November 6, 2018

Keep Your Fire🔥 Burning…

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‪Sometimes in life we have to be unafraid to let our heart show through. This is where true human connection resides. This is where true spiritual intimacy begins.‬

Most walk around with a veil over their heart. Some know it and put it there intentionally because of past painful experiences. While others build up a slow crusting of the softness of the heart over time. Like a callous formed from year after year of mistreatment or harsh conditions.

We see it’s evidence in our society. People are not able to look each other in the eye. They are shy and tend to stay away from the uncomfortable. Others recluse themselves to their homes, intense focus in their jobs over relationships, dismal lack of church attendance or efforts to connect with the Almighty. Many believe God has forgotten them altogether. Doubt creeps in of His very existence.

Can I speak to you for a moment? Can I encourage your soul? May I offer you a drink of Living Water?

God has not missed it. He did not forget you.
When you feel weak, He is Strong. When you feel you’re being held captive by life’s circumstances, you have not escaped his radar.
When you think you can’t, He is working through you and moving you to “can”.
When you feel discouraged, His love will encourage.
When you feel you’ve no one to lean on who can shoulder your burdens—His shoulders are wide and can handle your heart, your hurts, your woes and worries.
He is a quiet listener and then deposits your words in His heart for safe keeping.

He is Valiant.

He is a Conqueror.

He is Faithful.

He is never forgetful of your promises, but always forgetting your stumbles. He is…He is…He is.

He is all of this and more.

You’ve got to hold onto Hope.
The Hopeful are powerful.
Do not let the enemy diminish your Joy.
Do not let the Enemy cause you to waiver.
God doesn’t love you because He has to. He loves you because He wants you.
You may never feel equipped enough. That’s why the righteous walk by faith.

So keep the Faith!

Every cloud has a sliver lining.
Life is what you make of it.

Make it beautiful 🙂



November 4, 2018

Work it!

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“Be exceptional… Be creative.
Be driven. Be kind. Be forgiving. Be persistent. Be loving. Be understanding. Be lighthearted. Be giving. Be strong. Be open.
Be the kind of person you want to attract.”

I decided a long time ago to always get younger instead of older.

Though our body may age, our mind, heart & spirit never have to.

I competed in a very large bodybuilding show yesterday in LA. This show attracts competition internationally. I have met a lot of beautiful people the globe over.

I only decided to enter this show three weeks ago. Let me share that you don’t decide to do a show three weeks out. Depending on how much extra weight you carry off season (I usually keep it fairly tight), it can take between 8 and 18 weeks to prep for a show.

Well—God sort of decided for me. I had wanted to compete in a summer time show, something close to home like Sacramento or San Francisco or Napa, many to choose from, but every time the door slammed shut. I took that as a no or wrong show. God guides me through this whole process. He continually speaks to my heart, “I made you to compete.” Over and over, “you’re not done yet”. But it had gotten so late in the season with no show nailed down I had resolved to skip this season, lift heavy, stay moderately lean to consume carbs so I could build mass (it gets harder to build and maintain mass as we begin to age).

Four weeks ago I begin having a reoccurring dream of me competing or people asking me if I was going to and I’d say not this season (which is what was happening in my day to day awake time). But then I clearly heard the Holy Spirit say to me “it’s not too late to compete”. Then I dreamed over and over this conversation and I’d hear God’s voice in my dream say, it will be a shame if you don’t compete. He was really pressing me. My husband—very supportive of my sport, when I told him he had me move right away and take care of every detail needed ahead of time. He then told me he knew I could lean down enough in three weeks. Any compliment or vote of confidence from John is enormous because he is very objective and not afraid to tell the absolute truth. I felt confident myself (almost 100 percent) that I could get lean enough to hang on stage, but was realistic that to be right where I wanted to be to win I’d need more than three weeks. But I jumped in anyway. Because I knew it’s where God wanted me.

I prayed out to God asking, “could I get lean enough in three weeks?”

And He replies, “You will be right where I want you to be.”

I knew whatever that looked like, it was good enough for me. So I took rest in it. I trusted Him.

