February 17, 2019

Don’t Let Go—

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“I, the Lord, have called you in righteousness;

I will hold your hand.

I will keep you and will make you

to be a covenant for the people

And a light for the Gentiles.”

Isaiah 42:6

What has your heart perplexed this day? What has caused your heart to rouse and be troubled?

Do you not know you are the absolute Apple of the Father’s Eye?

Do you know how His heart cries when you suffer inside?

Do you not know that His fondest thoughts include you?

He is with you.

Everything you say—

Everywhere you go—

Every ounce of you is protected by whole hosts of angels descending down from the heavens to protect your call, your anointing, your crown.

Just the fact that you are alive today is living proof that there are yet Grand and Mighty things for you to do!

“…be there with an open and joyful heart as often as possible; if not joyful, at least with a brave and faithful heart.”

~Frances de Sales

Take Courage…

have heart…

Be strong in the Might of His Power…be it not your own.

For in our own strength we prove weak, feeble and foolish.

Be the man or woman you desire to be.

Step up and step out Victoriously.

Find encouragement for this day in these words that I say. They are Heaven inspired and drawn from wells of Living Water to flow from my pen–if only to cause both your heart, soul, strength and face to smile.

He is with you now-

let us go the extra mile.




February 9, 2019

Bountiful Treasure

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Bountiful 🎉

The Touch of your hand makes me glow.
The Touch of your hand makes me whole.

You, alone, satisfy the soul.

You are not a far off or dusty wasteland.
You drench me is Goodness.
You quiet my soul.
I am never left forlorn when I know your will and way is to walk beside me, O, Ancient of Days.

You satisfy me.

You curb my appetite for lesser things.

What a Joy and delight to know that as this New Year rings you are there to carry me across the threshold from the old to the new…just as a Groom who carries his Bride.
You are always by my side.

This alone helps me to know that I am completely blessed.
My heart and soul are at rest for the bounty of treasure your heart contains for me.

I can feel how much you adore me.

….I am so blessed.♥️




“Seek first the Kingdom of God and all these things shall be added unto you.”

~May His Glory fall faithfully upon all you say and do. A Mighty Shield and covering to carry you through the new. 2019 will look marvelous on you. You are splashed with enduring love that has been built to last. Let it be a solid foundation and a fortress of hope. Happy New ~Everything.

January 16, 2019

What Is This Grace?

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It may not be your fault someone strongly dislikes you. But it is your fault what you do with it and how you handle it.

     Instead of anything—rest back in the Father’s heart. Unite your soul to His. Allow your Way Maker to breathe possibilities and positive inspirations to your soul.
     Relationships can be slippery. You don’t always know how people tick, what speaks to them and what sets them off. You may find out by mistake over and over again. They key to having healthy relationships is to always error on the side of Grace.
     Graciousness is what won the hearts of every inhabitant of Heaven. Grace is what births the “silver lining” of every dark storm cloud that cannot be seen with the naked eye. Graciousness is what gives rise to that incredible smile God blessed you with.
     Graciousness is what causes us to go the extra mile with each other. It’s the fuel that hinges together sister and brother, Father and Mother, Lovers, and society as a community collectively holding each other.
     Goodness in Grace is when our grace is laced with compassion that works like salve, patience that eases the soul and listening ears that seek to hear another’s heart.
     A Gracious heart never wants to see you hurt. Definitely doesn’t want you unhappy. Rejoices to see you laughing and gets giddy at the idea it had something to do with your laugh or your smile. It runs on the fuel called Jovial mile after mile.
     Grace is a form of love. It seeks no evil, harbors no malice and is enormously disinterested in strife. It cares more deeply for your well being than in being right. I guess that makes a characteristic of Grace also a humble disposition. There is great and supernatural power in bowing low. Not necessarily a body, but a heart, a soul, an inner man or woman, a mindset. Grace and Love crouch down knowing full well we are protected because Heaven holds our crown.
     I pray Heaven would stoop down for you today. I pray Heaven not be remiss in granting you Gracious Kisses and Splendor for all you do, every foot step planted and every thread of Hope and Vision your heart can carry…and then I hope it heaps on a bit more causing your hearts joy to move into overflow.
     The door for this blog page is closing. God is redirecting my pen to another level. I’ve enjoyed my time here with you. Not sure how many more posts it will have, it could be quite a few or it could have already been too many—
I’ve enjoyed it all.
Thank You.
Thank you for drawing near.
Thank you for having an interest in anything I’ve written or wanted to say.
Thank you for reading my poetic prose and hem in as my heart gushes via my pen.
     Reading with me means you received a slice of me and I hope it was a delicious treat enrapturing the soul.
Thank you for trusting me to bestow the wisdom of my experiences, my encouragement, my love and effort to refresh your soul here. The evidence of my Love is anchored in Heaven above. Get to know Him better.
     His Love is like the savor of a crystal blue sea. It looks tantalizing, but the Joy rises only when you dive in.
Abundant blessings…
May they shower over you.
My greatest wish is that this type of blessing would be one of deeper merit~it would be blessing of heart, mind and soul. The blessing would go to the places you truly dwell. The places you keep yourself in. The places you hide away. The home base of Divine and Infinite Peace.
God bless your heart.
I don’t know about you, but I fall more in love with Him every day.
What is this Love?
What is this Grace?
Hem in…you’ll see…
Broken & Brave

