December 31, 2018

Fair well: A Year End Blessing

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New Year…New Goals.
I’ve never been one to make resolutions. I tend to look at every day as a new day, a new chance and new beginning. But why not take the opportunity with a new calendar year to dream big, take big action steps and witness every possibility for your life ignite with passion and take flight?
Extraordinary just may be a place worth going.
So instead of talking yourself out of your divine destiny, why not decide to keep it, embrace it, and make it a reality?
Possibility is a glorious expression on any face. Dwell endlessly in possibility.
I hope you all have a safe a wonderful New Year celebration. Remember two things as we wish 2018 good bye…
1. Change how you think in 2019.
Reflect on the past year. What are the significant “take-a-ways” God was gently trying to get you to yield to and learn?
Everyday is a new beginning with a new opportunity to be a better version of the you from yesterday. Don’t make it only an annual thing.
2. Nothing good happens after midnight.
I don’t know if this is actually true, but it’s cute and everyone says it. I think what it really means is be careful with your life. You are precious cargo. We don’t use the word precious all that much in society any longer unless speaking of babies or animals. But isn’t it true. Your life is precious. You have value. You are cared about. Even if you feel what I’m saying isn’t true—it is. God finds immense pleasure in you. Spend some time exploring who He is and let Him begin to communicate and commune with you. Meditate on Him. There is power and rest in a yielded and contrite spirit.
I am honored to speak a blessing over you. Embrace it for your life for it is Divinely Inspired:
The Lord bless you and keep you. I pray His face shine upon you. The Glory of His Majesty and Countenance will illuminate you heart and soul and invigorate your hope and belief in His Sovereignty. May He increase your capacity to understand the deeper things of Eternity and become more aware of the spiritual reality around you.  May your eyes of discernment open wide and an awakening of the deeper regions of your heart and soul would occur; and when the blessing comes you will know all you need to know to prepare you for your new level of blessing. I pray you may carry the blessing well. Be well. Amen.
Happy New Year

March 12, 2018


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“Give and it shall be given to you.” Luke 6:38

I recently had the most glorious morning. I met with a woman I have not met in person before (she sought my help through a common connection). I wasn’t sure what to expect, but knew God ordained it and so I was willing to give of my time and resources. God did not fail to reign his Sonshine over our meeting. It was quick because we had many obstacles to overcome to make it happen. But I could see this woman was a true diamond. Our time was wonderful and we will be meeting again. I could hear The Lord whisper His delight with it all.

As we sat there my neighbor strolls in to the coffee house, points at me and says, “What are you having?” I asked if he was planning to buy me a coffee? And so he was.

The words “I will compel man to bless you” rolled through my head.

When we willingly give of ourselves he will charge and compel others to bless us as well. I received a double portion and can’t help but express His Glory and my Gratitude.

Bless others and indeed, God will bless you. ~Nicole💗

March 3, 2018


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Got Peace?

God wants our attention. At first He will be content with just a little bit, but He is a Jealous Lover of our soul. He wants of your life more and more. So, when trials come, turn your gaze to Him and leave it there when the trials end. For it is but too true…It is far better to have turmoil in your life, but Peace in your heart than to have peace in your life, but turmoil in your heart. ~Nicole

Be secretly-or not so secretly…
Incredible. Inner Peace has a way of making us incredible in every way.
The world aches for it. It is our responsibility to bring it. Love is the vehicle in which it travels.
Be at Peace.
Find your Rest.
There is Joy in the Harvest.

“For to me to live is Christ and to die is gain…having a desire to depart and to be with Christ; which is far better.”
Phil. 1:21,23

September 13, 2017

Wrapped Up

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“The LORD wraps himself in light as with a garment; he stretches out the heavens like a tent.”
Psalm 104:2

Oh Lord, may we wrap ourselves in your light and adorn ourselves in your garment. With you we can scale the tallest mountain or swim the depths of the sea. When we abide in you we are like the roots of a tree planted deeply and drinking from the depths of your Living Water. Bless each of your children today as they bless others. ~Nicole


August 13, 2017

Who Am I?

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Who Am I?

Who am I, Lord, that you would even notice me? Who am I that you should swim across all of eternity just to be with me? Who am I that you should walk through the flames taking my sin, my blame, my shame all for the Glorious honor to call my name? Who am I that you should love me so deeply?