Fast forward, what’s the point of my story. God is a Master Networker. He is always looking at the big picture of your life. He has the pattern all road mapped as though He were sewing a fine garment of linen and placing the scissors and stitches at the right mark. Or like my figure suits. They have so many hand sewn crystals on them. Beautiful, but the seamstress lays the design out first before she makes her first application. She knows the end result. I didn’t really feel like competing this year. As kids get older the schedule is fuller and it is difficult to do what is necessary to compete. But none of that matters. You could have a “yeah butt” for anything, but when God tells you to get your butt in gear and do something, you rest in trust and abide in the plan and know He may be up to something bigger for the future that is an alignment of relationships or opportunity or an Alliance.

God is very interested in every detail of your life. It does matter, you do matter and every relationship can be hand picked when you yield yourself fully to God. Whether it’s something small in the day to day or something bigger like investing your time, emotion and ability into a figure competition.

On the side—I reconnected with a gal I had competed with a few years ago in a different federation. She is a darling woman from Italy now living in California. You don’t know.

Also met a lovely lady from Panama, and many from all parts of the US and Australia. This particular show is in Australia next year, who knows, maybe I will get to go.

Have a stunning day! Let everything you do, everywhere you go, all that you encounter see you sparkle with love, joy, radiance. Life is HIS stage.
Work it!


November 2, 2018

Rest Is Risk

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What does it mean to be a risk taker? Many think or consider really extreme risks like bungee jumping or sky diving (I admit I am curious about sky diving but haven’t done it—bungee jumping? Not a chance! Not interested.) You can take financial risks, investment portfolio risks, leaving a job, stepping out in Faith for something bigger and better. Any time you shop for a used car you take a risk.

Here’s a few risks maybe we don’t consider as risks—getting more work accomplished or done. Do we hold back from doing that little extra effort or tackling the procrastinated project because if may feel uncomfortable? The discomfort may be physical, emotional, spiritual or psychological.

Sometimes I have a long list of errands to run in addition to the day to day expectations. I frequently have to assess and decide where I have a little wiggle room to make a calculated risk on timing. Will I have enough time to run here quick, do that or speak to so and so? Sometimes I can take the risk and go for it and other times I hold back for a time slot that’s a better fit.

Life isn’t really meant to be lived on the extreme…
Or is it?

This is more of a question to ponder than to answer. Every person is different. Every capacity is not the same. Some can just shoulder more and some less. Each is special and unique and wrapped in a package with a mindset God Alone can make complete.

I tend to be one who pushes through pain or discomfort. I have my whole life—it is just how God wired me. It’s not anything I thought about until I was an adult and noticed that not everyone did this. I’ve never been quick to give up or quit something. Any time I have quit it has been because the Spirit of God redirected me, so it was really more of an adjusting my sails and course than quitting. Because I seek His guidance and make choices based on His will for my life—I have had a few times He has radically shifted direction on me or opened up my understanding to realize a given purpose or event was for a totally different reason or benefit than my little mind could previously handle.

God reveals in His time.

Because of this…
We must practice in the day to day, moment by moment the ability to abide. Take each step with the knowledge there is a Divine plan and direction for our life. Sometimes, no most times, we have to quit coddling our comfort zone and get uncomfortable and explore the unknown so we can grow and receive all God’s best.

John Maxwell says to treat your comfort zone as though it were the plague. But we just also know there are times we are called to abide in inactive rest.

Rest is a spiritual countenance not a physical state. But spiritual rest can sometimes look like physical rest.

The entire month of October I feel God gave me a “staycation “ I desperately needed (physical down time and sleep). He literally cleared my calendar. All kinds of little things I had no control over and I realized, “Lord! I see you in this and I thank you for the rest!” But I had to actively chose rest because I barely worked so I had to trust him financially.

It was a wonderful month for me. But only because I took the risk of trusting and therefore enjoyed my down time instead of wasting it frowning and worrying.

Then immediately after, work picked back up and He gave me an assignment that requires tremendous effort and physical vigor. He prepared me for the upcoming discomfort!

And He will do the same for you. Just take a deep breath and inhale His Love, Joy, Presence. His greatest will of obedience for you is to receive His love and Affection. Then hold it there. Then exhale every little care—both the good and the stressful. Know He’s got it. Without trials we would never truly know how to actively rest in Him and develop our ability to be in a perpetual state of Peace.

The Shalom of Heaven rest on you today as you navigate what the Holy Spirit has designed for you. Whether it’s rest, vigor, adrenaline spiking thrilling or something your not liking. He’s got Rest for you in it. Trust it. Then get after it! And in all of our going for God’s Gold, remember as we plan, to surrender our every plan to Him. Not all good plans are a God plan. His timing and Purpose Reign over all.

