart is smitten for.

Have a gorgeous day. There may not be anyone to tell you that today, so let me do it. Heaven has marked a specific path for you and God gets excited when He thinks of all the amazing benefits in store for you. You have been custom fit for a specific time and space. No one can replace you! There is nobody quite like you.

Today, the trees will sway for you! The sun, moon and stars will sparkle for you. This is only the beginning of what God has in store for you.

Put that in your pocket and revisit these thoughts through out the day. Let it all put a smile on your face!


May you find the Beauty of Heaven…Discovered.

April 23, 2019

Talk To Yourself!

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My son Joel is an absolute character. His entire life he has been equipped with sarcasm and quick wit. He says the most hysterical things delivered in absolute matter of fact stoic way. When he was maybe 8 yrs. old we were driving home from school. He calls out to me from the back of the car that one day he’s going to get his drivers license and he will buy a motorcycle and a sports car. He believed it like it were already a given fact. He also believed he was going to have to give his sister a ride everywhere (that was the funny part—she is about 8 years older than him).

You have to think you’re successful to be successful.

A successful person has many attributes that set them apart from the unsuccessful person.

There have been countless books, seminars, motivational speeches and even more motivational speakers who will share with their own creative flair how you can be successful. It’s been done over and over again. As I think of it now I’m reminded of something. One of the great blessings of my life is that God has put me in positions over and over again where I am exposed to and receive abundant leadership and character development training. I’ve heard so many phenomenal and famous presenters over the decades that they all began to sound familiar because they, in essence, were saying the same thing.

It’s like when I was in school. In college you have to take all these electives and support and general electives to “help make you a more well rounded individual” in addition to the classes you need to study to earn that degree in a specialized area. But as I progressed through the program and got to the end of my college career it got easier not harder. Why? Because I was receiving the same information over and over applied in various ways to the point of mastery. I didn’t have to study as much for exams because I knew the content. I was proficient in what I went to school to learn. The same is true with any kind of teaching or training or skill set. The same thing is true for our spiritual trials. Just like the Israelites, how many laps do we really want to take anyway?

The more you practice, study, use the knowledge or ability via application, the better you become. You leave the training wheels behind and before long you are no longer a novice, but maybe even a bit of wisdom revolves around you.

So why talk about it here in my little blog? So many books, blogs, podcasts, seminars, etc. on the subject. Why here? Why now? Well, partly because I woke up thinking about it and it’s the word in my heart this morning. Because here is something else I know…

“There is a time for everything,
and a season for every activity under the heavens:

a time to be born and a time to die,
a time to plant and a time to uproot,

a time to kill and a time to heal,
a time to tear down and a time to build,

a time to weep and a time to laugh,
a time to mourn and a time to dance,

a time to scatter stones and a time to gather them,
a time to embrace and a time to refrain from embracing,

a time to search and a time to give up,
a time to keep and a time to throw away,

a time to tear and a time to mend,
a time to be silent and a time to speak,

a time to love and a time to hate,
a time for war and a time for peace.” Ecclesiastes 3:1-8

All the words in the world won’t matter until it is the right word in the right season.

So for you who read what I pen, just maybe God leaned this into my soul with His Holy Coal this morning just for you?

What makes one person apply it and do it and another stay stuck in old mindsets, patterns and habits? What defines the “I can’t” and “I won’t” crowd from the “I can” and “I will” crowd?

Belief. Always.

Last night I had a client who had to do something very hard the next day following a workout that left her very sore. It was something physical. She’s on the beginning leg of radical change on her health journey. The physical taxation was so hard all she could focus on was how difficult it was that she couldn’t do it well. I, on the other hand was elated with her. I told her how proud I was and how wonderful she had to dig deep because she did it! I felt God was really working in that situation for her. She just looked at me with a “really?” Kind of expression. I later told her:

All of us do better when we speak to ourselves instead of listening to ourselves.

You will always only be the sum of your most dominant thoughts. Because your thoughts shape your opinions and patterns and your patterns shape your words and your words shape your choices and your choices shape your life.

I was told the entire first half or more of my life that I wasn’t doing it right. Whether intentional or not, that was what I heard over and over again. And I believed it. But once God truly got a hold of me I shook off unbelief. It didn’t go away right away, but little by little over time it began to lose its grip and I kept going despite the pinch. I knew if it pinched, it meant he (the Enemy of my soul who comes straight from Sheol ) was losing his grip and I was gaining mine.

