December 4, 2018

“Bless Me, In Spite of Me.”

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One of the best things I can do every day is search my own heart…

There’s something stoic and beautiful about the courage to examine ones own heart. I’ve walked through many seasons where the Lord began to dig and probe and search me. It goes so much more smoothly when I yield.

Over time…I have come to realize that God truly is capable of taking care of me. I’ve always believed it as most who love Him dearly do, too. But we allow our mind and emotions to overrule his good plans and our trust in Him begins to agitate our rest in his peace.

Because I know it’s not of me, but God, I can share that one thing I’m told frequently by others is that I am a carrier of Peace. I have a calming way about me. Some of it may be my natural temperament (which God provided also), but truly it’s all fruit of my love affair with Him. Left to my own I’d be anxious and probably wouldn’t let people get close enough to me to find out if I carried Peace.

Knowing and growing my relationship with Heaven has been the greatest Love Affair of my life. Every bit of care, acceptance, guidance, hand holding, has come like a flood from God.

Some of this friendship is the pure favor of God. I didn’t earn it. I didn’t do it. I invested myself…I yielded…I obeyed. But this kind of Love can only be Heaven made. I cannot take an ounce of credit.

And it has to be.
When it’s God the feelings and the edification are real.
You experience it.
It has residual carry over.
But the unique flavor it brings to all of life is like a tattoo of the soul, a perfume of the heart, a disposition of soul that extracts and finds blessing in absolutely everything. There is an always present awareness that God sees what I can’t and He is working all things for my future good.

It births a level of purity that contains real power. Power to kill the flesh.
Power to see as God sees.
Power to walk in love, grace and unity.
Power to humble myself and accept whatever God finds fit for my life.

In all of this I have grown through the searching of my heart. Accepting and working through the things I have found ugly about myself. No beating myself up, just saying, “Ok, God. Got it. Forgive me. Help me. I cannot do this without you. Bless me In spite of me.”

“LORD, you are my portion and my cup of blessing; you hold my future.“

Psalm 16:5

God will bless you, too.
He never meant for you to handle life or your own heart alone.
He walks right beside you.
And He will fill every broken space or crack and flood it with His love and it will hold together all your broken pieces in such a unique way His light shines through.

Heaven is for real and it’s Creative Genius is, too.
You’ve got a Mighty Hand reaching out and always willing to hold you and support you.
He will see you through.

For when we search our heart…
When we walk through the Fire to the Flood…
This is where we become completely undone by Overwhelming Love.

Your best is yet to come.
Beauty for Ashes.
Glory for Pain.
Endure the fiery flames.
Purity Reigns.
You have a Delightful Inheritance.

As Always…



December 3, 2018

Well Spent

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As this new Day begins may I bless you with my pen and God capture it and penetrate your soul and marinate it and season it and return it as pure gold, ounce upon ounce, added to your life.

Life is like a coin.
Spend it as you like.
You can only spend it once, so if you must spend it-
Spend it in the arms of love.
Spend it secured in Thanksgiving and Faithfulness.
Spend it with Graciousness.
Draw deposits from Heaven.
May the yeast of Compassion be woven and kneaded in.
Yoke your heart like a dove to everything and everyone you love.
Captivate the audience of others as though you were Lover’s.
Spend yourself tirelessly on behalf of others.
Never regret, never fear. Goodness and Mercy are with you near.
The Love sent from above would penetrate you both when you are awake and while you sleep.
May you dream of every golden promise and know it is yours to keep.
May His Heart be your Sanctuary of Goodness, your Refuge and Escape.
Know you are God’s Super Hero and upon your shoulders does His cape drape.

There is no one else like you –
God will give you an increase of power for your calling, whatever your calling be, and the joy of soul to perform it well.

A life was sent from heaven and spent entirely for you. Because you are what He Treasures. May God continually bless you in abundant measure.

The Loveliness of Heaven Bless your day with a Golden Kiss.
Not one single blessing will you miss…

May your life be like a well-watered Garden.


“Greet one another with a holy kiss.” Romans 16:16

November 30, 2018

Properly Fed

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There are so many fads and trends with fitness and nutrition. If you study their history you realize that nothing is truly new. Every fitness and eating plan recirculates and comes back “in style” or “trending” under a different name. What used to be the rage, the Atkins Diet, is now back, but relabeled for what it really is “Keto Diet”. Both diets nothing more than extreme carb restriction or elimination in order to put physiology in a state of ketosis.

Pilates was all the rage a few years back, but was just another blast form the past. Kettlebell training can found all around and you can see people doing an entire workout with the use of kettlebells only. But kettlebells were really the early generation dumbbell as it was easiest to mold the iron in one solid shape. Nothing new.

So many choices for fitness and nutrition a person can become excessively bogged down with choices. Choices can be an immense blessing or they can be your great curse. Which diet is best for you? How many calories do I need anyway? Am I drinking TOO much water (yes that is possible)? Do I eat bread or not? Wheat? Do I need to be gluten free? Do people really have a rise in celiacs disease or is it just a trending diagnosis? Is it trendy to be gluten free?

