July 13, 2019

Seed of Promise

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Cherish Him within your heart.

Shattered dreams and a broken past—

God will give you a promise meant to last.

Something sweet and something true.

God has not forgotten you.

He has designs for the fabric of your life and He will make it all stick. You won’t come unglued.

He paid a price—

He did it for you.

“But Mary treasured up all these things, pondering them in her heart.” Luke 2:19



July 12, 2019

Tear One Off!

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Of all the people in the universe, God decided his heart to pay special attention to you.

How Beautiful.

Follow the link to find out how to tear One off and what that exactly means!

Chances are God is thinking about you right now and His thoughts toward you are lovely.


June 4, 2019

Poised to Prosper

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God is like a Great Surgeon.

He is always probing our hearts, touching our lives trying to extract something beautiful. But with his extraction He does something else—

He reduces the things that cause inflammation to the soul.

When you have inflammation in your body it begins to not feel good. The pain or discomfort could be localized like an upset stomach for example. Your belly may ache a bit or feel uncomfortable because of something you ate, or maybe you didn’t eat enough. It could have been caused by stress or something else. Ultimately, there is an irritation in the natural wiring and flow of your body systems and it needs attending. Inflammation is a sign.

Pain can be a beautiful thing. Pain draws attention to an area of our life, our heart, our spirit and mind that needs attending. Pain exposes the Truth. Seasons of pain expose what’s really going on inside our hearts. A genuine and pure heart will continue to cling to love, cling to peace, cling to the Kindness of Heaven despite what it goes through.

Love has the power to endure pain. Just look at our Lord as He suffered as He did.

Just look at Ruth, who remained on the threshing floor despite all the loss she endured in her life. She declared Naomi’s God her God when she could have cursed God and walked away.

Just look at David who danced “undignified” before the Lord despite the scorn of a proud wife.

Look at the lesser known Abigail and how she honored her husband and fulfilled her marital duty all the while putting out fires her husband lit along the way. A woman of worth Faithful and True.

These are examples in the Word of God to only name a few. All who endured and followed the Path of Love with their own unique expression of Love, Worship, Humility.

The Lord God is a shroud and He surrounds His faithful people. He surrounds them like a shield or a wall of fire (Zech 2).

“You bless those who obey you, Lord; your love protects them like a shield.” Psalm 5:12

“As the mountains surround Jerusalem, so the LORD surrounds his people, from this time forth and forevermore.” Psalm 125:2

God is a Dissector and He is exploring the hearts of humanity. He is looking to extract Truth. He is exposing its true content.

He is looking to give you a new heart, Beloved. But to truly find out what’s inside He must probe around a bit and see what contents our hearts hold.

The finger of God can be uncomfortable, but the finger of God can also reach in where no one else can reach and He can mend a thing, and love a heart, and heal a hurt and restore the broken making it something that shines. The finished work will be new and just what He created it to be when He designed your heart, my heart, in the first place.

Does it feel like your life is under the knife? God’s not trying to cut you up. God is not planning to cut you out. Your plans may be getting messed up, but who says His plans aren’t better anyway?

Just rest in it. The surgery will go better when you surrender and trust the Great Physician of Love who knows what He’s doing. All the while He is probing and extracting and mending and depositing something magnificent in you. Something else will happen, you will get a glimpse of the contents of the hearts of others, too.

“. . . For the Lord sees not as man sees: man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart.” 1 Sam. 16:7

Hearts in pain are exposed, but maybe even more so are the hearts of the onlookers. Who are God’s Great and True Samaritans?

Who is unconcerned?

Who is too busy?

Who is too proud?

Who is too pious?

Who is too important?

Who is altogether lovely?

Who is kind?

Who is attentive to the needs of others?

Who is Compassionate?

Who is faithful?

Who is gentle?

Who is patient?

God is all of these things and more. Allow His extraction and increase your attraction to a heaven that is real and the amazing grace and love available by a Good, Good God.

Embrace the Journey—

Because He is extracting something good.


“The fear of the LORD is pure, enduring forever. The decrees of the LORD are firm, and all of them are righteous.They are more desirable than gold, even the finest gold. They are sweeter than honey, even honey dripping from the comb. “ Psalm 19:9-10

May 18, 2019

Internal Navigation

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Holy GPS!

Have you ever gotten lost? Ever had plans fail or the unexpected happen? Of course you have, we all have. Especially if you have children!