God’s got you in His Grip.

I have come to realize that how I do things may not be your way, it may not even be my preferred way, but if it’s God’s way then I’m ok. Everything will shake out alright for me. God’s got a special way of blessing us in spite of us! Because it’s not possible for us to do everything right. How refreshing!

So what do you believe?

Do you know your worth?

Do you know what your capable of?

Do you have any in-cling of an idea how powerful and uniquely specialized you are? You’ve got a DNA born special assignment from heaven. So shake off the nay saying self talk, critics and those who say you can’t, you won’t, or that you don’t do it right. Heavens got a different protocol and it looks out of sight. Ignite! I see Passion and Purpose all over you. That’s what I would say to you if I could!

Hold tight! Your future is mighty bright if you’d just believe it and step into the Light!

Whom the Son sets free is free indeed!

Showers of Blessings—


April 22, 2019

Holy Blaze

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“Then Daniel distinguished himself…because an excellent spirit was in him…” Daniel 6:3

Have you ever known someone who did things to excellence or seen something done beyond well done? Going the extra mile and pouring your very best into something is different from “being perfect”. But rather it is about allowing Gods perfection to make residence within our hearts and then flow through us as He guides us to do.

If you want to go to the next level, then you must first begin by taking some time to “press in”. Pressing in is an expression I like to use when I earnestly seek the Lord. When I clear my calendar as best I can and simply “be” with my Maker.

Going to the next level also requires a willingness to live in the Fire. There must be an absolute obedience to the Holy Spirit. There must be, on imperative levels, a stoic obedience to the Truth. You must always eat it, drink it, believe it and speak it. Your life must be based on pure and absolute Truth. But the Fire will also require a willingness to endure fiery places–trials. The greater the Call of God on your life, the more vast and complex the trials. In fact, the greater the Call the more unfair and abundant the trials will be. Just like Jesus.

This is mostly because it is in the trial you gain spiritual territory, but only if you persist to overcome. The enemy doesn’t mind a Believer who sits on a fence, shrinks back, or occupies the bench. He especially doesn’t mind the Believer who lives for their own. The Enemy looks for the Child of God who is willing to catch the ball and run with it. The ones who understand they are not their own, they have bee purchased and they live for something greater than themselves.

When I take some time to retreat, allowing myself to sink into the arms of my heavenly Father, when I emerge I can run farther, I can do better still and I can resume my work refreshed.

I’ve been doing an in depth study of the Book of Daniel. It has been like fresh water to me and my Maker has supplemented the study with countless other confirmations of His will and plans for me. I’ve been spending a lot of time in the Fire and here’s what I know. I will never change my mind about the life I’ve given up to be with my King. He is my everything and when you are supernaturally gifted with intense capacity to love you are forced to look above if you desire to be well loved. Nothing satisfies like Heaven. He fills my Cup so I can fill others. It’s a constant conduit of Blessing.

Do not grow weary in doing good, but don’t be afraid to pull away in personal retreat when you need to seek the Father, face to face, His Presence is the Most Holy Place of Excellence.

What I love most about The Upper Room story found in the Book of Acts on the New Testament is that this was where the Anointing of the Holy Spirit fell. This is where it appeared as Counselor, Friend, Confidant and Miracle Worker for the first time.

There is a wave of the Holy Spirit coming and we can either be swept up in it or overcome by it. We each get to decide.


April 21, 2019

Jesus died so your prayers can get answered

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Jesus died so your prayers can get answered.

Yesterday morning I went to the gym early to get a little something in before partaking in some family fun with my youngest son. When you have a large family it’s fantastic to get quality time with each child apart from the other children. He had a great day, we all did.

So there I was at the gym…

I was able to get a quick lift in with my husband and one of my older sons. Just before heading home, I made a restroom stop. As I stepped up to the sink a woman came in the room and stood at the sink next to me. She began to scoop water onto her face with slow repetition. Then she just buried her face in her hands and began uncontrollably sobbing. She remained there, face in hands, huddled over the sink, crying.

{Jesus is Comfort}

I finished washing my hands, dried them off—all the while fully aware of this woman, and anticipating an opportunity to comfort her. But I took my time, giving her space to see how this was going to play out before diving in. I didn’t want to embarrass her or rush upon her too quickly. That may have agitated her more fully.

