October 11, 2018

The Push Away Diet

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The Push Away Diet Plan

“Turn to Me with all your heart, with fasting, with weeping, and with mourning…For He is gracious and merciful. Slow to anger, and of great kindness.” Joel 2:12-13

There was a woman who receive a remarkable healing in her body. She was so exuberant with joy she wrote her Pastor to tell him the good news. She finished her letter by asking, “Do you think God would do anything about my being overweight?” The Pastor wrote her back and congratulated her on her miracle, and replied to her question regarding her weight , “This kind only goes out by fasting.”

Sometimes the best diet is the push away diet plan. You’ve got to push away from the table until your body weight becomes balanced and stable. But this applies to everything. You’ve got to push away from negative and deleterious thinking. You’ve got to push away from harboring pain of your past, bitterness and resentment. You have to push aside feelings of inadequacy or inability. You’re really quite wonderful and those things that weigh you down will hold you down if you allow it. Lighten the load! Fitness isn’t just for the body-it’s for the soul. You’ve got glow! So as you remember to be kind to others, be kind to yourself as well! -Nicole


October 10, 2018


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When you’ve planted seed you don’t have to worry about a thing. God can be trusted to bring to fruition that which He intended the seed for in the first place.

Have you ever had the Lord lean deep into your heart and ask you to do something that made no sense to your common sense? But there He was, His Faithful and Holy Spirit, whittling away at your rationale and poking holes in your well thought through intentions and gleaning something that wields strength from outside of common sense in the realm of the unknown…the faith zone.

The faith zone always resides well outside your comfort zone. It is there though—a portion of your soul committed to grow. The seeds of Hope planted at Calvary rest inside you deep.

Water your heart.

Nurture your mind—

stimulate it if you will—but don’t put your souls direction in its hands. Your faith must lead by command. Your heart holds the keys to your destiny. Where your heart is your life will surely follow.

Allow God to direct your heart.
Set your affections in Him.
He has the power to hold your gaze and lock arms with you as only the Creator of everything could do. He has designs on your life greater than anything you could create on your own.

Concede. Rely on Him for everything. Follow your heart…it has merit.
Dig deep—it has caverns and depth you perhaps haven’t ever reached. God wants you to explore His heart so He can build your faith and create for you a space of utter fullness of contentment. Vastly content and happy. Living by faith is the only way to fully access it.

Seeds have been sown in the garden of your heart. When God looks at you He sees a lush field of evergreen trees, vines with fruit clusters, hope divine and glorious blooms specifically designed to besot you.

God has plans for your life. Are you trusting him completely? Are you more reliant on common sense than His Power And Goodness?

God’s got you. Allow the luster and shine of His heart for you break through.

You have been earmarked for Glory.♥️


“Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

Matthew 19:26

October 5, 2018

Strength For You Today

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Beloved…I know what the Lord is up to. He is equipping you for your Calling. He is building stamina, fortitude, and the ability to dig deep and keep going. You already have all of these virtues…but he is molding you to a new level of abundance in each. I am so excited for you!!! I will pray you through…but get excited, God must have amazing and wonderful plans for you!❤️

God sees and knows every detail of struggles you are going through.
He is with you, guiding you, strengthening and protecting you through it all. By it, learn to trust more deeply in Him.

You are Beautiful. ~Nicole

“Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance.” James 1:2-3

September 27, 2018


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Hello there.

What an excellent day.
I hear it was Heaven made.

But what exactly does that mean to you?

For me…this is what it means. A Heaven made day means something different to everyone, but here’s a glimpse into my heart and what stirs me deeply.

I love the free expression my heart yields in His Presence. It is frequently found in my pen, but when I speak it is found there as well.

He brings out the best in me.

What brings out the best in you?

I am fully aware that I am fully Lover. I care deeply. Feel deeply. Experience richly and want the Source of it all to penetrate my heart in all—the big and the small. I want God to be a part of it all. I am fully invested. Because I am also fully resolute and stoic. Kind of an unusual mix. I’ve learned to embrace it.

How about you?

What stirs you?

Not what brings you success. Not what keeps trials at bay. Not what appeases others. What STIRS you? If you’re not stirred then it’s all for no good. Wouldn’t you agree?

I don’t want to just live, breathe, experience. I mean—I want all of those things. But what I really want is to be moved.

What moves you?
What inspires you?
What causes you to step up and out and find your real finesse?

Finesse. Everybody wants it. Everyone is drawn to it…but truth be told…not everyone has it.
It’s sort of one of those things you can’t duplicate. You have it, or you don’t.

But true finesse is MAGNETIC.

So what draws you?

I pray this day Heaven would draw you and penetrate your soul and increase the luster and shine on all that you do. I have a feeling there’s something magnificent still asleep within you, despite all the finesse that already seeps through.

Heaven is waiting…
It wants to experience your deepest finesse, too.

Can’t wait to see—
You were born for more.

This day, BE INSPIRED!



September 16, 2018

In Deep

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“My God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.”
Hebrews 13:5

When we work we work faithfully, but when God works He shows up and shows off!

