July 6, 2018

Strength & Joy

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Strength & Joy

You’ve got strength and potential popping out just like a well developed muscle.

Push through and press in.
The Lord is your Advocate.

Stay focused in the bigger picture, always, and don’t sweat the small stuff.

The most impactful people are the ones who are always learning, always growing, always open minded. It’s important to be teachable.

Grab your Hope, even if it be merely a tiny thread. Get tangled in it. WRAP up in it. Allow it to hoist your heart and exalt your mind to every dream, inspiration or ambition you have ever held inside. The future is inside you already, waiting for God’s perfect timing to begin.

Mindset of a Champion!

This is the word on my heart this morning and so parallel to this devotion…

Do not be discouraged when you face trials of many kinds. It could just be God’s instrument to captivate you. The heart is big, very big, grand in capacity. God wants all of it. He wants all of your heart so He can move all of Himself in. He wants to reside in your heart at the deepest levels.

Yield to His lead as He tugs at your need. He merely wants all of you. Then the trial will be through.

I find the thought of this incredibly lovely and full of God’s Grace and Comfort. ~Nicole

“Deep calls unto deep at the noise of your waterfalls. All your waves and bellows have gone over me.” Psalm 42:7


July 4, 2018

Seeded In Deep Waters

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Seeded in Deep Waters

I wrote this piece some time ago. I absolutely love studying about the heritage of America. Love the tiny details of the lives lived to create our nations rich heritage and history. May we never forget.

The Declaration of Independence was signed by 56 men, many of whom gave their livestock, livelihood, homes, property and very lives to defend. The document may as well be signed red because of all the blood and sacrifice shed. This is the bold and heroic belief the early settlers of this nation felt. They loved their homeland of England, but they were tired. They were weary of injustice and financial oppression and control of personal freedoms. They had a dream for more. So what looked like rebellion to King George, looked like hope for the American settler.

Five men compiled this sacred piece of history and signed it into law in the Continental Congress. It was a declaration like none other. Thomas Jefferson, who was known for his ability to write penned the document, John Adams, Phillip Livingston, Roger Sherman, and Benjamin Franklin. Roger Sherman was the only of the 5 men who did not sign the Declaration (he was Livingston’s cousin but not a member of the Continental Congress).

This document was handwritten in cursive. One more reason I feel it is imperative our successive generations continue to learn how to read and write in cursive. If this skill is lost, we will reach a point where no one can read these original documents of our heritage. I guess that’s a different post for a different day…

I have always been drawn to those who possess deep courage. Those who stir deeply with deep rivers of passion channeling about their soul.

As a child I loved swimming in the deep end of the swimming pool. I loved to hold my breath and skim past the bottom holding my breath for as long as I could. I would rise to the surface to refill my lunges, but then I’d quickly plunge to the bottom again.

Not everyone likes to swim in waters deep. Some prefer shallower things.

It’s important to have a healthy respect for water. Just as it is important to have a healthy respect for God’s Sovereignty and our nations democracy. A deep respect for those who never knew me, yet they gallantly and valiantly sacrificed what they may never enjoy themselves, for the future posterity of humanity. They believed they were part of something bigger than themselves. Personal wants and desires must die at a level of commitment so high.

These are the things that stir me deeply and cause my respect and admiration to rise high.

God bless the men who stained the ground red; who layed down their lives, who paid the price through the sacrifice of their fortune, their cattle, their bread. They left their wives as widows and children as well…they did it for me, so I could be free. They paid it forward in a way I am afraid modern day American doesn’t understand. I will never forget what they did for me…liberty is never free.

Happy Independence Day. Celebrate richly…


“There is no greater love than this: that a person would lay down his life for the sake of his friends.”
John 15:13

July 1, 2018

Not Creepy At All

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I’ve had a lot of very super natural experiences in my life. It began as a child. I’ve always been aware of the unseen world, but had no idea that was what it was. I see things, feel things, experience things and know things I probably wish I didn’t know. I for sure had no way of knowing the unknown…I just know.

Sometimes the very things that Satan has used to try and break you, God ordained and foreknew would make you. You will have to risk being misunderstood. You will have to own your Promises. You will have to reach out to Divine Destiny.

Can you not feel it breathing on your neck?

God is always full of Impossible Promise. That’s what makes Him so alluring. He can do it all. His arm too small for no task. In fact, His arms aren’t small at all. He’s got room to hold you, and everyone else, too. Yet, He will never allow you to feel small or forgotten at all. He’s just Beautiful like that.

The Word of the Lord weigh heavy in my heart today…but only in the most glorious and beautiful way. He leaves me feeling mystified every single day. I love that about Him. I love how He leans into me and my heart can’t help but agree with His Divine Purpose for me…
to encourage…
to heal…
to restore the heart and breath and hope of His people.