Have a Beautiful day. I pray this note crosses the eyes of whoever it’s meant for. It has been a Holy Spirit spontaneous writing.



October 30, 2018


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True rest has to do with trust.
When we trust God for the day to day—moment by moment, we find our mind, our heart, our will in unison with His.

No matter the situation or circumstance we trust God to bless and protect and lift us up at His Appointed time.

You can rest in it.
You can trust it! ~Nicole🌹

“In quietness and in confidence shall be your strength.”
~Isaiah 30:15


October 28, 2018

Risk Ridicule & Experience the Supernatural

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Fantastic devotional this morning…wanted to share it. Walking at this level of faith obedience is a pilgrimage like no other. It will be risky. It will require a determined All-In mindset. There will be no turning back (for when we shrink back from faith God is displeased), but the level of Holy Spirit intimacy is extraordinary! Don’t just dip your toes in the River…Dive in my friends! You won’t regret it!

Blessings, Nicole💙

Seeing What Others Cannot See
TGIF Today God Is First Volume 1 by Os Hillman
October 28, 2018

“And Elisha prayed, ‘O Lord, open his eyes so he may see.’ Then the Lord opened the servant’s eyes, and he looked and saw the hills full of horses and chariots of fire all around Elisha.” 2 Kings 6:17
Several years ago, a movie was made called Field of Dreams. The story is about a man who had a vision to build a baseball field in the middle of a cornfield on his rural farm. He did not know why; he just knew he was to do it. To the chagrin of his neighbors, he built the baseball diamond in the farm community. One night some players showed up. The man realized these were no ordinary players, but were actually the great players from the past. When the skeptical neighbors came to view this phenomenon, they were unable to see what the farm owner could see. This made it even worse for him. Now he was really a lunatic in their eyes.

This fictitious story has a spiritual application for us. First, if God tells us to “build a ball field,” we should do it. It is not for us to determine the reason we are instructed to do it. Once we are obedient, God will allow us to see what others cannot see. It is the rite of passage for those who are willing to risk all for God’s purposes. God increases the spiritual senses to levels we never knew before. Those around us will observe this.

Do you want to see what others cannot see? If so, it will require a level of obedience that will go beyond human reason. It may require risk and ridicule from others. But you will see what others cannot see.

October 27, 2018

Hoard it!

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God opens doors that no man can shut and sometimes the doors he opens leave you startled and surprised—but you know by the feeling in your heart, mind & soul within it you will thrive.

God brings Blessings Magnified.

Why not let your heart stir?
Why not explore with your minds eye and dream big dreams full of possibility thinking?

Most people stop dreaming at a young age. They don’t stop overnight. It happens slowly over time. A crusting over of the soul…the heart…the spirit. The mind becomes dull to certain dreams and aspirations or the possibility of such. We begin to accept status quo myopic thinking. We gel our thoughts to match circumstances and the circumference of the minds of others around us speaking doubt and status quo acceptance upon us. Our vision, even when crystal clear, can become like mirky waters when surrounded by negative chatter from the miserable. Misery always loves company. Nothing spreads faster, like cancer, than negativity. It can pop even the most optimistic’s bubble of hope.

No one intentionally does it on purpose I don’t believe. Well, maybe some do, but they’re motives are less than true. But for most is slips on us with well meaning intentions that sound a bit like:

“that’s unrealistic”
“how can you be sure”
“be careful, you might get hurt”
“don’t try that it’s a bit too risky and what if?…”
“don’t try it, remember when?…”

It can be shaped and molded by fear, despair and caution.

But when you look throughout history it has been built, formed, shaped…it has been made by people who dared to tread beyond and over status quo living.

How do you know when it’s God opening a door? I don’t claim to have the absolute answer to this. I don’t think the answer is wrapped in a black and white obvious package. It is loosely wrapped. It isn’t black and white. It possesses creative elements that entice the soul. It frequently begins as an idea or impression. But it can and often is a clearly explicit Word of Authenticity from the Holy Spirit. How ever it is initially delivered—
God lets it marinate a while and develop its flavor in your heart. He acclimates your thinking and acceptance of his idea with time and circumstances. He closes some doors, even good ones, to make way for the doors he has in store. He bristles your hopes and gives wings to your dreams. He may use other people to water those seeds. He will use dreams and visions. He will use scriptures, life experiences. Nuances. He will use anything and that’s part of what I find so exhilarating about God. He has no rules for his creativity. He will manifest His Word in your life, but there is no blue book for design. It’s always an original! He is so creative!

