October 19, 2019

Broken Places Make Us Brave

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Got Some Goals?

So every goal you have ever set for your health and fitness or every other aspect of your life–it’s not too late. It’s not forsaken, it’s not beyond you or behind you. He is still with you and if you keep going–so will He!

You have been forged from the Rock.

You MIGHT as well be granite because you are ROCK SOLID !

God is Intentional about your Redemption.  I think that’s pretty incredible. ~Nicole

“You call me Teacher and Lord, and you are right, for so I am.” John 13:13



October 18, 2019

Something from Nothing

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is on the Throne and He still rolls stones! 3 days in a tomb locked behind stone, the Savior owned the keys to death, hell and the grave. It’s time for an overthrow of all things awful in your life. It’s time to rise! Grave clothes come off! You are a Radiant Bride!

And God will create for you, something out of nothing. 

Many Blessings, Nicole

Click the link for the full encouragement! You won’t regret the time spent drinking in pure exhortation!⬇️⬇️⬇️


October 11, 2019

Strength & Joy

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“Be humble but EXCITED! God is arranging things in your favor. Diligently working behind the scenes. Be excited for all the good coming your way. “Feel” it…..” Gina Gonzalez

A woman who has become dear and close to my heart (who I met through my direct sales business) wrote the above quoted and I couldn’t think it more lovely.

Be humble.

Be courageous.

Be extravagant with Hope. Inspire and Aspire.

You are going higher!

We are all on a journey together, but our paths vary. The view is different, the Splendor varies, the destination by design unique to each individual because you and I…we all are unique in design and purpose. Every life has merit and worth and deserves dignity and a form of honor. All of life is honorable.

Replenish your heart with hope. Stay in the Presence of the Most Honored Holy Ghost. Feel His tingle in your bones, that’s the Anointing. His Presence has an actual Presence. Not everyone can feel Him, but He is there. Call upon His Good Name.

I write and post somewhere on social media everyday something that has inspired my pen or been leaned upon my heart. I don’t know who or how many read my words or even care to read them, but I write them just the same because I know it’s part of my path. You never know who you are helping. I receive messages, texts and phone calls from near strangers telling me details of how something I wrote equipped them to keep going. I absolutely love that part. You don’t have to know those kids of derails to follow the lead of the Lord. And when you are doing what you know God wants you to do, has wired you to do, you will have immeasurable Joy in doing it.

If there is no Joy, maybe it’s not your true path? Maybe you’ve hitched a ride on someone else’s? It may look glamorous or better, but it won’t feel better because it’s not yours. As a personal trainer and nutrition consultant I have to know my scope of practice and I dare not venture out of its borders or I become liable. The same is true for your purpose and identity. Don’t step out of your scope, there is heavenly protection within its borders.

Own the road, but be sure you know the road you are on is yours. Success isn’t success if it doesn’t stir your soul, positively equip others, empower belief and stoic understanding in your destiny. Purpose. Merit. Power.

Be complete…And know that every ounce of your completeness is in knowing the Lord and what He put you here for.

It’s never about being known…but rather it’s about knowing the one who owns you.

You belong to the Lord. I pray today He firmly stoke your Strength and your Joy.

Everything becomes possible for those who love.


“My soul melts from heaviness; strengthen me according to your word.” Psalm 119:28

“When I am with You and You are with me,

Life will be self-forgetting Power;

Life ever conscious, buoyant, clear, and free

Will flame in darkest hour.”

George MacDonald

September 25, 2019

Prize Fighter

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Rise and Shine, Champ!

All things extraordinary are yours today! Believe it! ~Nicole

{Click the link for a short blog of encouragement for the weary of heart.


September 20, 2019


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Never get so caught up in who you think you aren’t that you forget who you are.

You are significant and can do all etched within your heart to do.♥️

Click the link for a short blog post on the Constance of care extended toward you every day.

Be encouraged!


May 25, 2019

Do It Anyway~

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Do it anyway—
Even when it’s not perfect.

Excelling is excellent.

Being raised by parents who instilled something excellent and what that might look like—a truly priceless gift. I wouldn’t change it for anything. Not anything! It is in fact, excellent.

I’ve always had, as long as I can remember, a strong internal fortitude to do well. Not competing kind of well, just well. I don’t like making mistakes. Nobody does, but some shake it off faster than others.