I sense you are entering a season where the love of God is going to sweep you off your feet in such a personal and endearing way. It will blow you away. He intends to fill every broken crack of lack of love that life has spilled on you and bless you, bless you, bless you. You have a soft heart and God adores you. He is going to SHOW you just how adored you are.

The Spirit of the Sovereign LORD is on me, because the LORD has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor. He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness for the prisoners… (Isaiah 61:1)

Does this make sense at all?

I can “feel” people. I can feel what God feels for them or how they feel. It is a part of the prophetic gift. Don’t be creeped out. It is a gift of the Holy Spirit. Anyway…God made it abundantly clear how gorgeous your soul is. How gorgeous He created humanity to be and the capacity to love and be loved and the specific love you hold.

You. Are. Stunning.

But life has left His Bride weary and worn. In fact, what I’ve learned in my own life and then by hanging out in the “neighborhood”…the deeper your capacity to love, feel, extend love, compassion, empathy and grace…the more the blows of the Enemy will take their toll.

But you will overcome.

So I pray over you right now, in Jesus Name, that you will have eyes to see, feel and experience every ounce of love He brings to you. You will drink DEEPLY of His Presence. It may look peculiar in package, but oh so organic in origin. You will discern and know the heartbeat of God behind it all. And you will give Him Praise. Amen!

Aim High

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Sometimes the best thing that can happen to you in life is to fail at something. Failure is what sets apart the champion from the talker or complainer. Failure has a way of chipping away at our mold and revealing clusters of pure gold. Often times the greater the failure the larger the bounce back. That’s if you willing to get up and continue after it. Most have heard the saying that it is always darkest before the dawn. I sort of feel God loves to make a big, bright and dramatic entrance. He is all about the glory if we can only learn to focus on the big picture and understand He is always using our story.

The HEART of a CHAMPION always beams first. It beats loudly and thunders the hopes, dreams and aspirations. It penetrates the darkness and then erupts with magnificence just as the heart itself and its Maker always knew it would.
Success is always the only option.

You’re Maker wired you to succeed. It all comes down to what kind of tenacity your veins bleed.


June 30, 2018

Balanced & Tranquil

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Homeostasis is defined as “A state of equilibrium, as in an organism or cell, maintained by self-regulating processes.” When our life is balanced and even keeled we exude a sort of peace and continuity of soul others would like to own also.

Just as our body maintains homeostasis with proper health, we can influence internal status with our nutrition choices. When something like our electrolytes and mineral balance gets out of sorts, we can supplement it to get it back right where it belongs.

We can do the same thing for our heart, mind and soul. Feed yourself good things, positive uplifting words. Drink the Wisdom of God from His written Word. Exhort your mind by spending time in prayer and quiet meditation on the Creator who is everywhere. You get the idea. He will help you find spiritual, mindful and emotional rest and balance. He is the only true supplement you need and a crate full of hope and tranquility is what He brings.

You’ve got a lot to look forward to so,
Look up! ~Nicole

“God has ascended amid shouts of Joy, the Lord amid the sounding of trumpets.” Psalm 47:5

June 28, 2018

A “Get Through” Kind of Love

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This is a re-post of something I wrote a long time ago…but how true it still remains. When love has its way, we are forever changed, for the better.

You are loved💜

“There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love.” 1 John 4:18

People shape their perceptions by their experiences with a mix of their temperament/personality type added in. Sometimes a difficult experience can leave an unguarded area wide open to fear. Simple example, you’re in a severe car accident and once you are back on the road you are extremely aware of the possibility of another accident. Your home is robbed and you heighten security out of fear of repeat offense. You go through a divorce and fear to remarry because you don’t want to be hurt again. You were rejected in childhood and now live with insecure thoughts that everyone is rejecting you.

God is more concerned about your outcome than your come from!

Ask Him to cleanse your filter so you can move toward your future free from your fears, pains and experiences of the past. Just because something bad happened to you in the past, doesn’t mean that same thing is going to happen to you now.

I am learning that the more people have travelled through, the more love they need in order to get through. There is nothing to fear, God has no shortage of Love. ~Nicole

June 26, 2018

By Design

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You and I are cut from a different cloth…

I love textiles. I am particular about tapestry and textures. I touch everything. I love all forms of design. When I buy a new journal I don’t just observe the outward appearance. I open it up and touch it. I feel the texture of the paper as I glide a stroke of my hand across the page. All of it- a part of the experience of writing for me. My favorite garments aren’t always my most beautiful in my wardrobe, but those who’s feel is comfortable when the fabric dangles close to my skin.

You and I are cut from a different cloth.

It was the summer of ’93, I believe. Dates and times begin to blur over time and I recall seasons of life more than anything.