Early in my walk with God, I mean when it truly became my faith and my relationship, I was in my twenties and I would lie in bed at night and just talk to Him. I would share my heart. I’ve always been a bit of a meek personality. If you are meek or shy at all you understand that small intimate groupings are comfortable for us. We like them. I like them. But if there is one really loud person or strong personality it is all it takes to be still and quiet and not speak. It is easy to be dominated by the person who talks the most. But when I would lie with my Lord He would listen to my heart and soul and I could speak everything within my hearts walls and he would listen to it all. No interruptions. No instructions. But I could feel His love. It was in this place of prayer I began to feel him stronger and then discern him correspond back to my soul. I kept feeling it over and over He would say, “I Am guiding your path.” Sometime after this repeated theme began I had a woman tell me that God wanted her to tell me He is guiding my path.

He is guiding your path.

He never leads you to something He won’t carry you through. Lie in his arms and share your point of view. He is listening and attentive and concerned for you. He wants to guide your path, too. ~Nicole

“Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, “This is the way; walk in it.” Isaiah 30:21

May 11, 2019


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“Hope for nothing from your own labors, from your own understanding: trust solely in God, and in the influence of His Spirit.” Martin Luther

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to even think about where I would be without the lead of the Holy Spirit in my life. Oh how Great is the Great and Wonderful Counselor!

I understand counseling not just because I studied it in school, but think I’ve been a counselor all of my life. Not by intent, just by how I was designed by Heaven. I am frequently told by others that when I listen they don’t at all feel judged by me. I don’t do this intentionally, though we all should. I just do it naturally. God wired me that way. If I ever am even remotely tempted to desire to judge something I immediately place myself in the shoes of the other. What are they thinking? What is their perspective? Why do they believe as they do? It helps a lot so maybe these words are of benefit to you.

Healthy relationships and faithfulness are fruitful by products of intentional and active listening and an effort to value loving people more than being right. Nothing will assault healthy relations and communications more than pride. Pride is loud. It struts around declaring its rights and privilege. But worry is just as proud as arrogance. I have come to believe that anything that subtracts from our unity as a body of believers and our unity to the mind of Christ and Love of Christ is a form of pride. So I guess we are all proud in one way shape or form. I tend to believe that all forms of sin are a form of pride. Kind of really does make the foot of the cross level. We just can’t do it without him. I’m not sure I’ve ever really battled arrogance, but I have battled worry and fear on deep levels. Again, a form of pride. How so?

It’s proud to think I need to worry when God Promises I can trust Him.

I want to be faithful in all I say, think and do. I want the grace of heaven to be a natural extension of my heart, my mind, my actions. I want the peace and love of God to irresistibly drip off of me so completely others feel better in my presence without my having to say a thing. It won’t be because of my presence, but HIS presence within me. I have a feeling I can look to the Book of Ruth for this kind of example.

Women throughout the ages have loved to study Ruth because she was a woman worth revering. Here’s a quick snapshot of her highlight reel:

Ruth was faithful.

Ruth was submissive.

Ruth knew how to work hard.

Ruth wasn’t too proud to stoop in the fields to glean.

Ruth was kind.

Ruth was loyal.

Ruth was hope filled.

Ruth was honest (she gave her gleaning to Naomi instead of keeping it for herself).

Ruth was courageous (how frightening it must have been to journey to a foreign land without the protection of a man).

Ruth was obedient (she did all that Naomi and Boaz told her to do).

I have no doubt that God’s heart smiled down on Ruth for her faithfulness and He decided to show himself even more faithful to her than she had been to him. We don’t obey for the blessing, we obey because we love. But God delights to reward faithfulness. We can expect His full love and blessing always.

God used this young woman who had been through quite a lot to return the smile to the heart, mind and soul of a broken woman in Naomi. Ruth returned Joy, Laughter and Love to the aging body of Boaz. Ruth didn’t know what she was doing to impact so many lives with the power of destiny—she was just doing what she knew was right and God wired her to do.

How about you?

Ladies, this is for you—

You have seeds of hope birthed inside your heart chambers.

Do not deny the harvest of goodness God is sprouting in you. He must cultivate and germinate your harvest before it will bloom.

Remain faithful to the work given you.

Love well.

Slip your feet into the shoes of another that you may grow in empathy and compassion.

Show mercy, grace and an undeniable gentleness.

You are well able to be both resilient and strong yet ever soft and gentle. This is the essence of the Proverbs 31 woman.

A woman of worth needs to be strong enough to rescue herself, encouraging enough to water her own garden, yet gentle enough to be worth rescuing…gentle enough for others to desire to water her garden with her.