Every person with proper education and assessment can truly simplify it and find your groove with a meal plan and fitness plan that’s right for you. In my opinion it’s all quite simple.

✅Eat Whole Foods.
✅Consume lean meats (not bashing vegetarians or vegans, but specific nutrients are only found in meat).
✅Lots of veggies and fresh fries don’t count.

Years ago a research study discovered that most children ate next to no vegetables and the only exception was a potato in the form of a french fry. In all of our convenience our health has become extraordinarily compromised. No longer are our children expected to live a longer life than their parents. The mortality predictions for the up and coming generations are not too fabulous.

So what can we do?

✅Start small.
✅Begin adding vegetables.
✅Slowly begin to reduce amounts of sugar in your diet.
✅Begin reducing and eliminating processed foods.

And don’t forget your spirit.
Soul strength is the most important strength.

Feast on Living Water and the Bread of Life. Neither of these will cause disease. The only discomfort will be the challenge of heart to live up to your God given potential.

You’ve got potential.
Don’t let the Devil trick you into believing He can’t sabotage your destiny with poor nutrition choices and lack of activity. He will subtly work to subtract years off of your life, make you miserable (huge correlation between sugar consumption and depression), and eventually bring sickness and disease into your body making you completely in effective to fulfill your Life’s Calling.

Your health and wellness will be specific to you. The Spirit will guide your choices because He knows your specific genetic makeup. He knows your areas of health weakness and strength. He knows your very gaps of nutrition. For me, it was simple sugars in the form of breads and cereals. These may be alright for you. But I distinctly recall standing in my kitchen eating a bowl of Grape Nuts cereal and I heard the Holy Spirit loud and clear, “What I have for you is better than what that bowl of cereal has to offer.” He had already been working on me to stop eating cereals and certain breads (not all breads…I consume sprouted grain breads and an occasional bite or two of something else). So these words pierced my heart so deep I tossed out the remainder of the bowl and never looked back.

For you it may be something else he wants you to sacrifice. It’s ultimately about surrender and sacrificial obedience. There’s blessing in it.

You are so valuable to the Kingdom.
You are loved.
You are appreciated.
You have a mantle creating your shoulders like none other.
Heaven looks upon you and the Heart of Heaven peddles faster.

Honor your Lord and Master.
Honor your Body.
Honor Him with your time in every arena of your life.
This is like a continual profession of worship.
We need you here a long, long time.♥️

I believe in you…


Jesus answered, “It is written: ‘Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.’
Matthew 4:4

November 29, 2018


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“Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.”

John 14:6

Jesus came into Earth by the power of Heaven. He was difficult for the people of his generation to recognize because he didn’t fit the religious cookie cutter image they expected. He had no special religious title, in fact, he was considered the son of an illegitimate birth, a carpenter by trade, but not anyone of esteemed reputation or honor. But the Son of God, the Messiah, is who he was. He walked with and demonstrated a kind of unconditional Grace, Love, Healing and Power the world had never seen. Some rejected it…many rejected it. Some marveled at it, but still, did not believe. But then there were those, who despite all the things they had done to make them “unclean” they heard him say their name along with…”Jesus still loves you” …and they Believed.


Jesus loves you.

God doesn’t see you as a “work in progress”. He sees you complete right now. He loves you 💯 percent right now regardless of future growth.

He isn’t looking for a cookie cutter image to fit into religion. He is only looking for your heart. Because of His nature, he cannot be recognized with the eyes, but only the heart. ~Nicole

November 28, 2018

Anything. . .

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Today, someone is feeling grateful for YOU. How awesome is that?

You are Special.

You are Wonderful.

You are Needed, Valued and Extraordinary.

Lips offer thanks to God for you and the offerings of your life.

Lay all your burdens down. The Breath of Heaven Rejoices over you. One of Heaven’s Heroes come true.

Life is a beautiful journey. Just because you’re being hard on yourself doesn’t mean that other people are hard on you. I wish you could see yourself like others see you!

You can do anything the Lord has put in your heart to do.
He will not leave you or forsake you.
In fact, He believed enough to die for you.
It all began one Christmas time.

Believe and Enjoy the ride❤️…


November 27, 2018

Poetic Prose of Praise: My Father’s Garden

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My Father is a Gardener and oh how my Garden he does keep.

He nestles himself—
Heart and Soul with my petals.
He reaches through my stem until he gets to the root.
The roots are the very essence of who I am.

I love how I’ve been planted in his garden.
There is no other garden where I would like to be.
Here in his chambers I am free to be me.
He is the key that unlocks the goodness in me.

He is Master Gardener.
He knows exactly how much water I need.

Saturate me.

He is Master Gardener.
He understands the perfect amount of attention and sunshine I need, complimented with the right amount of shade and coupled with a little extra room to breathe.

Satisfy me.

In my Father’s Garden are many rooms. He has a home carved and secure for me.
Grafted in to His Tree called All Things Lovely.

In His Arms I long to be.
In His Arms I love to be.

I am secure.
I am free.

I am a flower in my Father’s Garden.
He hand picked me.🌺

November 26, 2018

Known & Loved

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You have been known by heaven since the beginning, but when God looks at you He always sees the final outcome.