{Sometimes love must take its time.}

She did not pull it together. She continued to sob. So I quietly stepped up beside her and wrapped my arm around her and just stood next to her. I didn’t say a word. I just stood with her a bit. She just continued as she was—sobbing, face buried in hands. Then she spoke and this helped me a bit know how to proceed. All she said was, “I was trying to be strong!”

At this moment another woman in the locker room heard her crying and came around the corner and I could tell by the look on her face she was genuinely and empathetically concerned for this woman. She proceed to loudly ask, “ARE YOU OK? ARE YOU OK?” She meant well, but her voice tone was stressful. The woman didn’t respond or acknowledge her at all. I don’t think anyone would in this situation. So I turned to the woman and in a soothing, soft spoken voice said, “She is not alright, but she will be.” This seemed to ease her concern as I could see the pensiveness leave her face. Then the woman said, “Oh, alright.” And proceeded back around the corner to whatever she had been doing at the lockers.

I remained with the woman and then I quietly leaned in and whispered something specific in her ear. I won’t be repeating those specific words here. Then I asked how I could pray for her. She didn’t know. She confessed she was surprised she broke down like this. All I said was “I get it.” Then before I left the room I reminded her once again about what I whispered in her ear. I repeated my words again—word for word. I told her not to forget. And I suspect, God will reinforce what I said to her in her spirit and I pray she carries His Strength out of the gym with her that day. I pray she felt the Lord with her that day.

Now, I have several semesters of graduate level counseling under my belt, but I am not a licensed counselor. I’ve done a lot of volunteer work and received a lot of training for working as a peer counselor for non-profit agencies. And I am a counselor at heart. It’s just part of how God wired me. But I don’t want any to believe I’m professing to be a “clinical expert” of anything here.

So why share the story?

People all around us every single day are hurting. Everyone is carrying something that feels like weight, but resembles something like stress, depression or other weighty emotions. Anti-Depressant and sedative medications are at an all time high. I have no idea if this woman was dealing with any of this.

But here’s what I know…

There’s not a human on the planet that doesn’t want to be reminded that they aren’t in this thing alone. God will always go with us.

God is always strength for us.

Here’s my experience—I think it’s a safe gamble to share that nobody wants to break down emotionally in public. Nobody. I’m sure this woman was uncomfortable. Here are a few steps I took in proceeding next.

Active Listening and Intuitiveness

1) Because I was standing right next to her at the sink it became my job to be comfort for her. Not as a Counselor, but as a Christian guided by the Great Counselor. It did not matter to me nor did I wonder how she would respond. I’d make that adjustment after. My job was to love her.

2) It then also became my job to protect her from probing questions and unnecessary embarrassment. Because love also protects.

3) It then became my job to ask how I could help, specifically prayer.

4) At this point I left her alone to gather herself. She seemed a bit calmer as I left. People need room to process thoughts and feelings. Many words are not always required. Silence or a long pause is sometimes a quality antidote.

{How to navigate the uncomfortable}

Love must be willing to become uncomfortable for the added comfort of another.

I think often times people don’t know what to do in uncomfortable situations so they do nothing…say nothing…offer nothing. Often times even though their heart feels compassion, their own personal uncomfortableness interferes with what maybe God was trying to do by placing you near in the first place.

Today we celebrate the day Jesus ascended his face in all it’s radiant light. The tomb was empty and our Savior was not dead! All hope that was counted as lost, proved once and for all the Power of Love and the Cross.

Jesus died to answer your every prayer. Go ahead—nail it there. Crimson red he bled to give you some keys that open many things. Love, Walk and Live in Victory.

You don’t have to go this thing alone. I promise.

On a higher note—on our way out the front door we invited one of the personal trainers who does not attend church to join us at ours. Even if he doesn’t come the elation on his face when he confirmed we were inviting him to church was priceless.

Because everyone loves to be invited.


“May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.” Romans’ 15:13

April 20, 2019

God is…

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I have such a hard time with the notion that there is only one way to do something. I guess I am just naturally wired to be more open minded than that–this is just a life long fact. But I didn’t realize I thought like this until my adult life. Thank the Lord I realized it in my young adult life. {Some maybe never figure this out.}

But this is something Jesus knew all along.