My heart is a keeper of seasons…

This particular season was one of excitement. I had completed college, took a year off to save, plan, apply to graduate programs and endure the process of interview required for my field of choice. I wanted to be a counselor.

I love all forms of counseling. Not the clinical aspect…the heart connection and love of another soul through compassionate and active listening. My entire life I’ve been a counselor. Not by choice, I guess not just chance either. It’s how I am gifted. I was always the friend who would listen and not speak–my ears open and my mind engaged. I’ve been told it’s easy to talk to me because I do not make people feel judged at all and I don’t offer a lot of opinion on what to do. I began to see a pattern of people coming to me when they were hurting, scared or lonely. I know it’s not me, but God within me they are coming to see. His Spirit the Source of Care and Comfort and Rest. It’s not uncommon for people to share with me “their story” in the aisles of the market or at a gas station. I don’t say anything, they just for some reason feel compelled to open up. Sometimes they even apologize and say they don’t even know why they shared with me. I just smile. I know why…God is so good and kind, isn’t He?

You can imagine, with all this being said, how excited I was to dive into the last leg of a long education journey. What I thought was the key–I learned very quickly something deep inside me I think I knew all along, but didn’t understand or want to understand…

I was cut from a different cloth.

I didn’t even make it through one semester completed. The Lord really began to work on me to get me to leave my program and move home. I just didn’t understand. I had worked so hard, planned, invested. How could this not be His plan?

I was living in a small town of northern LA and studying and working on the college campus at Northridge. It was in this season I began to feel, sense, experience the Lord in my heart, mind and soul like never before. I was losing peace.

Keep in mind I wasn’t going to church, but I was reading the Word and I had always been one to pray. Lying in bed at night talking to God was a very comfortable place for me always. He seemed to be the only one I could really talk to who I ever felt was really listening to me for the sake of hearing my heart.

Losing my peace was subtle at first, but then grew stronger. I’d think about going home and the feeling would grow. Then I’d let my brain take over and I’d recap the price I’d paid to get where I was and how foolish it would be to pack it in and go home now. I’d think about the friends I had, the fun I was having and the independence. Oh how I loved the freedom of independence. But something inside kept inclining me home…like a steele cable attaching my heart to the place I had grown.

The Enemy worked overtime to entice me to stay. I began having suitors crawl out of the woodwork. I was never one to date more than one person at a time, but I found myself surrounded by three different young, handsome, successful and very wealthy men pining for my time and attention. It was a bit overwhelming. But even an easy to please simple girl as myself could get truly sucked in to so much attention. I’d get invited to a great concert with hard to get tickets at the Hollywood Bowl, or offered to be flown to Arizona to visit their home…you get the idea. But one young fellow, though established and secure had the simplest gestures for my favor and it was his pure intentions toward me that made me think I had everything I could need, “how can I possibly leave?”
But that is exactly what I did.

I was cut from a different cloth and despite everything my heart grew ever lonely.

After a time to agonize I finally decided and moved back home. I dreaded the work needed to be done to explain what I had done and why I was doing it. In the natural mind of common sense and wisdom none of it made sense, especially to the unbeliever. Even to me…the Believer! But I obeyed His still small voice.

I decided to leave and when I left I left behind everything…even the young man who made my heart glad. Man, was I ever sad.
I had a lot of explaining to do to my roommate who was my best friend from undergrad and in the same program with me. She was not a Christian and couldn’t even remotely wrap her head around my seemingly sudden decision. I shared my faith and knew she didn’t understand but hoped God would one day use the seeds and plant a tree in her heart. My landlord was angry and kept my deposit and my professors were baffled.

Somehow in all of this my roommate decided to move home, too. God is so good! I have no idea how He did that one, but He did and it was so good because let me tell you what happened next…

Within a month or so of our moving home a great earthquake that ranged somewhere between and six or an eight rocked that place and my little street in my north LA town came crashing down. My apartment complex, my neighborhood was the epicenter for the fault line of that quake.

To this day my roommates family believe I saved her life.

I know to the depths of my core that God spared me greatly. The experience so impactful I was able to lead my roommate to Christ, forever changing the direction of her life. She went on to finish her degree at a different university and became a PhD of Psychology, married, raised her family all to love Jesus.

I never finished my Master’s degree. God closed that door to me. But He showed me how my gifts go with me everywhere and I am His Counselor of Exhortation. I get to use my passion for health and fitness coupled with listening and encouraging and loving people with a smile, my time and my ears… every day.

Some of the things I had to sacrifice back then took a very long time for my heart to heal from the loss. But thank God for the Cross. He held my hand through it all.

What is happening in your life that is calling for a certain depth and strength of character? We all have character, we may even have quality character. But what I’ve found in life is that it is strength of character that will carry us far. I can say that in the season of life I just described I had integrity of character, but I was deficient in strength of character. God came and used what little strength I had and added it to His and that’s all it took to make a profound difference.