He knows who you are and how to groom you for your role on this earth. By His Power, His Call, His Anointing you can do all things. But the good news on top of this good news is that He won’t ask you to do everything. That is truly good news! He will never spread you paper thin. In moment or seasons of stretching it may seem he has and intends to leave you that way. But that’s simply not true. He knows the depths of you and what elasticity of will, grit and soul you have. He knows you will bounce back and like a mighty arrow prepares to launch—adversity will propel you forward. It is inevitable and it’s evident all throughout the scriptures.

When we advance there is a season of subtraction (testing, difficulty, suffering…seed sowing) and a season of multiplication (that is blessing, fulfilled dreams and promises, the harvest of blessing for seeds sown in the past) follows in the future whether immediate or down the road.

Is life stretching you?
Do you feel paper thin from the demands of schedule or life?
Are you fretting over things you don’t even know will happen but fearful of anyway?
Is God asking you to step your foot into His River and take a calculated risk?

Whatever it is He is drawing you to, He will indeed equip you. If He called for it, He will be in it alongside of you. You will be able to do what’s necessary, too.
If you are soft spoken, don’t be surprised if you become inclined to have the bold roar of Christ.
If you have always been the least, don’t be too uncomfortable when He puts you out front. Struggle to finish school? Well, don’t be shocked if you become a keynote speaker for a college graduation. God’s just ridiculously awesome like that. He will take your greatest weakness and with them create in you great strength.

He knows who you are when He sees you and He likes what He sees. Time for you to start liking you, too. He knows the beginning from the end and walks with you hand in hand all the days in between. Even when life looks lean—His love reigns abundant and supreme…that’s a good thing.

You are more.


“How gracious He will be when you cry for help! As soon as He hears, He will answer you.”

Isaiah 30:19

Eyes of Wonder

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The first thing my youngest said to me when he got up the morning after Thanksgiving this week was,

“Merry Christmas”.

There is absolutely nothing more magical than Christmas through the eyes of a young child. The infectious joy of the glee and excitement, the anticipation leaves everyone brimming over and wanting more.

But this pleasure has no measure and it’s source is like a brook with an endless stream supplying the power to ignite and create every dream and bring about the exact parameters to make it all a reality.

May we never lose our childlike wonder.

May we always operate from a posture of intense faith.

Let us never grow weary of seeing others and the world through the lens of heaven.

If your dreams are loftier than your mind is able to conceive on your own, or bigger than you can accomplish in yourself…hold on,
you’re on the right path!

Sleep Sweet. Dream big whether your eyes are wide open or shut. Sparkle in your dreams✨…because your dreams are the magical things that make life worth living.

Tis the season of endless joy. May it be yours in ever increasing abundance.



November 24, 2018

A Secure Foundation for Miracles

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I love the story of George Müller .

Müller was a minister who built huge orphanages and did many great things by Faith. He rarely had a resource of his own, other than gratitude. As he thanked God for the need met, while still in need, then a miracle would happen.

On one occasion he literally had an orphanage full of children who needed breakfast, but he had no food. So what did he do? He sat the children at the table and they prayed a prayer of Thanksgiving for the breakfast they were about to receive.
Soon comes a knock on the door. The town Baker had been up all night baking bread for the children. Something inside his heart woke him and caused him to feel concerned for their need to eat (though he had no way of knowing they were hungry). Shortly after this the towns Milk truck out making deliveries broke down just outside the home. The Milk Man declares Müller should keep the milk for it would spoil by the time the truck was fixed.

Breakfast served.

This and other stories of Müller’s excapades of Faith are well documented.

Imagine…what would life look like if we all did this? We’d have abundance without ever becoming spoiled.

Let not this season of gratefulness end with the last bite of pie. Thank God for the answer before it comes…as if you already held it in your hand! Miracles grow as our hearts overflow with thankfulness, gratefulness and Love.

Give thanks for your every experience for it has developed your Path. God is rich in Goodness, Kindness & Favor.

Happy On-Going Season of Thanksgiving… ~Nicole🍁

“And let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, to which indeed you were called in the one body. And be thankful.” Col. 3:15

November 20, 2018

You Are More

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You are so much more than what you see in the mirror…you are strong.
You are witty.
You are Joyful.
You are Magnificent.
You are genuine and sincere.
You are careful and considerate.

You have been hurt by many, but you count is as blessing for it was used to shape your strength and tenacity.
Adversity is life’s Great Teacher.

Look at your strength…
You hold yourself well.

You have been measured and the weight of your measure is like pure and precious metal. Golden are you. God’s scepter has reached down from heavens crown to anoint you. God sees immeasurable worth in you.

You are secure.

In you, I see True Beauty.
Hold on to your Promises, Dreams and Aspirations…they are coming.

Your heart plays a gorgeous melody.
Never be afraid to pull it’s strings.
Holding back only leads to lack.

Saturate your heart today.
Bathe in Goodness.
You are loved with a kind of love that is a perfect fit—like hand in glove.

Resounding Glory…
YOU ARE an amazing story, all for a King’s Glory.


Soak in this…
No matter what, you can bathe in Love & Goodness.
There’s nothing like this.

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