I’m not suggesting that everyone who does to high degree of self standards is as I am, but I know that I have struggled in the past, and once and while still do, with the idea of going ahead and doing something anyway if I can’t do it well.

Did I try hard enough?

Did I communicate effectively enough?

Did I Love hard enough?

Did I…Did I…Did I.

Death by over analysis!

But something has happened over the years—God has engaged me and lead me to do things without being fully prepared. He began in my twenties when I was placed in situations where I noticed that what was being done around me…I could do that! It wasn’t me being critical or negative at all, it was a blessing because what I saw wasn’t excellent, but it wasn’t bad either, but God blessed it. So I began to learn to try and since then I’ve not looked back, but have always struggled with the desire to hold back.

I have had and am currently having a season so full of disparaging circumstances it is all a bit too much to manage.

In those situations in real life I find it best to just say nothing. Do your best, but don’t try to explain anything. Let whoever think whatever (even when what they are thinking is untrue).

Just keep getting better.

Just keep doing what God has equipped and asked you to do.

I read a devotional today that just pulled it all together and inspired my pen. So here’s my two cents for today, I hope it proves priceless to you.

Doing things with excellence, having a high personal standard of character, giving your best, does not have to be the same as perfectionism. It doesn’t matter how well you do a job. Sometimes we juggle a lot and it’s out of our control, we can’t take anything off our plate, so we rest because we know God is the one blessing our efforts.

Sometimes we speak with love and show kindness, but the recipients either don’t want it or reject it.

Sometimes we do our best, toward excellence, but it just isn’t enough.

Everyday, try your best knowing that your best may look a little bit different every single day. Yesterday’s best may look different from today’s. Shake it off. It’s alright.

As long as you keep trying and most importantly keep obeying the Spirit of God. Then you don’t need to worry about the outcome, God’s got it. You don’t need to worry about those who don’t get you or misrepresent you. God’s got it.

You don’t need to “kill” yourself to achieve at high levels or to please the unappeasable, God holds it.

God has been asking me to write everyday and increase posting in my social pages. Sometimes He asks for a lot of writing. Sometimes He tells me to pull back and feed little. On high volume days it is sometimes hard to have enough time to write a blog I can be proud of. My website is taking longer than I thought to finish. It’s a long story, but for several years I’ve been reduced to doing all of my writing on my phone. If you even knew what an added challenge that was. So many times despite rigorous editing typographical errors slip. Not excellent. But God knows what He’s doing. So I write anyway. I write with the knowledge it has all been by His Design. Somethings aren’t forever, but they are for now and you’ll find ways to get through it with perseverance, patience and ultimately–His Power.

In life, some will think your more wonderful than you feel you deserve. Some will think far less of you than you truly deserve. And some will love you and want to know you and have you in their life. God can have His perfect plan, but all along He has been wonderful about giving the choice. You can’t make others desire your company any more than you can be perfect. You can’t have an absolute perfect career without roadblocks, obstacles and glitches.

We all have problems, some manage them better and some don’t. Either way, do what you can and do it anyway. It may not be perfect, but it will be done.

The key my friends is to know who you and are and whom you belong to. When you know who you are you realize that being you is wonderful. And others want you.

I notice many people rationalize their hearts. Instead, may I suggest start realizing you’ve been perfectly designed by the Perfect One. He works with all of our rough spots, bumps and even our bruises and scars. He’s the one who blesses everything.

The second it becomes about anything else, it’s not of Him.

So do it anyway, even when it’s not perfect.


“And I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ.” Phil. 1:6

Prayer of Blessing~

You are perfectly loved by this Perfect Love. Hand in glove this dove, pristine white, pursues your heart infinitely like the band of gold. He is eternal. He is pure. He is radiant and He thinks you are wonderful. So be held. He healed. Be whole.

“Be who you are and be that well.” Frances de Sales

May 24, 2019

Start Strong Finish Stronger!

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Many people start strong, have stellar intentions and are highly excited and motivated to do great, to become great and even a pure intention to bring great glory and blessing to God. But what I have observed and am painfully aware of is that not everyone finishes strong who started strong. See—just like the Israelites in the wilderness—it is the long strength in between, when things get tough, rough or lean that there becomes a separation between those with deep conviction of heart and stoic grit to get after it and those who gain, complain and remain and don’t finish the race.