God will take every ounce of your lack and He will strap it to His back, actually, He already did. He will carry you now. He will hold your hand just as He did mine and walk you through every major, difficult, or hard to understand decision facing you. I hope this helps you. God woke me early just to ensure I had quiet time and space to record a portion of my story for you.

Hold tight, Beloved, God will see you through. Sometimes, many times, our steps of faith are required first before we can see what He has prepared ahead.

Just as in the Bible story of Moses. His mother sent her baby away in the river, I bet she had no peace that day…

Just as he grew to part the Red Sea. He had no idea the power of that testimony.

Great miracles. Great testimonies. Great escapades come by great faith. You’ve been Anointed to do the Impossible.

You have been cut from a different cloth.


“And your ears shall hear a word behind you, saying, “This is the way, walk in it,” when you turn to the right or when you turn to the left.”

Isaiah 30:21

June 25, 2018

Harnessed Potential

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There is Power in harnessed potential.

A race horse has real power. But when on the track his eyes have a half mask to secure his focus on his path. He can see what’s ahead of him and what’s just next to him, but most of his peripheral is blocked. He doesn’t look behind himself…that’s the jockeys job. He looks straight ahead, eyes locked.

You are not a race horse, but you may in fact be a thoroughbred by human standards. You’ve been gifted. You are earmarked for something greater. You have vision, ideas, purpose and best yet a reason for your purpose. Are you decided? It’s the decided of heart that start on the mark (because some only dream and never start at all), but then they do what it takes every single day. Success is blessed by heaven, God is the Giver of the all, but success comes in greater measure to those who did the work and earned it. Success comes to those who are willing to do what others are not willing to do. Winners have a winning attitude and a confidence resolved in Heaven. If you don’t have it now, God can bring it to you. In all manners of Goodness, God will afford you the help.


What about you? Do you possess the willingness and discipline to win? Winning isn’t defined as first place first prize. Winning is knowing who you are and understanding why your alive! Come Alive! You’ve got a reason to be here. You’ve got a place to go and God’s got Angels protecting you along the road. Victory is the only option and you are Heaven’s Candidate.

Rise and Shine, Beloved! One more day of the grind because you know in your heart what’s on the other side!

Find your Tenacity and Grit and get after it!


“May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope.”

Romans 15:13

June 24, 2018

Crowned & Able

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“But the Lord said to Samuel, “Do not look at his appearance or at the height of his stature, because I have rejected him; for [b]God sees not as man sees, for man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.” 1 Samuel 16:7

The world measures and weighs worth, status, influence and appeal by many measures, but none of them measure up to the evaluation protocol of Heaven.

David was least of all of his family. He had older brothers who were capable, able and strong. He was young. He was inexperienced. He was maybe even a bit naive. But God didn’t look at any of those things. God had a heart that is always hinged on both our heart and His bigger outlook on the future. He cares more about the desires and intent of the heart than anything. He is well able to work with our personal deficiencies, shortcomings and faults. Plus, the more we understand it is He at work within us, the less likely we are to become proud and boastful that our measure of success are of our own fruitful efforts.

God is deeply under the persuasion of love to earnestly and perpetually pursue you. He is, in fact, in pursuit of our hearts daily, hourly and even moment by moment.

Do you ever feel less than? Are you the least of your “clan”? Are you undecided about how the prospects of your future look?

Rest decided in the arms of heaven today. God has angles and access and a point of view that has more clarity than anything you have ever walked through, endured or tried to escape. He has a signet ring for your finger, a royal robe to drape upon your back and His Mantle doesn’t cluster wrath, but will give you a bath in all things good, refreshing and pure. He means to show you just how good He can be and that He didn’t hang from a Tree just for anything…He hung there specifically for YOU.

So stand tall today. Hold your chin high, but only so you can keep your eyes to the sky as you watch your Maker lavish your soul with Splendor. He means to bring you blessings that earthly measures cannot Tender.

Heaven has decided it’s heart on you. Every morning those Mercies are new…just for you. You’ve got an exclusive deal of God’s affection. He is big enough to spread His wealth of love all around.

You are more than enough!

June 23, 2018


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God always means to extract His best from you. He never means to hurt you or bring you harm.

He will, however, at times allow you to struggle so you can be like a big bold and beautiful butterfly being released from the cocoon into the GORGEOUS creation He always knew He’d locked inside of YOU.

You are beautiful NOW, but just wait until He’s through! Stunning beyond measure. ~Nicole

“But we all, with uncovered face beholding as in a glass the glory of the Lord, are changed into the same image, from glory to glory, even as by the Spirit of the Lord.”

2 Cor. 3:18

Be bold and watch history unfold.
Walk into Heavenly Mysteries and Victories explode like paint on the wings of butterfly with delight your soul will soar.


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