September 17, 2019

Bottoms Up! Drink From This Cup. . .

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Drink from this Cup of Love!

Bottoms Up!


July 28, 2019

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Even the night sky shines with grace and Splendor.

June 9, 2019

Sweet Moonlight

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Though the tide pulled against her, the moon stood over her and balanced the waters edge.

Though she knew the waves would rise. . . She used it as an opportunity giving elevation to her hopes and her dreams.

Though the chaos echoed about her—her poise was a dignified flame.

It was in the Night of the Moon that the light of the moon shown amongst the stars. And in its light, she was once again a girl, who made a wish and knew the moons beams could peer into her heart.

Angels watch over you.

Star gazer’s gaze upon you.

Heaven is betrothed to you.

You’ve got a way about you—

Not everyone understands it,

But there are those who do.

Be you…

Rise and Shine🌟and know the sweet moonlight will appear once again tonight to capture the wishes of those who call him friend.