When God makes extraordinary promise He puts His stamp of love on it, but He rarely tells you what has to come in between to properly prepare the conditions of the scene and our hearts for the responsibility the blessing will bring. God is always actively preparing me and preparing you by the tests and trials we walk through. Will we be faithful? Will we be stoic? Will we possess and broad smile and winning attitude? Will we do everything without complaining?

Murmuring got the Israelites into a lot of trouble. I believe a big reason why, when the Israelites were to take the fortress of Jericho, they weren’t to speak at all as they walked around the walls. God knew it would only take one to speak a complaint or a fearful or doubtful thought to crumble the courage of the entire body of people. He needed what started strong to remain strong.

How about you? Do you have days of discouragement and doubt? Sometimes we have confidence in God’s promises, but our desire to follow through grows thin. Those are the days you have to dig deeper, maybe even lose a little sleep, just to spend ample time sitting at your Maker’s feet allowing Him to literally care for your cares and encourage your soul like a parent holding their child.

When I think about the number of people who have passed through my life because they quit—it is a painful thing. Many a people I loved dearly walked away simply because they just didn’t have the stoic faith to walk in extreme obedience to God. You can see the same thing in training others physically. All have goals, dreams and desires, but over time the crowd thins out and those with the deepest resolve and strength are the ones who keep going despite the odds against their success. Life happens—it what you do with the obstacles and how you handle the setbacks or delays.

A Champion doesn’t allow these things to derail them. They understand God might be using them to set a grander stage. The tougher the terrain, the longer the wait, the more the tide rises, the more evident it becomes who is really with you and who isn’t. Here’s what I know—God never quits. Every bump or hurdle He is right beside you helping you get over it. So whatever is holding you back, get over it! Gods got it and He’s got you, too.

Think of all the Israelites who never saw the promised land because they grumbled, complained, whined, doubted and quit. But God preserved a remnant and this remnant finished it and tasted and saw God’s Goodness to the end right smack dab in the center of a “land flowing with milk and honey”.

My experience has shown me over and over again that extreme obedience brings extreme blessing. We don’t obey for the blessing. We obey because we love God. When you love someone you want to please them. But God is good in tangible ways, too. So He reaches down for me and pulls me close. Sometimes the best analogy I can give of how He blesses me is a courtship. He is a beau wanting to impress me so He peacocks around and showers me with time, attention, blessings….my heart swoons for him, my Sacred Romance.

Extreme obedience brings extreme blessing.

Start Strong, Finish Stronger.


“May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.”

Romans 15:13

Now Worship Warriors!

May 7, 2019

Harnessed Potential

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There is Power in harnessed potential.

The Kentucky Derby was this past weekend and the thrill of the race this year extended far beyond the two minute flat tread around a track. For the first time in history of the great race the winner didn’t get the prize.

The weather conditions for this race were wet. Not the ideal day for racing. Maximum Security was a top contender, the odds were strongly in his favor, and he lead the pack around most of the track–in the lead nearly the entire race. A little breech in game rules (who knows if it was intentional or not) that could only be detected on instant replay disqualified him making Country House the 65:1 long shot winner.

A race horse has real power. But when on the track his eyes have a half mask to secure his focus on his path. He can see what’s ahead of him and what’s just next to him, but most of his peripheral is blocked. He doesn’t look behind himself…that’s the jockeys job. He looks straight ahead, eyes locked. Focus laser sharp.

You are not a race horse, but you may in fact be a thoroughbred by human standards. You’ve been gifted. You are earmarked for something greater. You have vision, ideas, purpose and best yet a reason for your purpose. Are you decided?

It’s the decided of heart that start on the mark, but then they do what it takes every single day (because some only dream and never start at all and some start strong, but fail to finish well). Success is blessed by heaven, God is the Giver of it all, but success comes in greater and lasting measure to those who did the work and earned it. Success comes to those who are willing to do what others are not willing to do.

Winners have a winning attitude and a confidence resolved in Heaven.

What about you? Do you possess the willingness and discipline to win? Winning isn’t defined as first place first prize. Just ask the owners and jockey of Maximum Security. Winning is knowing who you are and understanding why your alive!

Come Alive!