Think about that. We work, we plan, we demonstrate good faith in the fruit of our hard work. Sometimes we even strive (which is never a good idea). We may even sit back and think, “wow, not bad.” But then when God clearly and definably shows up on the scene He absolutely and ridiculously amazes us with His utter Perfection. His simplest task will blow our best effort out of the water every time!

Gideon struggled with doubt, but God was with him anyway. HE chose YOU to do the marvelous. And when you’re chosen…
So go about what you were put here to do!

So, it seems to me we have a very valid and secure reason to believe we can trust Him with pretty much everything. Take a moment right now to recap what God has done or you.

When you let it sink in just how much God is for you—you begin to recognize the cadence to His pace as he runs toward you. He adores you.
You really can do it all!


“Because you are my help,
    I sing in the shadow of your wings.”

Psalm 63:7

September 15, 2018

Favor’s Kiss

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“In your hand is power and might; in Your hand it is to make great and to give strength to all.” 1 Chron. 29:12

Great things are coming…

They are the sum total of doing the ordinary with extraordinary effort and faith every single day. A sure sign of God’s true strength deeply imbedded in your soul is your depth of conviction, even to the things that seems mundane and ordinary. This is the recipe for all things extraordinary!

I think there is something compelling and attractive to the heart of God when He sees a man or woman who has grit…a willingness to keep going, to persist without exception. Persistence doesn’t have to be loud. In fact, the best source of persistence is found in a quiet strength that just keeps going.

God sees you persist.
He sees you stepping out in faith.
He sees your zeal to please your Maker.
He feels your heart and it has been carved from pure gold.
You are pure gold.
Though you travel through the fireary flames of adversity—you emerge on the other side gleaming bright enough to dispel the Night.

There is a fire inside of you and it is captivating. So allow yourself to be captivated by the One who is able to prepare a table for you in the midst of all you do.

Heaven woke up with nothing but you on its mind.
So let Heaven Shine down and Kiss your day with favor.

You’re doing better than you think.

There’s a fire in you and it’s hinged in grit. Keep moving! Gods got bountiful things in store for you! So don’t measure your portion before He is done preparing it! Abundance takes time! ~Nicole

Worship your way through…
Heaven shines down on you.

September 12, 2018

My Glorious

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I’ve been awake more than an hour now. Eyes barely able to creep open, yet awake. When this happens I know what my Lord is after. He either wants me to pray or He wants me to write. I don’t always immediately know which He is after so I lay still. I speak from my heart and mind to him—only God can hear a thought. Then I abide and wait. Tonight I suspected I was to get up and write. I knew what He desires me to to say…He began the conversation by vehicle of His Holy Spirit before I went to bed last night…but it was left unfinished.

So sleepy…so I lie awake and prayed and listened…. This is what I heard:

“Time to show up and show out.
You are a Carpenter’s daughter.”

I love this.
I love everything about it.

It could mean countless things which He reveals in His good time. But ultimately it means I am loved by One who knows how to build.
He does His part and I do mine.
I yield to what He is constructing in my life and how He desires to use my gift, talents and abilities to lay a Beautiful yet Rock Solid foundation to build upon with Him always as the Cornerstone.

I love when He speaks.

My Glorious —
I feel you close.
How is it that I can’t touch you, yet I feel you?
Your Presence—Enormous.
Larger than life are you.
My breath—taken.
My knees—shaken.
I fall before your Throne.
There is nothing like you.
There is no one like you.
How did I come to receive the glorious privilege of knowing you?

My Glorious

You are Glorious.
I anticipate our time together.
Your favor brings me pleasure.
Your Spirit touches my spirit.
Deep calls to deep.
And I respond to the noise of your Breakers.
They cascade over me like waterfalls.
You replenish my strength.
You nourish my soul.
You leave me hungry for more.

There is none like you—

You are My Glorious.


September 11, 2018

Lean In

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“Trust in the Lord with all your heart
and lean not on your own understanding;
6 in all your ways submit to him,
and he will make your paths straight.”

Isn’t this such a great reminder. No matter how you feel or think about God—
or if you don’t think of Him at all.
I dare say, even those who do not believe in Him at all. He believes in you.

Countless people from all walks of life have this in common. They call upon the Lord in times of turmoil, despair, fear, pain and loss.

Even when we are faithless.
He is faithful.

You may not understand the pain you walk through, but heaven will get you through and provide the strong shoulder for you to lean upon. Even the strongest shoulders need somewhere to lean.

When I was young I didn’t do a lot of leaning into God. I leaned most anywhere else, but not there. Looking back I see how He protected me anyway through several situations that could have gone a different way. I began to see His hand guiding mine and then I realized Heaven had a plan for my life.

Father in Heaven—
Entangle my heart with the thread of heaven.
Lace me in Divine Grace.
Weave and spin my heart, turning it like a wheel and move me wherever you go…

Heart and soul you have given me more than my heart or soul could have ever asked for. Amen

There is nothing like hiding in Him.

Gods grace go with you.
He is there with you now—
saturating your life with His own.
Shine bright because your life is meant to dispel the Night.

The Grace of Heaven is a Beautiful thing. You are valuable and your life possesses incredible merit.