He knew He didn’t have to fit in to make an impactful difference.

He know He didn’t have to do things a certain cookie cutter way. In fact, I suspect He often times deliberately did things in uncommon ways, unorthodox ways, and ways unprescribed by the religious side of Jewish culture. Things like heal people on the sabbath. A religious mind says, “Huh! You broke a rule!” They couldn’t see past the rule to the benefit. They couldn’t see past the prescribed to the One real Prescription to Heal the human condition. But He used all of these tactics to fish through the crowd and find the pure of heart–those who would see Him for who He was and wouldn’t shy away from the Power of His Love. He was looking for a faithful few. He was searching for a Bride who would be True.

He was a man before His time. Literally!

He was and is a man for all of time.

God is!…

There is no one right way to show love to others. Everyone shows and shares love differently. But when Love is caught…that’s where there is magic.

God loves so much.

He gave it all up—

Only to pick it back up again

With those who had shown themselves true friend.

What began as just a few men that came to be known as His Disciples, grew. Then we see a little more than one hundred people in the Upper Room. That’s a lot more people than 12 (Disciples number), but by comparison to Caesar’s Empire it was a drip from the faucet. But what happened in that upper Room? Tongues of Fire licked the crowd and changed them inside out and they became as fierce as Fire Breathing Dragons that weren’t fueled by fury or rage, but a pleasing aroma that could settle a disturbed and disquieted heart. They were fueled by Love. They were fueled by Holy Zeal and a Fiery Purpose. They loved on purpose and for a reason and displayed unmatchable strength by the Power of His Mercy.

Have you ever had a friend who loves you and thinks the best of you for no apparent reason? God will because God is…

Have you ever had a friend who’s accomplishments seem far superior to yours yet they marvel at the things you do that you consider less grand in the scheme of human measurement of success? I for sure do! Just my friend I wrote about the other day. She always outshined me academically and professionally as well. Yet she sits and always marvels at the fact I was able to home school my children. I think this is both comical and adorable. The woman has a PhD in Psychology and is a college adjunct professor!

But guess who else is a friend like this?

God is…

Have you ever had a friend who just alway looks at you with kind eyes. They hold you deep in their heart and you know they would do just about anything for you? Wow, I feel blessed. As I write this I realize I have that as well {and I know she is reading this right now…you’re amazing my friend, you love big and you love hard and your love is pure and real. I am so grateful for you.💕}.

Praise God! If you don’t have that with people, I pray God will give you a friend like that. But don’t forget, the friend of all friends who companionship has no end and though great, all these other friendships will always pail in comparison. Who is this kind of love?

God is…

Unconventional-not bound by or confirming to convention, rule, or precedent.

Cheers to the One who came in an unconventional way to save the day.

“The Lord your God is in your midst,
   a mighty one who will save;
he will rejoice over you with gladness;
    he will quiet you by his love;
he will exult over you with loud singing.” Zeph 3:17

Blessings to the one who became completely undone despite having done nothing wrong. He’s the one I’m looking toward to guide my soul and be my example. I dare say you can look to Him as well. God is…and He never fails!

The heart of God adores you. Can you not feel His Pleasure? Take time today to revel in the delight of His sheer goodness. Though we will never obtain His level of goodness it’s ok to feel good about the good inside of yourself. Heaven does! You can delight with Him. I think it honors God to not be so depreciating of yourself. We all struggle with this from time to time.

He is both friend and lover like none other.


A little bit about me:

Hello! Welcome to my blog. I write from the heart to the heart and feel God guide every stroke of my pen. I know God has entrusted me with His ability to Comfort, Alieve, and Creatively Heal. I pray your stay on my page will leave you desiring more with your relationship with Christ. I pray my words are water to a thirsty and dusty soul. My entire life I found God over and over again, or probably He found me, in the depths of my heart. That is truly where He shows me who He is and His real nature. Then He takes His Word and soaks it all in and I just marinate there. It creates a flavor to life beyond compare!

I think that’s ultimately where He wants to live–making our heart His home. I invite you to open up to Him and dare to trust Him a bit with the parts of your soul you have avoided not willing to explore. It will be a challenge, but I think you’re up for it! God knows you’re a little unconventional too! Cheers to you! Thank you again for coming. 💜

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