December 31, 2018

Fair well: A Year End Blessing

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New Year…New Goals.
I’ve never been one to make resolutions. I tend to look at every day as a new day, a new chance and new beginning. But why not take the opportunity with a new calendar year to dream big, take big action steps and witness every possibility for your life ignite with passion and take flight?
Extraordinary just may be a place worth going.
So instead of talking yourself out of your divine destiny, why not decide to keep it, embrace it, and make it a reality?
Possibility is a glorious expression on any face. Dwell endlessly in possibility.
I hope you all have a safe a wonderful New Year celebration. Remember two things as we wish 2018 good bye…
1. Change how you think in 2019.
Reflect on the past year. What are the significant “take-a-ways” God was gently trying to get you to yield to and learn?
Everyday is a new beginning with a new opportunity to be a better version of the you from yesterday. Don’t make it only an annual thing.
2. Nothing good happens after midnight.
I don’t know if this is actually true, but it’s cute and everyone says it. I think what it really means is be careful with your life. You are precious cargo. We don’t use the word precious all that much in society any longer unless speaking of babies or animals. But isn’t it true. Your life is precious. You have value. You are cared about. Even if you feel what I’m saying isn’t true—it is. God finds immense pleasure in you. Spend some time exploring who He is and let Him begin to communicate and commune with you. Meditate on Him. There is power and rest in a yielded and contrite spirit.
I am honored to speak a blessing over you. Embrace it for your life for it is Divinely Inspired:
The Lord bless you and keep you. I pray His face shine upon you. The Glory of His Majesty and Countenance will illuminate you heart and soul and invigorate your hope and belief in His Sovereignty. May He increase your capacity to understand the deeper things of Eternity and become more aware of the spiritual reality around you.  May your eyes of discernment open wide and an awakening of the deeper regions of your heart and soul would occur; and when the blessing comes you will know all you need to know to prepare you for your new level of blessing. I pray you may carry the blessing well. Be well. Amen.
Happy New Year

December 13, 2018

Quiet as a mouse.

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Chores, errands, running around.
Company party, office party, neighbors party, church party, family gatherings and an endless list of this and that. It’s the most wonderful time of the year and maybe the most exhausting or depressing time of the year for many.

How ever important it is to keep the main thing the main thing.

Has this list described you?
Has the fanfare, the party air, the festive lights and tantalizing treats distracted you or overwhelmed you in any way? Or maybe you’ve not been invited to a party, not a single one, no one remembered to send you a card or you are deeply missing someone you loved. Whether your sick in your body or fighting with your spouse, wayward children or a leaking roof on your house. Remain…

Quiet as a mouse.

Take a few moments, quiet ones, all to yourself.
If you have to wake up a bit earlier for that slice of quiet I hold so dear.
Morning may be best when you’ve had even the wee-est amount of rest.
Take a moment to drink Him in. Who?
That baby, that’s who.