Nothing like you and nothing like what he plans to do in you and through you. He cares that much about you to care for each tiny detail.

So…whether you’ve got dreams in the pipeline, some dreams that have derailed, or maybe there’s are presently mighty gusts of wind in your sails. He charts the course. He is the ultimate vehicle of your dreams and every little path, side track and road map leads to his ultimate plan and purpose for your life. He also intends to integrate lots of love, joy, smiles, laughter and happiness. Because these are the treats that satisfy the soul and help us press in on the days it’s difficult to carry the load because sometimes there will be tears, too.
The loftier the dream, the heftier the price tag for its accomplishment. But this is the stuff that the truly inspirational are made from. Grit and determination and a raw ability to buffer criticism and obstacles and keep going.

You are pure gold.
Do you believe it?

Now—cluster your heart around him. His fruit is sweet and it satisfies. Nurture your dreams and spend some time exploring the possibilities. Dust off some old and forgotten dreams of your youth. God will grab hold of the ones important for you. He will put his hand in yours and the fit will be perfect.

Dream big…
Only the best is yet to come.

And never forget, the battle is already won and the promise is done. ~Nicole💚

“I will give you the treasures of darkness and the hoards in secret places, that you may know that it is I, the LORD, the God of Israel, who call you by your name.”

Isaiah 45:3 ESV

October 25, 2018

Paid With Interest

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 “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength.“

Deuteronomy 6:5

This passage of scripture in Jewish culture is called the Shamae. I’ve been studying the Shamae with my seven year old for several months now. I am fascinated by the faithfulness to its recitation.

Every day we have an opportunity to love God with our everything. Our absolute everything. It can be seen with how we take Him with us everywhere we go and with everything we do.

Oh, He is already going with you. He has promised to never leave you or forsake you. But we have the option to take Him with us. Chew on this idea for a minute…

This past few weeks, probably the entire month of October actually—I have been reaping the good favor of God loving me with all of his heart, mind, soul and strength.

I gave him my everything. I didn’t earn his everything, because it cannot be earned. I am not perfect, but thank God, God never asked me to be. But when you sow the right seeds you reap harvest. The Lord told me along time ago. A long, long time ago that He would bless me with things I never asked for.

I’m experiencing some of that right now. There have been many tangible blessings (did you know it could be difficult to receive tangible blessings? Well, it is for me. So though it’s a gift, I am always humbled by it). But He has also done a few things that have blown my mind. I have two specific female friendships that have lost touch over time. I went to college with both of them. One was a friendship from my freshman year, then I transferred to a different college and the other was with me through this duration.

I have reached out faithfully for years to hear nothing in return.


I have allowed few females into the depths of my heart, especially in my younger life. I’m a bit better at it now.

But these two—something special was given me in them.
Do you know that BOTH of them (independent of each other for they are not friends) reached out to me in the same week? One of them praised God every other word and she was one who didn’t want to know about faith before. Praise God! She found Him!

God is Master of your relationships.
God is Master of your finances and resources.

Is God Master of your heart, mind, soul?
Do you love Him with all of your strength?

Carry Him in your heart today.
He is an adventure all by Himself. He is so full of surprises. He is amazing and invigorating and I am so glad He pursued me when I didn’t know I needed pursuing.

The Lord will sweep you off your feet. He will be a strong shoulder to lean on. He will listen to your every last word—even us females who seem to need to express more of them than men. He is listening to your heart now. He is remembering the things you hold in your heart that you speak out to no one. He is an advocate. He is a refuge. He is a way maker. He is…He is…He is…and by me, I don’t think He could be more adored, but I can’t wait to find out if that’s true. Him…I will continue to pursue wholeheartedly.

No matter what. He loves you more. He’s got good gifts for you—even ones you didn’t ask for. How Beautiful.


“‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind’; and, ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.'”

Luke 10:27

October 23, 2018

He Winked At Me

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Do you have need in your life? Does your timing forever seem not right? Looking for things to line up for you? Are you having a health crisis in your body, your relationships, your community?

It doesn’t matter what it is…
It could be squirrelly kids, a job that’s remiss, relationship woes or unasked for foes. Begin to look past the need to the Creed.

any system, doctrine, or formula of religious belief, as of a denomination.
any system or codification of belief or of opinion.
an authoritative, formulated statement of the chief articles of Christian belief, as the Apostles’ Creed, the Nicene Creed, or the Athanasian Creed.
the creed, Apostles’ Creed.