Take Courage through all that travails your soul…do something you never thought you’d do, to become someone you never thought you’d be. God sees you magnificently more than you see yourself. You are destined to be a part of something bigger than yourself–and this, of course, is how love should be.

You are Amazing.

You are Lovely.

You are Radiant.

You are Golden and to be treasured.

Yours Faithfully—


“Entreat me not to leave you, or to turn back from following after you; for wherever you go I will go; and wherever you lodge I will lodge; your people shall be my people, And your God, my God.” Ruth 1:16

Praise God and follow Him just as faithfully as Ruth did. Magnificent and sufficient woman of virtue.

April 22, 2019

Holy Blaze

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“Then Daniel distinguished himself…because an excellent spirit was in him…” Daniel 6:3

Have you ever known someone who did things to excellence or seen something done beyond well done? Going the extra mile and pouring your very best into something is different from “being perfect”. But rather it is about allowing Gods perfection to make residence within our hearts and then flow through us as He guides us to do.

If you want to go to the next level, then you must first begin by taking some time to “press in”. Pressing in is an expression I like to use when I earnestly seek the Lord. When I clear my calendar as best I can and simply “be” with my Maker.

Going to the next level also requires a willingness to live in the Fire. There must be an absolute obedience to the Holy Spirit. There must be, on imperative levels, a stoic obedience to the Truth. You must always eat it, drink it, believe it and speak it. Your life must be based on pure and absolute Truth. But the Fire will also require a willingness to endure fiery places–trials. The greater the Call of God on your life, the more vast and complex the trials. In fact, the greater the Call the more unfair and abundant the trials will be. Just like Jesus.

This is mostly because it is in the trial you gain spiritual territory, but only if you persist to overcome. The enemy doesn’t mind a Believer who sits on a fence, shrinks back, or occupies the bench. He especially doesn’t mind the Believer who lives for their own. The Enemy looks for the Child of God who is willing to catch the ball and run with it. The ones who understand they are not their own, they have bee purchased and they live for something greater than themselves.

When I take some time to retreat, allowing myself to sink into the arms of my heavenly Father, when I emerge I can run farther, I can do better still and I can resume my work refreshed.

I’ve been doing an in depth study of the Book of Daniel. It has been like fresh water to me and my Maker has supplemented the study with countless other confirmations of His will and plans for me. I’ve been spending a lot of time in the Fire and here’s what I know. I will never change my mind about the life I’ve given up to be with my King. He is my everything and when you are supernaturally gifted with intense capacity to love you are forced to look above if you desire to be well loved. Nothing satisfies like Heaven. He fills my Cup so I can fill others. It’s a constant conduit of Blessing.

Do not grow weary in doing good, but don’t be afraid to pull away in personal retreat when you need to seek the Father, face to face, His Presence is the Most Holy Place of Excellence.

What I love most about The Upper Room story found in the Book of Acts on the New Testament is that this was where the Anointing of the Holy Spirit fell. This is where it appeared as Counselor, Friend, Confidant and Miracle Worker for the first time.

There is a wave of the Holy Spirit coming and we can either be swept up in it or overcome by it. We each get to decide.


April 1, 2019

Welcome To My Kitchen

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“If you keep yourself pure, you will be a special utensil for honorable use. Your life will be clean, and you will be ready for the Master to use you for every good work.”

2 Timothy 2:21 (NLT)

I love this translation of this passage…to be a utensil for honorable use.

I frequently dream of having a grand kitchen with many tables and I am wearing my apron and I am serving, serving, serving the meal. God is continually reminding me to feed His Sheep. It seems so simple, yet it draws the attention of the Gates of Hell. But with God, we always bloom in heat.

The Enemy doesn’t like someone who feeds the Sheep. Because then the Sheep might get healthy. The Sheep might get healed. The Sheep just may become delivered from strongholds and deep habits or patterns of sin. The Enemy doesn’t want the Bride of Christ to rise and know who she is or even worse become zealous.

North America has categories of Christians. There are “Christians” and then there are “Radical Christians”. Radical Christians (this term is so funny to me) are truly just Hungry Christians. Do you understand what that means? When we hunger it means we want more. We crave to go deeper. We itch for more of His Presence. We are not afraid of Deep Waters and we don’t shy away during the Storm. We keep pressing forward knowing there is more.

When you flip through your Word and read about the First Century Church you realize that there were only Christians and they walked by faith and did some “radical” and heroic things. They did things like walking away from careers…giving all they had to the poor…being martyred for their beliefs. Faith like that will turn a few heads.