I don’t know why you love me so completely and so deeply, but I, of course, am so glad you do.

When we reach a place in our courtship with heaven that we don’t need a lot of other things to find whole and solemn rest we have found a place in his heart that provides all of that. It is a source of true and abiding rest that carries itself so uniquely.

All my trials, all my troubles, all the problems my life has afforded me–and I have been through far more than I’ve ever shared publicly or even personally to others. Yes, all of that, did something extraordinary in my heart. It drew me in closer. It was God who actually began drawing himself in close to me. I just let him.

I was thinking about this a lot yesterday. Despite the intensity of everything I have endured in my life, my love and appreciation for God and His Goodness only grew more. I consider that fact alone to be supernatural. Why do some grow colder and harder from extremes and life’s duress while others grow in gratitude feel enormously blessed despite circumstances?

I know it all comes down to the heart. Heat purifies. Heat causes impurities to rise to the surface. Heat exposes the real us. We all have dross. We all collect moss in the chambers of our heart. If science teaches us that man only uses a small portion of his mind, I can only conclude by vehicle of common sense and deductive reason that the same is true for our heart and our emotional quotient. Some are blessed and able to love bigger than others just as some are blessed with incredible minds. The heat of trial only brings out the luster and shine.

No matter who you are.
No matter the crisis, the pain, your situation…
God is there.
He hasn’t forgotten to take care of you.
He has real and true beauty hidden in his heart for you.
Cling to him now. Open up your heart a little bit deeper for him. The Peace, Joy and Comfort will cause your heart to grin. He will quench your need like nothing ever has before. You will feel both content and thirsting for more. I call it “soul thirst” and he’s got a well overflowing with handsome riches in store for you.

Go ahead, open the door, let him in. Invite him in. Allow him to take his rightful seat in your life. I promise it will feel so good inside. You will know a pure and perfect pleasure as never before. He will widen, broaden, deepen your capacity to receive, be and show love as never before. You will feel good and others will notice it upon you.

He’d swim oceans for you…
His love is this True.


“The law of the Lord is perfect,
refreshing the soul.” Psalm 19:7

April 10, 2017

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“For we are the aroma of Christ…”
2 Cor. 2:15

A blessing for your day:

Lord bless you to be the fragrance of worship that would fall besotted and soften every heart, that would inspire the bend of every knee, to look longingly toward the King of kings. You are the flavor and aroma this world needs. So many things special about you…you are needed, valuable and loved. God hemmed your every attribute in place and saw your potential so big it placed a smile on His face. Go forward into your day with heart-filled glee, for the Father above is bragging on you in Heaven singing, “That one belongs to Me!”
YOU are going to have an AMAZING day! ~Nicole

June 11, 2016

He Will Rise For You☀️

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Every morning you have confidence that the sun will rise. It has risen every morning since the beginning of time. Because of this constant you have probably never doubted once and you’ve planned your day and life around it.

Gods got you every step of the way. He’s with you at the sunrise dawning of a new day. He carries you through until the evening sun fades.
He is a Constant, Sure and Steady Foundation. Plant your feet on him and you won’t lose your balance! You can depend on God just the same way you depend on the sun to rise. Leaning into God is not complicated. Make him a part of your day. He’s with you all the way! ~Nicole


May 10, 2016

Gold or Silver?

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God’s Timing

When God has a blessing for you it is important to wait for the full blessing in its full measure.

Waiting is hard. Patience is a golden virtue. Many years ago we sold our home during the peek of the market. We sold it to a couple we knew for far less than what the current market value called for. We did this because we knew for some time, 3 years, it’s what God wanted us to do. But we didn’t know right away who we would sell to or when. When the occasion arose as God described (the buyer would ask us to buy our home. No sign in the yard or advertising required). Not only did it create a way for this couple to own their first house, but also we knew obedience would bring us a great blessing. We had a real estate agent offer us $50,000 more than we were asking them and he said he’d still sell it to them at a good price. But we declined. We knew it was a lesser blessing disguised as monetary gain.

Wait for your promises and blessings as though you were waiting on a gift paid with interest.

Don’t settle for lesser treasure. Silver is good, but only second best. Trust God for a pot of Gold Treasure Chest! Waiting doesn’t always mean you’re not ready or need refining. Though refine us He does…sometimes it’s just about timing and waiting for His. ~Nicole

“He has made everything beautiful in his time.” Ecc. 3:1