What is it you truly believe?

Satan is a serpent who slithers upon the earth like a python. A python cannot see or hear well. It must literally taste the dirt. Every time you complain. Every time you verbalize negative situations or feelings (even if they are true!)…you are creating dust. Every repeated offense. Every verbalized attention to your troubles is creating “dirt”. The python can taste the chemicals in the dirt and it puts him on alert and prepares him for the attack.

Now, my friends, there are times to talk. Sometimes we must confide in a trusted friend. God gave Purah as a faithful confidant to Gideon to build up his courage and give him someone to spy out the camp of the enemy with. Just the same, God will give you others to confide in and be a source of supplemental strength, too.

If you have a bad report that requires medical care, you must repeat your symptoms to the physician. But don’t neglect this fact when you do…the physician is required by law to tell you all the possible worst case scenario outcomes (creating dust!), so do not internalize what they say. Believe the Great Physician and His Report for your life. What does this mean?

You may have to follow the doctors lead, but don’t immediately send your heart to a place of despair repeating the horrible things they shared. Speak life over yourself so the enemy has no foothold to your life. No dirt stirring!

Instead speak to your Creed. Speak out what your Faith dictates to believe. Recite the Word of God over yourself! Tell others you are being healed and getting well. Speak life over that relationship or that promise that seems dead and buried. Speak to the Creed not of the need! And do the same when you pray.

It just may be that God has a dynamic about to bust forth through what appears to be demonic. He gives beauty for ashes and grace for pain. He works all things to our good and he can make a crooked arrow shoot straight! He’s Dynamic!!!

Let’s pray today:

Father In Heaven,
I can feel your favor winking down on me. I am the Apple of your Eye and you won’t allow anything to transpire in my life that is not apart of your plan to be Glorified. Thank you for healing my life and creating a miracle in my midst. I accept the beauty as I release to you my ashes. I am a walking miracle and will walk with miracles in my midst! I declare your Creed over my need! You, oh Lord, are DYNAMIC!
Amen 🙏🏼

“When the king smiles, there is life; his favor refreshes like a spring rain.”

Proverbs 16:5

Be blessed today. Keep you chin up, your hopes high, and your eye to the sky. Heaven is smiling down and winking His eye over your life.


October 22, 2018

Beyond Measure

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I’m not and advocate of weighing my clients, but weigh ins are probably good to establish a baseline for goals. I keep a tape measure in my handbag because I am frequently asked to record measurements. This is indeed more accurate than a scale. Weighing and measuring helps you to know where you are, set your barometer, so you know where you want to go and about how long it will take to reach the goal. Having a purpose for your goal will drive you farther to reach it than you know! The stronger the purpose and reason the more resilient your persistence. Still, I don’t know too many women who actually enjoy being weighed and measured. So I make it as gentle, nurturing and encouraging a process as possible.

Life can sometimes make us feel we are being weighed and measured. Folks all around looking you up and down searching for flaws and inconsistencies. Demands on our schedules can leave you tattered and tired. Expectations of those we love can cause us to feel we fall short of loving them well. But there is one who weighed and measured himself so you can feel light and free. His ruler was carved from a tree mounted on the hills at Calvary.

God doesn’t want to weigh you or measure you. He wants to love you. Embrace Him today. Everything is going to be ok. You are loved. You are significant. You are valued. You are esteemed and you are very needed. ~Nicole

“May the Lord reward your work, and your wages be full from the Lord, the God of Israel, under whose wings you have come to seek refuge.” Ruth 2:12

October 21, 2018


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“I will cause your name to be remembered in all generations;
therefore nations will praise you forever and ever.”

Psalm 45:17

I pray this day we listen for the heartbeat of God. I pray we hear His heart for us. I pray we feel and encounter His Presence.

He is present even when our hearts are at bay.

God’s love is Relentless.

‪“Part of the risk of loving is the risk that you will get hurt. But we must realize that the potential pain is worth it.” Rebecca StJames‬

God has taken enormous chance on you, to love you, to save you, to see you through.

Hold on, Beloved. Be Loved. The Champion of Heaven is taking off His gloves! He’s got Resurrection Power to Intercede and help you over come every trial as light and momentary.

You can REST with Him.♥️


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