I just heard someone speak about the difference between a celebrity and a hero. A celebrity receives attention while a hero gives it away. A hero serves. A hero let’s others have the attention and they keep serving. A hero has a cause and purpose greater than themselves.

Powerful. Humble. Nimble.

Nimble? Yes, as in flexible. A resilient Believer knows that it’s always about the big picture—salvation, discipleship, service.

“Feed my Sheep.”

We are all leaky vessels. We have to keep our tanks full of the right stuff. You have to be careful what you feast on. You’ve got to guard your heart and understand you are a Blood bought vessel of Hope God has designed to assist others and help them cope with life and hopefully secure their eternal life. Your life has a Mission. Because we leak. God wants us to secure quality time in His Presence, hungering for Him, ever day. Feasting on His Word. Reading quality devotionals that will edify and also challenge you to grow. Then you can be filled to Overflow and leak all over others around you.

Have you ever been around someone who leaks their pain all over others? I know you have. We all have. This type of person is hurting so deep and doesn’t have the skill set to manage or get relief from their pain. Some just enjoy their misery and refuse to heal. There’s all kinds of reason—but the remedy is always the same. Faith. Hope. Love. But the greatest of these is Love.

Seek the Lord and ask Him to help you gain a Pure understanding of His Love. His Love will stir you. His Love will edify and satisfy you. His Love will brim and spill over. His Love has power to heal you. His Love will bring you Peace. The more you grow in that Peace the more calm and tranquil you become. The more you grow in His Love the more you want to serve. You understand that it’s far better to shine bright than to be in a spotlight. God will magnify and highlight the soft beauty that is YOU in all you say and do and the Heavenly aroma you emit with be intoxicating to a world that is hurting, and thirsty, and hungry for the truly heroic.

Serve. Support. Encourage.

This is my mantle.

This is my meal.

Feast, Beloved—

Heaven is real and it is occupied by a Gentleman who adores His Chosen Bride, the Church. If you haven’t met Him, I’m inviting you in. You are welcome here as “Friend”.


“Mold us, great God, info forms of beauty and usefulness…by the touch of your hand. Fulfill your ideal, and confirm us to the image of your Son. In your great house may we stand as vessels for your use. We are little better than common earthenware, but we can be cleaned, and offer refreshment to many parched and weary hearts.” ~F.B. Meyer


March 23, 2019

Pressed at Rest

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When I was a little girl I was very timid, bashful and shy. I remember my Daddy carrying me on his forearm, holding me close to his chest. There’s such a sense of peace and rest when you have the confidence of another for supplemental strength, especially a father.

Jesus, when in the Garden of Gethsemane prayed to His Heavenly Father for Comfort, Relief and Respite. And in the quiet of the night the Christ knew what he’d been asked to do. He tried to lean on the strength of friends, but they couldn’t even remember to stay awake to pray for him (Matt. 26:40). It was just He and His LORD. But do you know what? He kept looking up because He knew that would be more than enough.

“Be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might.”

Ephesians 6:10

God is with us, watching out for us, every day. There is nothing you can walk through without the assurance He is with you every step of the way. He goes before you, because He adores you and he moves mountains, rocks and gravel from your path. Grab hold of His hand, He always has a marvelous plan.

His love you cannot escape.

When in Israel we travelled through the Garden called Gethsemane where Jesus wept and it was beautiful. Olive trees abounding, some of them 1,500 years old. Talk about longevity! I think this is such a marvelous analogy. When we lean into the Arms of our Heavenly Father, just like the bows of these Olive trees, just like a Daddy, amid the darkest of times, He bestows rays of sunshine, glorious blooms, lush gardens all around you. It is the Garden of Heart He most wants to impart.

God takes full responsibility for your life, trust Him with yours in return. Your trials are the molding vessels that bring Him Honor. And in His time, you will rise.


“It is like the precious oil upon the head, Coming down upon the beard, Even Aaron’s beard, Coming down upon the edge of his robes.” Psalm 133:22

March 20, 2019

Hammer Out The Details

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“I’m hammering out the details.”

This is the word that resignates in my Spirit this morning as I am praying about some deeply personal matters. As I was penning the words I heard,

“I’m hammering out the details.”

I began to think about it.

God is hammering out the details of your life today.

You may not understand or know much about what is happening in the world around you or in your own life, but God does, and that you can trust. He’s going to work it out.