He was born for you.
Just gaze at that face and imagine his embrace.


Portrait credits unknown

His Spirit descends down, he’s not overly dignified despite his enormous crown…Sovereign of all Eternity.
He stoops down.
He gathers low.
He whispers to your sweet spirit, heart and soul.

“You are adored”.

Light of the world.

Before the angels sang, while Mary still had sweat dripping from her face, a babe was born to Light the world and most of all, to Aluminate Hope for you.

Let His Beauty Come.
Let His Gentle Grace Cascade with glory over your face—
Just like the finger tips of the one you kiss.
His soul kisses you.
His heart marries you.
And all of this…

First began small and from a place of humble beginning, lonely nights created with danger…that sweet little boy lying in a manger.

He did it all for you.
Drink deep of His Cup.

May this day and this Holiday Season be magnificent for you.
May the dew of Heaven wet your brow with a kiss of the Holy Spirit and may you enter into His Rest and Comfort as never before.

You are adored.


**this song is a little rockin’ For my post about comfort, rest and focused time in the Lord…but it’s fabulous and the lyrics piercing and it’s the very song the Spirit is impressing in me to use. Enjoy! I know I love it♥️ ~N

November 15, 2018

Word of Exhortation

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Did you know?

The Bible is mostly poetry? Nearly fifty percent of it! This is a fact I learned just yesterday and it tickled my heart. Because when the Spirit speaks to me and when He crowds my pen and I rend, something poetic as a prose or rhyme comes to my mind every time. I love this because He has always versed my pen and courted my heart with smoothness of words. It’s like salve to my soul.
He knows my heart and my love language.

God will speak to you if you listen. You don’t need a yoga class to Chanel in. You don’t need any form of medium or spiritist to step in. But what you do need is a willing and soft heart—an open soul—willing to yield and humbly cleanse yourself from sin, from pride. Pride of life will harden a heart more crooked and solid than anything. Extreme pride may look like atheism. But even doubt or fear or worry can be forms of pride. Anything that lacks trust and faith in God is laced with pride.

For the next moment put everything aside. Find sometime to search your soul, clear out some clutter, and make some room for Him. He wants to move in, redecorate, and penetrate your soul with a splendor and glory that maybe has yet to begin for you depending on how well you know your Maker or maybe you merely know of him?

I have received a Word of Exhortation this morning. I receive them every day, but I do not always feel lead to share them. Sometimes God is kind and let’s them be just for me. But today—let us feast and BE ENCOURAGED by what you read:

“I Am God—and I Am forever Faithful to you. I order your day and I order your every step in each day if you allow me to. I Am here to help you, to guide you, to bring Comfort to you. If it is never laced with Faith, Hope and Pure/True Love—it is not Me. It is the Enemy.

Rid yourself of the ridiculous—
Fear, jealousy, covetousness, insecurity, poverty or a hopeless mentality. Now…grab hold of my Tree called Lovely. It will shade you well.”

You were born to be loved. You are held by the Father. Be loved. Be held. Be healthy and whole—He can make all well with your soul.

Comfort and Rest May they abide wholeheartedly with you today and may you receive Strength for your Journey. ~Nicole💗

“As pressure and stress bear down on me, I find joy in your commands.” Psalm 119:143

June 30, 2018

Balanced & Tranquil

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Homeostasis is defined as “A state of equilibrium, as in an organism or cell, maintained by self-regulating processes.” When our life is balanced and even keeled we exude a sort of peace and continuity of soul others would like to own also.

Just as our body maintains homeostasis with proper health, we can influence internal status with our nutrition choices. When something like our electrolytes and mineral balance gets out of sorts, we can supplement it to get it back right where it belongs.

We can do the same thing for our heart, mind and soul. Feed yourself good things, positive uplifting words. Drink the Wisdom of God from His written Word. Exhort your mind by spending time in prayer and quiet meditation on the Creator who is everywhere. You get the idea. He will help you find spiritual, mindful and emotional rest and balance. He is the only true supplement you need and a crate full of hope and tranquility is what He brings.