You’ve got a reason to be here. You’ve got a place to go and God’s got Angels protecting you along the road. Victory is the only option and you are Heaven’s Candidate.

There are Holy and Living blinders on the heart of heaven and God has got his periscope of hope locked on you.

Run your race with all of your might. God is around that bend, cheering your name, looking for you, waiting for you, praising you to the finish.

Rise and Shine, Beloved! One more day of the grind because you know in your heart what’s on the other side!

You have the look of a thoroughbred. You have specifically designed lineage decided and hand picked by heaven to do something as unique as you. You’ve been gifted the right size and strength to fill the gap and take the void as you pave the path in which others will yield. You go first because the eye of the crowd is upon you. God’s got designs for everything you say, every place you go and all that you do. You aren’t concerned with the contenders. You know God has for you a Mighty Heart Mender and He alone will get you where you need to go.

Find your Tenacity and Grit and get after it–

see you on the other side!


“May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope.”

Romans 15:13

Supplemental Scriptures to help you run:


April 23, 2019

Talk To Yourself!

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My son Joel is an absolute character. His entire life he has been equipped with sarcasm and quick wit. He says the most hysterical things delivered in absolute matter of fact stoic way. When he was maybe 8 yrs. old we were driving home from school. He calls out to me from the back of the car that one day he’s going to get his drivers license and he will buy a motorcycle and a sports car. He believed it like it were already a given fact. He also believed he was going to have to give his sister a ride everywhere (that was the funny part—she is about 8 years older than him).

You have to think you’re successful to be successful.

A successful person has many attributes that set them apart from the unsuccessful person.

There have been countless books, seminars, motivational speeches and even more motivational speakers who will share with their own creative flair how you can be successful. It’s been done over and over again. As I think of it now I’m reminded of something. One of the great blessings of my life is that God has put me in positions over and over again where I am exposed to and receive abundant leadership and character development training. I’ve heard so many phenomenal and famous presenters over the decades that they all began to sound familiar because they, in essence, were saying the same thing.

It’s like when I was in school. In college you have to take all these electives and support and general electives to “help make you a more well rounded individual” in addition to the classes you need to study to earn that degree in a specialized area. But as I progressed through the program and got to the end of my college career it got easier not harder. Why? Because I was receiving the same information over and over applied in various ways to the point of mastery. I didn’t have to study as much for exams because I knew the content. I was proficient in what I went to school to learn. The same is true with any kind of teaching or training or skill set. The same thing is true for our spiritual trials. Just like the Israelites, how many laps do we really want to take anyway?

The more you practice, study, use the knowledge or ability via application, the better you become. You leave the training wheels behind and before long you are no longer a novice, but maybe even a bit of wisdom revolves around you.

So why talk about it here in my little blog? So many books, blogs, podcasts, seminars, etc. on the subject. Why here? Why now? Well, partly because I woke up thinking about it and it’s the word in my heart this morning. Because here is something else I know…

“There is a time for everything,
and a season for every activity under the heavens:

a time to be born and a time to die,
a time to plant and a time to uproot,

a time to kill and a time to heal,
a time to tear down and a time to build,

a time to weep and a time to laugh,
a time to mourn and a time to dance,

a time to scatter stones and a time to gather them,
a time to embrace and a time to refrain from embracing,

a time to search and a time to give up,
a time to keep and a time to throw away,

a time to tear and a time to mend,
a time to be silent and a time to speak,

a time to love and a time to hate,
a time for war and a time for peace.” Ecclesiastes 3:1-8

All the words in the world won’t matter until it is the right word in the right season.

So for you who read what I pen, just maybe God leaned this into my soul with His Holy Coal this morning just for you?

What makes one person apply it and do it and another stay stuck in old mindsets, patterns and habits? What defines the “I can’t” and “I won’t” crowd from the “I can” and “I will” crowd?

Belief. Always.

Last night I had a client who had to do something very hard the next day following a workout that left her very sore. It was something physical. She’s on the beginning leg of radical change on her health journey. The physical taxation was so hard all she could focus on was how difficult it was that she couldn’t do it well. I, on the other hand was elated with her. I told her how proud I was and how wonderful she had to dig deep because she did it! I felt God was really working in that situation for her. She just looked at me with a “really?” Kind of expression. I later told her:

All of us do better when we speak to ourselves instead of listening to ourselves.