August 29, 2018


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I had a conversation with a gal yesterday and within our talking I shared my dislike for driving.

I don’t enjoy driving very much.

I guess overall I don’t mind driving, when I think about it, but I drive so much everyday out of necessity and over long distances…it’s a lot of time in the car. I guess that’s what I dislike. So maybe if my experience were different—I’d feel different.

I’m such an observant person by nature. I pick up in the little details that largely go unnoticed by others. I see things I am not looking for or meaning to see…they just seem overwhelmingly obvious to me. I connect the dots well. I recognize signs.

This got me thinking…

God gives signs everywhere. This makes sense to me because He IS everywhere. It’s like I can smell His Breath in the air, feel His Pleasures in my cares. I feel His kiss on the gentle breeze. I feel him cradle my legs when I’m on my knees. My soul desires nothing on earth more than to please Him. So this is why I write.

I don’t like to drive. I said that and you know…it is not something I look forward to doing. But I understand it’s necessity and the brilliant plans God unfolds for myself and my family and every opportunity He brings to me when I willingly set myself in the drivers seat and turn the ignition with my key.

God has keys and they sometimes come to us as signs. He is in the wind. He is in the trees. He bends and folds with the breeze, but His roots are resilient and sure and He is ultimately in charge of everything. He alone gets me from point A to point B safely. And so I write…

There are gifts, talents, abilities and destiny locked inside each one of us. God is the giver and cultivator of promise and blessings. Sometimes He calls us to go, do, explore…drive the vehicle of life. We don’t always want to take the lead or drivers seat. Just like how when I’m with my family I prefer not to drive. I like to let someone else do it. I prefer to ride.

So this gets me thinking how there are times and situations where God asks us to obey Him and do something. He asks us to “drive”. We may not understand it or want to do it or feel we can do it—but He asks us to try. Sometimes God is not okay with us in the passenger seat. Sometimes He wants to activate our faith and develop in us a new level of ability and confidence and faith obedience. This is why I share.

Not everyone is given the blueprint for God’s destinations for your life. They may question, ponder or even dislike your choices. Part of being willing to drive is being ok with the disapproval of others. This one has traditionally been hard for me, to a degree, because I am such a people lover. But ultimately when you are locked and loaded, eyes on the mark, intentionality to pursue Gods plans for you in overdrive—this is when we most feel alive and edified. Heart and soul God means to bring you more…always! So sometimes we must drive even if we don’t want to. Even if our choices are difficult to make and may even hurt (unintentionally) people you deeply care for. Because you know God’s love means more. He is to be the Apple of our eye. Just as we are His.

More love.
More Hope.
More devotion.
More time.
More attention.
More healing.
More Power.
More of Himself.
More Peace.
More fruit of the Spirit.

That’s why they call him the God of the Abundance.

So drop your cares in the passenger seat. Even when He asks you to partake in destinations you didn’t sign up for—the signs for your life are everywhere. Oh my lord, look at how much He cares!

Take the high road with all its bumps and curves. There is extraordinary blessing just ahead, that’s what I’ve heard!

Sometimes the biggest instructions we take are simply to help us learn what we need to learn so we can fulfill our duty and destiny. Heaven loves you and in the end, makes your path smooth.

God’s best for you is yet to be.
He will crown your life in Victory.
You are a Beautiful Story.

“…Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go” (Joshua 1:9).

~Nicole 💗

August 28, 2018

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Pain has a way of changing people. Some for the better, but some for the not so much better. Pain is like an acid rub on the heart. It can clean and clear away dead skin (the flesh) and debris and create a luster and shine that goes out and administers the fruit of the experience like a heavenly rub—bringing relief to the pain of others by vehicle of Compassion and Mercy and Empathy.
It can be a tremendous vehicle toward heart shine of the best kind.⭐️

But for others pain is deep and the path of healing is never chosen so their pain only creates more pain as they bleed on everyone around them.

How do you cope with pain?

Have you endured a grief that begs for relief, but haven’t any idea how to choose the path of healing?
You cannot change what has happened to you or control the circumstances around you all the time. But what you can do is be in charge of deciding to heal. The path of healing will NOT include self pity, pride that justifies personal rights and being right. Vindictiveness will never be apart of God’s plan. The only way to achieve relief is for you to decide to release.

Ask God every day to help you choose the path of forgiveness and to release the memories that haunt you. Then the invisible finger of God will probe your heart, mind and soul and pull out the hurt and heal the heart, mind and flesh.

Take it to Jesus, Honey, He died for this!

Your best days are ahead for you. Live, Love and may a Joy Explosion emerge from you. Life’s too short and too precious to live bitterly. Live better!

“And I am convinced that nothing can ever separate us from God’s love. Neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither our fears for today nor our worries about tomorrow—not even the powers of hell can separate us from God’s love.” Romans 8:38

You are Loved.
You are cherished.
You are adored.
You are esteemed by the Crown of Heaven.
You are Besotted.
You are Betrothed.
You are Accepted.
You are Blessed.
You are Favored.
You. Are. Loved.

Now, Beloved, be healed, whole and STRONG. The One who is ready and able has made Himself available to you. It’s what He came to do! Because He loves you.💗


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