April 11, 2019

Friend & Lover

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Never Had a Better Friend-

The Lord has striped me in many ways.

Yet, He preserves each and every one of my days.

He took away so much that mattered to me

and in the process grafted me more tightly into His Tree.

He drew me near and showered me with blessings from above.

He gave me increase in my capacity to Love.

He showed me His devotion and care

Yet I know He will not only stop there.

He took me as a seed and planted me in the Earth.

He provided the water of Salvation in Jesus

giving me second birth.

He rose from the grave and captured my soul.

So who am I to complain or be afraid of any foe?

He crowned me with splendor and His Grace crowns my head.

He asked me to walk this earth in an effort to revive the dead.

So many are abandoned and left without Hope.

Without Jesus they are left with no strength to cope.

They turn to drugs, violence, suicide and sin

Never gaining the purity of heart that can free them from within.

Who am I to complain when troubles cross my path?

For I have access to the very Throne of the One giving me life that will last.

Blessed Jesus, my Savior, Companion, my Friend

Who could turn from you, ignoring the battle within?

There is a day to day struggle that occurs

With in the hearts of all men.

Without Jesus, we are doomed to failure

in a battle that has no end.

Seek Jesus, the Savior, a Friend to all man.

Only He can take a shattered life, put it back together

And make it whole once again.

Seek, Jesus, the Savior, who was crucified and rose again.

He knows of your suffering, your loneliness and can take it from you, putting your misery to end.

Seek Jesus! Seek Jesus! I have never known another to be such a great Friend.





March 4, 2018

One Chord

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Right now I am steeped with the passion of heaven that floods my soul when I hear the song, “So will I” by Hillsong United. Have you heard this song?

Anything poetic, well not anything, but when I find a piece of music, a particular chord or melody that strikes a chord in my heart it releases the bountiful bloom pent up inside.

Life is a lot like an instrument.

Take the guitar, the piano or even a harp. So simple in appearance. One touch can create sound – but it is how it is touched that creates beautiful music. You have to know how to touch it. Take even the lyric. Words are a collection that create language meant for communication, but when they are hemmed together and woven just so, tangled deeply- they create together something emotionally provocative that stirs the soul.

All are given life, but not all figure out what to do with what has been given. Not all master the touch of it. But when a life is touched it knows. When a heart is touched it knows. The deeper the reach, the more gentle the touch, the more profound the inspiration and something wonderful begins to bloom, begins to glow with glorious fragrance, melody and color.

All of heaven is watching you.

You are a hand crafted and beautiful instrument. You were created with the reckless abandon of love. You were sacrificed for so that your edges could be smoothed and your surface polished to produce a luster and shine enormously approved. And oh how your heart can play! You create a melody meant to enchant the hearts of humanity and draw them like a cluster of grapes to the wine room of heaven. God has created new wine in you.

God is loving, faithful and patient. He deeply admires his craftsmanship. He touches the strings of your heart with love and inspiration. Sing his praise, for he certainly sings yours.

Nothing this side of heaven is as beautiful as what he has hand crafted within you. Play your melody, speak your poetry, captivate.

Captivate humanity and draw them to the One who created it all.


December 31, 2017

Bountiful πŸŽ‰

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The Touch of your hand makes me glow.
The Touch of your hand makes me whole.

You, alone, satisfy the soul.

You are not a far off or dusty wasteland.
You drench me is Goodness.
You quiet my soul.
I am never left forlorn when I know your will and way is to walk beside me, O, Ancient of Days.

You satisfy me.

You curb my appetite for lesser things.
What a Joy and delight to know that as this New Year rings you are there to carry me across the threshold from the old to the new…just as a Groom who carries his Bride.
You are always by my side.

This alone helps me to know that I am completely blessed.
My heart and soul are at rest for the bounty of treasure your heart contains for me.

I can feel how much you adore me.

….I am so blessed.❀️



“Seek first the Kingdom of God and all these things shall be added unto you.”

~May His Glory fall faithfully upon all you say and do. A Mighty Shield and covering to carry you through the new. 2018 will look marvelous on you. You are splashed with enduring love that has been built to last. Let it be a solid foundation and a fortress of hope. Happy New …Everything.

December 18, 2017

Love Letter to Heaven

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My Lord…

I was created to praise you.
I was created to adore you.
The Splendor of Heaven came knocking at my door and when I opened up I received a rush of your Goodness and it made my heart soar.

There is no one like you, God.

You made room for me at your banquet table and, oh, what a Glorious Feast.
When our eyes meet it becomes liquid healing- streaming pools of unmerited favor, grace and forgiveness.

There is none like you.

I was made to sing your praise.
You have put a Joyful Song in my heart and I sing it vibrantly because your Hope has been the key to unlock the doors and release me into your Secret Garden.
The Breath of Heaven breathed new life into me and filled me to capacity- overflowing your Tender Nature and Abiding Faith all over the place. You have given a Delightful Inheritance.

There is truly no other like you.

You are completely unique in all of your ways.
You are all things Lovely.
You are all things Splendid.
You are…
And my heart is fully commended, faithful and loyal to you.

The Love Song of Heaven wrote my heart through and through. I’ve been scripted by you.

Truly…there isn’t anyone like you.

Your Love flows from your temple gates and I will receive it.


β€œMany waters cannot quench love; rivers cannot wash it away. If one were to give all the wealth of his house for love, it would be utterly scorned.”
Song of Solomon 8:7

December 9, 2017

Time Together

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This is an incredible hour-

my time with you, Lord, I always completely devour.

There is no such thing as gluttony when it comes to partaking of your Presence. You are a Generous Host. You set a special place at your table for me and your portions are generous…heaping and steeping as your Goodness spills over. Your plates you serve upon are ornate with beauty. All things that attract my eye because you are all things attractive. Who else could there be?…You are ALL.

There is absolutely no one else like you. You’re head and shoulders above the rest and with your company I am blessed-

You are a lavisher of love.

The moisture in your Voice soothes every dry patch of heart, mind and soul. Ever so gentle are you. The only thing difficult about spending time with you is leaving…

Once in your Presence the Magnificence lingers, the touch of Heaven’s Fingers and I would be remiss to not linger-

But the day calls on, so I carry on, but your portion I carry with me (John 13:35). With it I receive the fragrant, sweet and content joy that came from my time spent with you…
Everything goes better when I get my time with you.πŸ’›

“Dwell in love and you will dwell in God.” – William Law

“The Lord’s love is the love of communication all that He has to all His creatures; for He desires the happiness of all; and a similar love prevails in those who love him, because the Lord is in them”

– Emanuel Swedenborg