You will always only be the sum of your most dominant thoughts. Because your thoughts shape your opinions and patterns and your patterns shape your words and your words shape your choices and your choices shape your life.

I was told the entire first half or more of my life that I wasn’t doing it right. Whether intentional or not, that was what I heard over and over again. And I believed it. But once God truly got a hold of me I shook off unbelief. It didn’t go away right away, but little by little over time it began to lose its grip and I kept going despite the pinch. I knew if it pinched, it meant he (the Enemy of my soul who comes straight from Sheol ) was losing his grip and I was gaining mine.

God’s got you in His Grip.

I have come to realize that how I do things may not be your way, it may not even be my preferred way, but if it’s God’s way then I’m ok. Everything will shake out alright for me. God’s got a special way of blessing us in spite of us! Because it’s not possible for us to do everything right. How refreshing!

So what do you believe?

Do you know your worth?

Do you know what your capable of?

Do you have any in-cling of an idea how powerful and uniquely specialized you are? You’ve got a DNA born special assignment from heaven. So shake off the nay saying self talk, critics and those who say you can’t, you won’t, or that you don’t do it right. Heavens got a different protocol and it looks out of sight. Ignite! I see Passion and Purpose all over you. That’s what I would say to you if I could!

Hold tight! Your future is mighty bright if you’d just believe it and step into the Light!

Whom the Son sets free is free indeed!

Showers of Blessings—


March 20, 2019

Hammer Out The Details

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“I’m hammering out the details.”

This is the word that resignates in my Spirit this morning as I am praying about some deeply personal matters. As I was penning the words I heard,

“I’m hammering out the details.”

I began to think about it.

God is hammering out the details of your life today.

You may not understand or know much about what is happening in the world around you or in your own life, but God does, and that you can trust. He’s going to work it out.

Hammering out the details is just what Abba Father did when He sent His Son to earth. Hammering out the details is just what Jesus was willing to do on the Cross. The details were literally hammered out through him.

Thomas was the greatest doubter of Jesus’ Tribe. But Jesus didn’t scorn him. He allowed him. He produced the nail scared hands and let Thomas touch them and as he did his faith was elevated and elated. The Lord hadn’t left them or forsaken them after all.

People everywhere are going through “stuff”. Maybe you’ve interacted with others and don’t particularly understand why they are how they are? But that’s not the point. The point is God might be using your love and kindness to produce some nail scared hands. How they are most likely has nothing to do with you. Perhaps others are feeling a little forsaken by Heaven just like the disciples did? Or what about the person you quickly walked by without noticing the pain in their eyes because well, your hands were full of all life has given you?

Or maybe I’m describing you? I know there have been times this has exactly described me. Do you feel forsaken, abandoned or without answers? Do you feel life is passing you by?

God is helping me to feel His Empathy for humanity in ever growing measure.

As a Christian, no matter what I may personally be going through, I’ve alway tried to lead by example with my fingers firmly gripped on Phil. 4:8. We all fall short and miss it, absolutely! But through our perseverance God is hammering out the details.

Having trouble at work?

Hold onto God He is hammering out the details.

Received a negative health report?

Hold onto the Great Physician, He is hammering out the details.

Kid out of control or family in disarray?

Be still and be held by Heaven, God is hammering out the details.

And with every blow feel the scars being produced in you, but don’t allow the scars of life to define you. God is hammering out the details so that you may be able to produce some nail scared hands and serve as another’s reminder that they are not forsaken. Heaven will hammer out their details too.

Live Beyond the Scar.

If today you turn aside In your luxury and pride. Wrapped within yourself, and blind to the sorrows of your kind, You a faithless watch do keep, You are one of those who sleep. Anna C Lynch Botta

“He will reply, ‘I tell you the truth, whatever you did not do for one of the least of these, you did not do for me.'” Matthew 25:45

Lord, help us each to remember you have not forgotten us. You are faithfully working behind the scenes sculpting and weaving and yes, even hammering. Lead us to treat our neighbor as ourself and grow in our capacity to show genuine concern, love and empathy for whoever you place in our path. With a love like that, we can’t go wrong! Amen.

I pray a blessing over you today. Go forth touched by His Love. He has not failed to notice you.


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