You’ve got a lot to look forward to so,
Look up! ~Nicole

“God has ascended amid shouts of Joy, the Lord amid the sounding of trumpets.” Psalm 47:5

June 24, 2018

Crowned & Able

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“But the Lord said to Samuel, “Do not look at his appearance or at the height of his stature, because I have rejected him; for [b]God sees not as man sees, for man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.” 1 Samuel 16:7

The world measures and weighs worth, status, influence and appeal by many measures, but none of them measure up to the evaluation protocol of Heaven.

David was least of all of his family. He had older brothers who were capable, able and strong. He was young. He was inexperienced. He was maybe even a bit naive. But God didn’t look at any of those things. God had a heart that is always hinged on both our heart and His bigger outlook on the future. He cares more about the desires and intent of the heart than anything. He is well able to work with our personal deficiencies, shortcomings and faults. Plus, the more we understand it is He at work within us, the less likely we are to become proud and boastful that our measure of success are of our own fruitful efforts.

God is deeply under the persuasion of love to earnestly and perpetually pursue you. He is, in fact, in pursuit of our hearts daily, hourly and even moment by moment.

Do you ever feel less than? Are you the least of your “clan”? Are you undecided about how the prospects of your future look?

Rest decided in the arms of heaven today. God has angles and access and a point of view that has more clarity than anything you have ever walked through, endured or tried to escape. He has a signet ring for your finger, a royal robe to drape upon your back and His Mantle doesn’t cluster wrath, but will give you a bath in all things good, refreshing and pure. He means to show you just how good He can be and that He didn’t hang from a Tree just for anything…He hung there specifically for YOU.

So stand tall today. Hold your chin high, but only so you can keep your eyes to the sky as you watch your Maker lavish your soul with Splendor. He means to bring you blessings that earthly measures cannot Tender.

Heaven has decided it’s heart on you. Every morning those Mercies are new…just for you. You’ve got an exclusive deal of God’s affection. He is big enough to spread His wealth of love all around.

You are more than enough!

June 19, 2018

Prayer of Praise & Prose

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This day…

Help me, Lord to rest in your confidence, Truth and will.
Equip me to remain at peace in my heart, mind and soul.
Stir my heart and it’s devotions more deeply toward you.
Everything I am able to do is because of you.
May I abide in Christ and love more. Not to love as I know I can and have been able to love in the past.
Not to love as I wish too-
But to love as you do.
Head to toe, heart and soul, you’ve always got more of the good stuff my heart and soul long for.

You are Good. So Good.
You are Splendid. Splendid indeed.

May I lie at your feet on the threshing floor as Ruth did-
waiting for the Kinsman Redeemer to bring forth an Abundant Harvest of your Good Promise.

My King of kings- I love you more.

“I have loved you with an everlasting love.” Jeremiah 31:3

***Poetic Prose of Prayer and Praise. I script my heart and personal prayers on page as a guide post to gain deeper intimacy in Christ. He is waiting for you to go deeper in Him.

June 14, 2018

Warrior of Worship

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Follow your heart my dear-it has courage. Drink deep of Heaven-it will nourish and sustain you. Take action steps of faith. There are worn and weary soldiers who need your strength and faith. And don’t forget to worship.

Spend some time today thanking God for every incredible gift you’ve ever received. It won’t make God less aware of your very real needs. Thank Him for always blazing the trails before us. He is a good God. He’s been good to us. He has been better to us than we have been to him. Bless Him. Thank Him.

Allow Goodness and Mercy to follow you all the days of your life. Amen.

The Anchor and steadfast guidance of Holy Spirit is your key to victory.
Rest in his Grace. He’s already taken care of every detail, even the tiniest details. Rest. Be blessed. Allow Heaven to lavish a bountiful harvest upon you. All ripe fruit and tender meat and green leaf. Pure exhortation is like a well balanced and nutrient dense meal.


When God is on the rise in our life and as He prepares to draw us in-He will stir our hunger, one way or another.

“Then she arose with her daughters-in-law to return from the country of Moab, for she had heard in the fields of Moab that the Lord had visited his people and given them food.”

Ruth 1:6

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