Hammering out the details is just what Abba Father did when He sent His Son to earth. Hammering out the details is just what Jesus was willing to do on the Cross. The details were literally hammered out through him.

Thomas was the greatest doubter of Jesus’ Tribe. But Jesus didn’t scorn him. He allowed him. He produced the nail scared hands and let Thomas touch them and as he did his faith was elevated and elated. The Lord hadn’t left them or forsaken them after all.

People everywhere are going through “stuff”. Maybe you’ve interacted with others and don’t particularly understand why they are how they are? But that’s not the point. The point is God might be using your love and kindness to produce some nail scared hands. How they are most likely has nothing to do with you. Perhaps others are feeling a little forsaken by Heaven just like the disciples did? Or what about the person you quickly walked by without noticing the pain in their eyes because well, your hands were full of all life has given you?

Or maybe I’m describing you? I know there have been times this has exactly described me. Do you feel forsaken, abandoned or without answers? Do you feel life is passing you by?

God is helping me to feel His Empathy for humanity in ever growing measure.

As a Christian, no matter what I may personally be going through, I’ve alway tried to lead by example with my fingers firmly gripped on Phil. 4:8. We all fall short and miss it, absolutely! But through our perseverance God is hammering out the details.

Having trouble at work?

Hold onto God He is hammering out the details.

Received a negative health report?

Hold onto the Great Physician, He is hammering out the details.

Kid out of control or family in disarray?

Be still and be held by Heaven, God is hammering out the details.

And with every blow feel the scars being produced in you, but don’t allow the scars of life to define you. God is hammering out the details so that you may be able to produce some nail scared hands and serve as another’s reminder that they are not forsaken. Heaven will hammer out their details too.

Live Beyond the Scar.

If today you turn aside In your luxury and pride. Wrapped within yourself, and blind to the sorrows of your kind, You a faithless watch do keep, You are one of those who sleep. Anna C Lynch Botta

“He will reply, ‘I tell you the truth, whatever you did not do for one of the least of these, you did not do for me.'” Matthew 25:45

Lord, help us each to remember you have not forgotten us. You are faithfully working behind the scenes sculpting and weaving and yes, even hammering. Lead us to treat our neighbor as ourself and grow in our capacity to show genuine concern, love and empathy for whoever you place in our path. With a love like that, we can’t go wrong! Amen.

I pray a blessing over you today. Go forth touched by His Love. He has not failed to notice you.


March 15, 2019

Love Good

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God’s Grace cannot be trumped by our goodness. His grace is scandalous and pardons what we can’t fix and I think this is a beautiful, but peculiar aspect to His Character.

I love it!

Our obedience is a form of adoration, but it is not the instrument of His portions.

He gives…

He gives…

He gives….

Because HE Lives!

We may fall…

But He will rise!

Doing good and being good are good. But what stirs God’s heart is when we love good.🌸💗

God doesn’t need our effort to advance Himself, but by the power of His love He includes those who are willing to serve…support…and encourage.

You have been given a Voice to use.

You have been given a platform. Your platform may not look like someone else’s. Your platform is your LIFE.

Rest your heart in a fountain of Joy. Even when gloom and despair lick like flames about you, remain quiet as a mouse. This day given you may be the only opportunity another will have to see a Ministey of Hope etched within you. The best way to love well and have a wonderful day is to get the focus off of our own trials and struggles and focus on blessing another. Self absorbed thinking is always a waste of energy. There are times to meditate, be somber and reflect—but these times are to be reserved for your place of private sanctuary or spiritual rest. It may be your room, your yard or garden. When necessary it may even need to be alone in your car. And God, who knows everything, will minister to the very thing that you’ve never spoke a word about to anyone. He is amazingly kind and gracious.

But all of His Grace, He resoundingly penetrates my heart with over and over again, is not dependent on our goodness or ability.

We all fail. We all fall short. We all have a misstep now and again. These places are places to pick up and move forward. To sanction our heart in God’s care, but never to wallow there. Self pity is selfish and not from God.

The Greatest Essence of Heaven’s kindness is our ability to kiss the world around us with the moisture of Heaven in the goodness of His Love. Loving good is not always easy, but it is always necessary. You’ve got just the right Voice, right smile, right heart intent to make a real difference.

“Let all that you do be done in love.”

1 Cor. 16:14

“Then let the sunshine of your gladness rest

On the dark edges of each cloud that lies

Black in your brother’s skies

If you are sad,

Still be you in your brother’s gladness glad.”

Frederick W Faber

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